Anita Sarkeesian Calls Sargon of Akkad a "Human Garbage" (or on disparage of power)


As most of you know Anita Sarkeesian called Sargon of Akkad a "Human Garbage" as a speaker of a Vidcon panel about cyber bullying. What caught me was in her response she talks about him being "a male antifeminist who occupies a position of power." It's this power that I would like to address, Sargon is a Youtuber with 641,917 subscribers as of this writing, a net wealth of roughly $160,000.00 he is an outspoken anti-feminist if you don't know who he is I would recommend that you check him out. Anita Sarkeesian, on the other hand, is a Canadian-American feminist media critic, blogger, and public speaker. She is the founder of Feminist Frequency, a website that hosts videos and commentary analyzing portrayals of women in popular culture. Wikipedia, she has spoke in front of the UN, she has an extensive network of political and social contacts, and has a net wealth of roughly $300,000.00 US and has recently crowd funded about $400,000.00. Anita was a guest speaker invited and probably paid for her time at the panel.

There is no doubt that Anita is a very accomplished person, she has an impressive resume and a large name recognition. I would even call her powerful, if you were to ask the average person who she was you would have a good chance of name recognition. Sargon on the other hand, outside of anti-feminist or SJW circles his name would hardly be known, he is hardly what one would call powerful.

So where is this disparity of power Anita speaks of, feminism is taught in academia, effects the laws of many countries and is generally recognized as if not a benevolent creature as certainly a harmless one by most people. Anti-feminism is considered by the main stream radical at the best and a hate group at the worst.

Obviously the power here lies on Anita's side, yet she claims the power lies on Akkad's why? Does she feel that being a man trumps her quite impressive accomplishments? If not where does it come from? And what would a woman have to accomplish to be equal to a man in her eyes? To think of anti-feminists as powerful is pure rhetoric, rhetoric that falls within the feminist framework, but hollow at it's core.


Anita Sarkeesian Calls Sargon of Akkad a "Human Garbage" (or on disparage of power)
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  • ADFSDF1996
    third wave feminism is indeed considered a hate group and rightfully so. While most third wave feminists tend to hold misandrist views, Anita is considered to be one of the more fanatical ones. So it's not surprising that she makes rude remarks of a man that doesn't support feminism.

    When it comes to Sargon, I don't exactly agree with a lot of his views but I do agree with his anti third wave feminist stance.
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  • Doglover666
    She uses feminism as a vechile to achieve wealth. It's very common these days.
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  • Waffles731
    They are both complete and utter trash,
    By her standards my mom who is kind of a badass who is ex-military and a self identified feminist can't be a feminist.
    By his definition, my mom and people like her are what is wrong with this society.
    They are both absolutely worthless pieces of shit
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  • John_Doesnt
    So it's okay to judge an entire group based on 1 nut job? Anita Sarkeesian is a bitch and a media whore, but that doesn't represent actual feminists or liberals.
    • Anpu23

      If she doesn't represent feminism then what was she doing in front of the UN representing feminism? Her "He for She" speach was certainly not disavowed by NOW or any speaker at the Woman's March, nor any other feminist organization, not Buzz Feed, nor any other feminist group. The fact that she was able to raise nearly a half million dollars for a project she never followed through on, yet was never called out on it by any mainstream feminist media outlets, tells me that she seems to be a recognized feminist icon. Correct me if I am wrong, but she seems like one of the voices of modern feminism to me.

    • Anybody can claim to represent a group. Just like the KKK can claim to represent conservatives.

    • Anpu23

      Yes, but conservatives deny that the KKK represents them. The KKK is reviled in conservative media, and most (not all) conservative politicians distance themselves from them. Not a good comparison.

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  • disgustingweebtrash
    If Sargon is human garbage she's not even human, just garbage.
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  • TheSniper
    Sarkeesian loves to whine nonsense.
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  • Anonymous
    Watch The Amazing Atheist instead.
  • Anonymous
    I had no idea about this, i think power is more how you play your hand. This has been an enlightening read however
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  • Anonymous
    True power comes from being an accuser. Accusing someone of racism, sexism, being a child molester...
    • Anpu23

      That is quite true.

    • Anonymous

      Because today's society demands no actual proof. They accept any slur for fear that they will be labeled too if they question it

  • Anonymous
    Ironically Anita has held many, many, speeches encouraging our leaders to stop "hate speech" and "cyber bullying" which she basically said can be insults, and "anything that makes the other person uncomfortable." She has hypocritically broken her own rule, so add this to the list of hypocritical things feminists do!

    Don't be fooled by feminist propaganda, the real purpose of feminism is the destruction of the family unit so children may be indoctrinated by the state and the media!
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  • Anonymous
    f anyone qualifies as human garbage it is Anita Sarkeesian.
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