Songs about men singing to the women they love

Love songs meant to be sung to women are songs that I really like. I've heard many but here are some of my favorites.

Songs about men singing to the women they love

1.) Funkerlied(radio operator's song) A old German song that has a cheerful mood to it, it briefly mentions how a group of soldiers all love a certain female. It's non political and is still popular in Germany today.

2.)Lili Marleen: My favorite song. It's about a woman named Lili Marleen, its sung from the male point of view in which the lyrics express how he wants to stay with Lili Marleen but has to go to war. It's was popular amongst both allied and axis soldiers and is still popular worldwide today.

3.)"Auf Kreta bei sturm und bei regen" (On Crete by storm and tempest) Perhaps the saddest song on this list, it's about a Paratrooper who says his final goodbye to his girlfriend/wife because he eventually falls on the battlefield. The song also referrences to the German invasion of Greece.

4.)Erika: While the song does primarily talk about a flower, it also mentions a woman named Erika. It was popular amongst the Wehrmacht and has some taboo in Germany but is still popular. It's non political.

5.)Ach ich hab in meinem herzen: Technically it translates to "Oh the pain in my heart"

A German love song that is mostly sung by male singers. It's a very beautiful song that is meant to sound very gloomy. It can bring tears to the eyes of those who can appreciate this kind of music.

6.)RoseMarie: A song about a soldier who talks about a woman named "Rose Marie".

7.)Augen Grade aus(Eyes forward): A East German song that has no politics about soldiers who can't keep their eyes off a beautiful woman, when their commander catches them he shouts "eyes forward".

8.)Monika: A rare German song about soldier telling his significant other named "Monika" that he'll be back.

9.)honorable mentions: Dein ist mein ganzes herz, Anna Marie

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  • You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker
    Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton (my personal favorite love song)
    I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles
    I Will - The Beatles
    Make You Feel My Love - Bob Dylan
    Thank You - Led Zeppelin
    Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel
    Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars
    Your Song - Elton John

    The list goes on...


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