A Guy's Review of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

A Guy's Review of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

So, I have just finished reading Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. I heard many rumours about the book before, saw girls in awe of it, guys repulsed by it. After actually reading the book like 11 years after it came out, I am going to answer 7 questions about it as a review. (I am straight, btw)

A bit about me so you have an idea of who is behind this: I am part British (West Country) and part American (Washington and formerly Alaska), I am interested in music, languages, travel, Switzerland, religion, physical activities as soon as I recover from an illness, eating healthy, I am qualified as a piano teacher, I cook for myself, I am an introvert and extrovert at the same time, I come out as ENTJ, Commander. I like short girls with bright blue eyes and long hair. :)

1. Did You Like It?

Yes, I did. It was definitely not the best book I have read but it held my attention. The beginning was entertaining, the middle was awkward, and the end was exciting. I will be reading the next one. I guess I can kind of say that I am a fan...

2. Why Do You Think Girls Loved It And Guys Hated It?

Well, the setting was very comfortable. It was romantic, which most girls will go for. Edward is I guess what most girls want for a boyfriend, some may not take to his pessimism or refinement, but they of course would want to read a book about an inhuman boyfriend that looks amazing, is super strong, and has a thirst for his girlfriend's blood that many girls will correctly interpret as a metaphor for sexual desire. Guys do not like it because of the girliness of lots of it and, let's be honest, guys usually do not voluntarily read books in which the main character is a girl. I nearly stopped reading it at a few points because it got too mushy and over the top. Like the meadow bit. That was the worst. I heard a guy say that he did not make it past the first two pages, I did not find anything wrong there. Guys of course are not going to approve of their girlfriends sopping over this fictitious character who possesses super powers that they don't have. I think most guys though are glad Edward does not exist. In case you have not noticed, guys don't like reading/hearing about how much better some other guy is than them. Me included.Twilight is exactly that so please be understanding.

3. What Did You Dislike About It?

Bella seemed especially at the beginning, a shallow brat. She judged many people at her school. (even though a lot of them ere kind of annoying) I don't think it is healthy to condemn friendliness, of course, there is too friendly and if someone is not for you then it can be awkward and painful trying to let them know. I think the author was over the top with how much she went on about Edward's appearance. It was excessive. It suggests that Bella only liked him because of his looks. This is not a healthy message to be sending out to people, there are already enough issues with this. I heard people say that the book was dirty and pornographic, I disagree.

Though a lot of the emotions were described, and many attractive qualities obsessed over, in perhaps a way that led toward the sensual it was not really erotic in nature, I would say girls could read it for unwholesome reasons, but I think if so, it is pretty poor, pathetic material. If the romantic parts were put in a film (yes, I know they were) then it would be no different to say, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The only other issue was the obvious sex/blood vampire metaphor. Oh... and about what she had to do to her dad at the end. That was depressing. I hoped she would get closer to him. Maybe in the next book. Other than that, there was a lot of girly mush which, as a guy, please accept that that is not going to be my thing at all and I must admit, there was a faint air of something not quite right.

A Guy's Review of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

4. What Did You Like About It?

The ending was exciting. The whole hunt thing. I found the way the book was written soothing and easy to follow, I really liked the setting and it made me laugh a bit about the Cullen family because my family too, are from Washington state, formerly Alaska. We are not so "anti-cold-and-darkness" as other people and my dad is British. I liked how Bella did have a better relationship with her dad in the follow up to what she had to do. I thought Alice was a sweet character, I thought Carlisle's story had a very good message. If you don't like who you are, or who you are becoming, or how others perceive you, you can change and be a good person. Carlisle did not sink into permanent depression (though he tried committing suicide), he fought his evil desires and made himself into a good, wholesome, happy person. We can all learn from that.

Though the constant description of Edward was nauseating and the obvious envy that most of us are not going to dazzle a girl like that, he was also a very wholesome character. His character was a refreshing change from the usual dumb, caveman, jock, sex crazy type. He encourages girls to look for guys who actually love them, are willing to protect them, listen and who can be fit and smart. When I was in Vienna, there was this Münchener that joked that Americans were either one or the other. Well, they are being told that in media. The good qualities in Edward can easily be emulated.The relationship did not glorify feminism and kick out gender roles (sorry guys, I believe in those), it put girls in a mindset to accept these.

Though the balance was extreme and maybe not complimentary to women (even though he was inhuman), it still was a good way of putting things in the right direction. Jacob was a breath of fresh, more human air. (yes, I know he is a werewolf) He was nice, normal, friendly. Again, not too far off the path. He had an air of kind innocence. Again, he was totally like normal, he was not like a pro-feminist push-over, and he kind of made up for some of Bella's judgements in the beginning. I don't care who did him in the movie, it was nice to have a guy in the mix that Bella liked without all this mushy-glorification. I liked how Meyer gave the Native Americans a shout out. (yes, I am part native as well) In the end, the guys were not encouraging girls to go for weirdo jerks. Overall, I found it highly entertaining. Like eating a piece of cake, it is not wonderful for you, it is not going to harm you, but not as good as healthy meat, salad, and potatoes.

5. What Do You Think Of Girls That Love It?

That would be a put off if she was obsessed. I call owning the books and having read them the maximum. I would not call it something healthy to obsess over.

A Guy's Review of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

6. What Do You Say To Guys About It?

I am not going to tell you to read it, don't worry. If you are ever like sick in bed and want something interesting then maybe. Just ignore the girls that go on and on, they are just girls. I don't think it is quite correct for you to say that the books are the worst and that there is nothing good about them. I do have reason to believe that the films are probably a way more worthy target for your displeasure. Please note I entirely separate the book and the film.

7. Out Of Interest, Why Did You Read It.

In short, my cousin showed my family Pirates of the Caribbean, we found it hugely fun and wanted to see the second one. I had a bit of a pow-wow with a family member and left the house two mornings after and went to this tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, book/music/film store on stilts that did not even have someone attending it to look for the movie. It was not there, I heard all these children gather around outside for this huge Easter egg hunt around the estate and decided to stay inside. I saw the book, thought, "Why not? There has to be something good in it, and anyway, it is always useful the find out what girls are up to." I sat down, read, and decided that I wanted to finish it over time. All along, there were kids screaming outside and some coming inside and singing Christmas carols at Easter. Haha.

8. Favourite Part?

I don't know. I thought Emmett and Bella were funny.

So there you have it. I am converted. :D

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I read it out of curiosity too. I remember the guys teased me when I was in middle school lol. They had seen the movie (the second movie came out much later than I read the first book). I'll admit that the movies were really awkward and spent a lot of the time with people just staring at each other. I remember my friends and I trying explain that the books were much more than staring and tense silence lol. I mostly watched the movies for the wolf pack tbh😄. It's cool to hear a male's take of the books, it seemed like even a lot of the female fans hadn't bothered to read the books and I was kinda wondering if I imagined the more complex dynamic in the books.

    • Yeah, very interesting. Maybe I should do a MyTake on the second one when I am done. Is it true that the second one is terrible?

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    • Ok, thanks. :)

    • No problem😄

Most Helpful Guy

  • I never actually saw more/rest of the twilight movies for example until this year. I know I saw the first one when it came out, thought was "okay". second one I really hated, couldnt stand bella and thought the story was just bad an so unware and stupid sort of. So yeah I made fun of twilight for a while, kinda for shits an giggles, lol. (I dont regret it still)

    BUT!. After seing the rest of the movies this year though, they are honestly not as bad as people make them out to be. Like seriously I see at least 5 movies every year that are way worse. I still have nightmares about "Dragonhunter" ... My God, now that is awful movie, think its 50 times worse than twilight for example, at least. And I mean the second movie.

    won't say im a fan or converted, but to be fair, I dont get the hate really, not after seeing them all. I would say the second movie is the worst one by far and I would also say that bella in particular is the worst part of it all really. (not shocking I guess when Kristen Stewart), but the good stuff in my opinion about twilight is not any of the main characters. The side characters can actually be interesting and is what I found most likeable about the movies anyway, cause not everything is bad in it. Nor done horrible, but the weakest links in my opinion is many of the main characters.


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What Girls Said 7

  • I will never understand why SO many women would want a controlling emotionally abusive man-child. (50 Shades of Grey was originally written as a Twilight fan-fiction)

    • It may be, but whoever wrote 50 shades was going off on a long tangent. As far as I know, Bella never participates in S&M. Her men may be in charge, but they are kind and would never do anything to harm her.

    • Not physically, but he did major psychological and emotional damage to her in attempt to keep her the way he wanted her to be. First he stalks her and watches her eveey move, then removes himself from her life completely, then he controls every aspect of her life, until she becomes like him, which he never wanted.

  • i don't care for the series at all, nor do i understand people who are obsessed with it.

    my opinion:


  • I'm a girl and I found it to be a piss-poor teen fantasy novel that developed into an array of cliches and hormone driven plot holes.

    But, to each their own.

  • Personally I enjoy the final book in the series only because it was more interesting because it was Bella, Jacob and Edward perceptions during the book not just Bella.

  • I learned this movie in school, we have watched some part of the movie and it was very cheesy. Not my stuff

  • I loved the books... and the movies.

    • yeah, I enjoyed the book. have started the next one, am when Carlisle is saving her from Jasper's little "slip".

  • i guess it is only me who didn't watch nor read


What Guys Said 6

  • Now I'm wondering what you would've thought of the Stationery Voyagers episode "Crepuscular" if I hadn't shelved it. It spoofs Twilight and Underworld.

    - Liquidon is an alien in love with Cindy, who is a vampire (and an Underworld Selene parody.) Liquidon looks like a giant white-out pen. But he has a disease making his powers unstable. He's afraid of turning into a nuclear bomb and killing everyone. Cindy is so obsessed with him, she refuses to stay away - even though she needs Saran wrap just to kiss him without his saliva poisoning her, and even though he could go nuclear. And when he briefly loses control and begins emitting light, it's bright enough to simulate sunlight's effects.

    - Edward is replaced with Frederick Powderkov, who is Edward and Napoleon Dynamite fused into a single character.

    - Bella is replaced with "Joli Perruche," French for "pretty parakeet." She's portrayed as utterly useless. But instead of getting herself in trouble, she accidentally gets Alaina in trouble.

    - Nikolai replaces James. He's almost the same character, but has a laughably thick Russian accent.

    - Nikolai is finally defeated when Liquidon escapes from the hospital, beats (and glows) him almost into submission, flies him up into the sky during dawn, lets off a mini-explosion to alleviate some pressure, and then Nikolai's singed body winds up getting sucked into the engine of a jet that just so happened to be flying by. Even Liquidon didn't expect the jet to show up at that exact moment.

    A pity this episode never got produced. I'm sure animators would have had fun with it.

    • sounds like a blast.

  • never bothered with the books. saw the movies and they were just average, liked some more than others.
    the romance was cringe!
    i dont get the whole fandom either. but then again i dont get the bieber fanbase, the one direction fanbases, and a lot of the teen girl fanbases

  • I don't like reading at all. It sucks.

  • Welcome to twilight fandom!
    I love the part where vampires are ageless! Indestructible and they don't have to sleep and they don't need human blood, i read the book and loved it!
    Movie made them sparkle like diamonds however they actually sparkled less and refracted light like crystals.

    And i am in love with the scenery and the work of Carter Burwell in music
    Author designed a perfect Vamp environment which wasn't fishy for human!
    Lee ward side of mountains! Thick canopy, place under cloud cover and less population but surplus wild life to hunt from. Their idea that the leading Vamp should be a DOCTOR, access to blood and having morals etc etc!
    Scientific idea of carcinogenic Venom leading to transition!..
    Newborn are strongest, which helps them in survival,

    Werewolfs don't need moon they have total control! Second puberty for them!
    Its all amazing!
    And over it the bond of family! Love and craving of something more then cheap thrills

  • I know why chicks like the book. If anything, it's an eye opener on what women want in men to an extent, since fiction is always to the extreme.

  • I have no interest in any of this


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