A Guy's Review of New Moon (Twilight Saga #2) by Stephanie Meyer


So after writing my review on the first Twilight book and getting a lot of great comments and so on, I have decided to put my review on for the 2nd book in the series. Again, I will be answering questions I pose to myself.

A Guy's Review of New Moon (Twilight Saga #2) by Stephanie Meyer

Before anything else, even before asking whether or not you liked it, what is your answer to the Ed or Jake question?

Bella is seriously irritating and kind of negative. I find Edward a great character, quite a quiet guy, nice, good at doing a lot of different things. He treats Bella kindly with a lot of love and sort of runs the show. He and Bella operate differently. Jacob is very normal, has a lot more personality than Edward (not that that is a terrible thing for Edward), and comes across very kind and innocent, even though he is a werewolf and wants to rip vampires apart. I think he is a very healthy influence on Bella, he comes at her at her level and seems to understand her to a degree. I actually prefer him to Edward.

So my answer to the question is that she should go with Edward because Jake is better...

Did it live up to your expectations?

Yes, I did not like the plot as well as the first one but it was still very entertaining and the trip to Italy toward the end served a nice twist to the usual Olympic setting. I appreciated the fact that she did not obsess over how Edward looked the whole time. That is probably because he was not really in it! Haha.

I read it and still did not find anything inappropriate (FYI, I don't read or approve of books with sexual or pornographic content.) Obviously, some passionate kissing but that is OK.

Forgot to ask in your review of the first, who are your favourite characters?

Alice, Jacob, and that little Italian kid in Volterra that smiled at Edward with the fangs in.

Are you likely to watch the films?

No. I know they added weird stuff into at least the 2nd and 4.1. I might sit through the first if some girl was going to love me for it.

Bella and her dad now?

I have greatly enjoyed seeing her get closer with her dad. I find his oblivion to her proceedings frustrating but then, it is meant to be. I wish we could see more of her mother, Meyer has the opportunity to make a really funny character.

What did you not like?

Bella's thing with Edward after he dumped her. Obviously, you can love someone and he is definitely a great person, but I found all the depression and "hole in my stomach" extreme. Maybe that is how it feels, but I think it is not a great idea to glamorise a "shell shock" reaction to young ladies who are having enough issues over analysing their relationships with boyfriends they are a bit young to have and say that it is true love.

I would have liked it if Bella and Rosalie were brought closer, not further. I think Rosalie should be nicer to her, even if she is irritating.

Obviously, the scene with Bella and Jake at the end. That was really sad. He did a lot for her. I found something disgusting in the fact that she jumps over the cliff when he was risking himself to save her life. On that subject, I found it kind of flaky that Victoria never actually makes a proper appearance. Think about it, for the reader, it is kind of unsatisfactory that there is this monster woman after Bella and she never actually gets to talk, chase, smell her blood, deliver the cool lines so expected from a villainess.

AAAAAAnd, what did you like?

The scene where Laurent goes to kill her. That was intense. There was something genius about having it in the same place as where she and Edward went for their little date thing.

As I expressed in my last review, I don't think the heroes' characters portrayed are not bad ones for girls to be told they want. A lot of books encourage girls to go for the slicko jerks that treat them nasty and cause trouble. I must say that I struggle to find the good in shoving Captain Jack Sparrow down girls' throats, or Christian Grey, he is the worst. The guys in Twilight are not bad guys. I found the loving friend thing with Jacob really nice.Itwas better than Bella thinking, "Well, nowthat Eddy-weddy is gone, I have looked around and found this guy who I thought was a silly little boy but now he has grown up more, I have decided that he is the next best thing. Maybe being with him will make Eddy-weddy jealous. Oops! I am in love with him now!"

Oops indeed.

Any page with Alice on it is a good one.

A Guy's Review of New Moon (Twilight Saga #2) by Stephanie Meyer

Her cheerful personality and positive behaviour are great. Meyer certainly does have a talent for creating charismatic characters. Brainwave: Alice and Jacob should get together (bye Jasper), it would be a fun story where they hate each other but come together as they protect Bella and even though the smell of the other repulses them, they get past everything and there is a big scene with the two groups as they show what is going on. Like Romeo and Juliet.

I have sounded so far like I kind of hate Bella and Edward, au contraire, Even though Bella is irritating, I understand that she is just a normal teenager whoishormonal, makes mistakes, and has had a kind of difficult life. Edward is a very very likeable character, he is cool. He is a good literary PR for more introverted, quiet guys. They can be great too.

Again, the Italy thing was fun.

Should Bella be bitten?

Not sure.

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  • I commented on your last post and stated that the third book is my favorite. Possible spoiler-----------------

    Rosalie tells Bella her life story and the circumstances that led to her being bitten. The story highlights why she resents/envies Bella's human state and why she takes it kind of personally that Bella is obsessed with throwing her human life away. Rosalie becomes a lot less hostile and they even become reluctant friends by the 4th book.

    I've always seen the Jacob or Edward question like that too. Jacob is great but Bella is so emo and angsty lol. Edward just seems like a better fit for her. Jacob is so full of life and vitality, he should get somebody equally as vibrant and lively.

    • Haha, ok. (Did not read the spoiler, sorry!)

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    • I forgot they were mates as kids, yeah. Bella and Jake are like my favourite literary relationship in a weird way. :D Haha, it is great to find someone who will talk about these books, my family refuse to read them and think they are evil trash.

    • I know what you mean haha. I remember my friends used to tease me when they saw me reading the books but I had a coupe of friends who read them too and they understood my interest. I swear most of the people who had the strongest negative opinions on the books only saw the movies. They never read the books.
      The books' storylines were nicely played out but the movies were just a bunch of stuttering and staring tbh😂

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