How the Famous Do Fall...

I recently received an email telling me that a subscription I've got to a postal DVD rental service was going to be cancelled due to lack of demand, as people move over to streaming. Fair enough, I've hardly been using it myself much recently, but I was on a legacy deal which cost almost nothing, and I'd never quite got round to cancelling.

Anyway, this prompted me to idly browse their site the other day, and top up my rental list (it doesn't actually end until 31st October). I wasn't really paying much attention, but B-Movies are a guilty pleasure of mine and this turned up in the post the other day. How the Famous Do Fall...

Now, predictably, it was about as sophisticated as a puppet made from toilet rolls, a ping pong ball, and garden twine (and probably didn't cost a lot more than this to make). But... towards the end there was a cameo role that was a blast from the past.

How the Famous Do Fall...

Most of the site won't have the faintest idea who this is, but he was one of the big stars in The Bill, a British police drama that ran for 26 years. As with so many such people, he'd entirely faded out of my mind, but I knew I knew his face.

It seems that he's done very little by way of acting since The Bill ended in 2010. His Wikipedia entry says that he "currently works on a youth initiative in his hometown of Gravesend".

This isn't the first time I've heard of formerly well-known faces falling upon hard times. Quite a lot of British actors live in and around the same area that I do, and sometimes, I've been surprised at how old their cars are, and even what models they're driving.

Then there was this sad example, from the United States, recently

How the Famous Do Fall...

where the ex-actress in question got pulled in for indecent exposure.

I don't follow sleb culture at all, but is this what the future holds for some of our current so-called celebrities?

Anybody else got any good examples?

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  • There are sooooo many but the first one that come to mind is Dustin Diamond, was just talking about him a few days ago.
    He played screech on saved by the bell in the early 90s.
    He did a porn video, just read actually that he used a stunt penis for it though. Lol!!


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