3 Must Watch Anime for April 2017

1. Shingeki no Kyoujin S2

3 must watch anime for April 2017.

It was supposed to be released in Spring '16

but saw a one year delay.

Nonetheless, the bloody series will be the continuation of S1 which lasted for 25 episodes.

If you haven't watched the S1, then go watch it first.

2. Berserk S3

3 Must Watch Anime for April 2017

Berserk S1, released in 1997 was epic. One of the only few that could match Dragonball.

Then why the fuck did the S2 took 19 years to come out?

Doesn't matter now. S2 was released in '16 and S3 will start airing from April 7 '17, which is the day I submitted this take

(GMT + 5.30).

3. MS Gundam Thunderbolt S2

3 Must Watch Anime for April 2017

Finally Gundam Thunderbolt is back with S2.

It took a while, but Gundam is something your really don't wanna underestimate.

Watch S1 before this.

4. Dragon Ball Super

3 Must Watch Anime for April 2017

More episodes are coming for a new season.

There are many factors retarding the splendor of Dragonball in this series.

The music is absolute shit,

the series focuses more on comedy instead battle,

Shenlong, once the mighty wish granting dragon, has been turned into a pet.

The new villans, instead of biting your face ,will talk more.

SS Blue is total disaster, SS4 could have been far better.

Lacks the tension of DBZ.

Still, this is a really good series. Definitely a must watch.

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  • 2 of these 4 have everything to do with this simple verse

    GENESIS 6:4
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