A Short Story Before I Do More and to Get Some Rust Off of My Writing Skills

A short story before i do more and to get some rust off of my writing skills.

image was made by me though the images used were created by others who i wish t thank for letting me use them .

this is the only section i believe that has enough typing space for a small story so i will d that and hopefully i can get a few takes in the idea f the story.

ok for the title of the story i will call it "An uncommon life with common expectations" yeah that will be a good title for it i suppose.so here is my story and i hope you all like it and it does not depict me in many ways seeing how i like to add a little thought provoking in what i write. im still working on it so forgive any mistakes i make. ok so for the story.

in 1972 a child was born with a little bit of albino in him we will call him cheap shot to save on names and things. the day he was born everything seemed normal for him even ideal for those who saw him

but things did not stay that way for him, he parents were told by doctors he had issues due to how he was behaving.

they went by what doctors had been prescribing since the 1900's for ADHD which was Before 1900. Symptoms of ADHD are considered a moral problem of children or their parents and discipline or punishment is seen as the best treatment. which the parents thought meant punishing him with spanking nightly before bed just so he would not misbehave at night while they slept.

when he got home he would be help by his caring mother while the dad would whip him for no apparent reason than just to remind him what would happen if he disobeyed . as he got older he began thinking that pain was the only thing that meant love in his eyes. being constantly used as target practice for dads shoes when he threw theme at him or when his dad would take steel bristled brushes to him in a closet where he could not run away.

Time went on for this kid who became a teen all he knew was violent reactions and degrading comments numbing him to words in the end.where the foulest things you would think would break a man would only pass over him like water he didn't care for words they meant nothing to him by this point. by the time he was 18 and fully aware of things he was misdiagnosed several times and took medication not meant for him but had to due to the doctors who still used the old ways to treat people.

and it was at the moment in time when he had his first real taste of freedom away from family and the pain he did not get hurt anymore. but the fear was still there and he would cry from not knowing

freedom could be so great .the wind brushing his cheek hearing people laugh and not a single person was talking down to him.but it was on lt too get worse at this point due t stae laws that did noot protect him as they should have.

he was moved to several group homes where sex was a constant expectation and he even had sex a few times due to thinking he needed some kind of physical contact that would not hurt him not knowing the things he done were almsot as bad as what he went through when he was younger.

this went on until he was 30 and by now he was pretty dead inside family had no real meaning. love was just some fiction that had a place in books but not in real life not through his eyes anyway

things looked better for him but they weren't he had things his family gave him computers games, a tv all the pretty trimmings for a prison which is what it was.

he dad passed away a few years later and for the first time in his adult life he cried because the only person who half way respected him even when he was being punished was dead. but the tears

went away eventually but the dads death drove his mom to drinking and having a boy freind who did drugs for medicinal purposes .

now cheap shit is older now broken emotionally handicapped not being able to reciprocate love or feel it and fakes a smile when needed or even fakes being angry when people say supposedly hurtful things so no one will think something is wrong.


ok this is my short story and as i said at the start i add things to it for thought provoking actions

and such and while i did add a bit of truth here and there i won't say what that is because it would ruin

the whole purpose of the story i think. any ideas or takes on what could have been done better would be very much appreciated .

thank you for reading this if you do.

A Short Story Before I Do More and to Get Some Rust Off of My Writing Skills
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