The Vampire Wanderlust Book shelf

Ok, so I have compiled a list of books with vampires as the main plotline for those who are looking for vampire books. These are a list of books that I have read and books that I highly reccomend.

First, I would like to to start with my favorite vampire series of books of all time, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.The Vampire Wanderlust Book shelf

So out of these books, these are the ones I reccomend: Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned. Ok, so a little note about the Queen of the damned, its a good book but there are chapters where there are random stories and I found them boring, but the really good chapters are intense. I reccomend the Tale of the Body Thief, Vampire Armand, and Prince Lestat.The Vampire Wanderlust Book shelf

If you want a shorter simple standalone book pumped with dispense, The Vampire's Promise by Caroline B. Cooney is a great route to go. The Vampire Wanderlust Book shelf

For something a little more light hearted with comedy, The Cirque Du Freak series is a great way to go. I do not like how the movie changed everything but the books are great. The last book was surprising to me.The Vampire Wanderlust Book shelf

The Vampire Diaries series by LJ Smith. By the way, the books make a thousand times more sense than the show, and I like the show. However I guess I am a bit biased since I read the books first. The Vampire Wanderlust Book shelf


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  • i read cirque du freak on junior high school and its still memorable to me until now. darren shan truly has great imagination


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