Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Movie Review by Halucinator

Hello everyone! I saw this movie day before yesterday and this movie is damn amazing!! So I'll try to put forward my vies on it, let's start:

Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Movie Review by Halucinator

You must be familiar with the story but if you aren't then Kingsman is a secret organisation who works to save the world. But unfortunately, it's base gets destroyed and our heroes eventually meet another independent crime-fighting agency, Statesman. The rest is all about trust issues between new allies and saving the day. I personally loved the movie.

Reasons to watch

1.) Action

If you're an action lover, you can't hate this movie. The action scenes are quite clean and you'll see fight between Eggsie and Charlie at the start of the movie and the reflexes are so fast that you'll miss something even if you blink. So, good news for action lovers

Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Movie Review by Halucinator

2.) Comedy

Characters have tried their best to make you laugh. The negative side will give you many reasons to laugh. The main clown of the movie is Elton with a perfect comic timing and you'll surely love his demeanours.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Movie Review by Halucinator

3.) Resemblance with first part

If you're a typical Kingsman fan then you've one more reason to watch this movie. The team has tried its best to revive the scenes from first part whether it be Harry Hart's bar scene or that mirror scene with Eggsy(Taron Egerton) and Harry(Colin Flirth).

Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Movie Review by Halucinator

4.) You'll remember Bond in some scenes

Kingsman draws it's inspiration from Bond movies. If you're a Bond fan then you might notice some typical Bond fads. Colin Firth’s character has many similarities to James Bond.The poison-type hassle will also remind you of those old school Bond movies.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Movie Review by Halucinator

5.) Technology

The use of tech and gadgets is the one reasonI love the Kingsman series. They're somewhat like Men In Black(MIB) but a lot cooler. The tech reminds you of Terminator/Transformers at some point too. Kingsman is quite an entertainer.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Movie Review by Halucinator

You'll be disappointed at:

1.) Harry Hart's weak role

Harry's my fav character in Kingsman but his new style is poor as compared to previous one. You see him losing his memory. He looks quite bad without an eye. Till some part of second half, you'll see him struggling and even getting beaten. The ending strengthens him and you'll see the original Harry Hart who still has something left in him but basically Kingsman revolves around Eggsy.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Movie Review by Halucinator

2.) Nothing Beside Remains

Within half an hour of the start, you'll see everything wrecked by an enemy, their friends, their base, their homes, Even JB and Roxie die. This kinda stir you up cause Roxie could play a significant role too and her death disappoints you at some time. Only Eggsy and Merlin are left until they found 'Statesman' and Harry.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle -Movie Review by Halucinator

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  • "1.) Harry Hart's weak role"
    -But his weak role wasn't pulled out of the ass either. It made sense within the context of the story and was explained well. I mean, it only makes sense to not be at your 100% after surviving a headshot and missing an eye.

    "1.) Harry Hart's weak role"
    -That, my friend, is called raising the stakes. It's the what introduces the second arc of the story where the action happens and things are never the same. You can easily compare it to Luke's family home being burnt down by the Empire which is the final nail in the coffin for him that sents him off on his hero's journey. My point is, that it in and of itself is not a bad thing so long as it's pulled off well.
    The only gripe I had with it is that there was no inclination towards the villain possessing missiles as far as I remember. Yes, she obtained the information but those missiles were pulled out of her ass in my opinion.

    Also, I don't think Roxie dies. For one, notice how she jumped out of the bed without any worry at all. Now it could be that the actress displayed her poorly in a situation where she was supposed to realize that she's about to die and should be scared for her life, it could also be that she had an escape plan, otherwise they likely wouldn't have bothered filming the scene of her jumping out of bed, completely determined and what not.
    For two, we already had one main character to return from death, there's no reason to assume they won't pull off the same thing again. I mean, they already rehashed several tropes from the first movie such as the evil mastermind, the world-ending plan, there being a literal timer to the wrold's end at the end of the movie and etc.

    • but at least we didn't see her for rest of the movie lol

    • I copied the same thing over. I meant to put "2.) Nothing Beside Remains" in the other one.

      And well yeah, I agree, didn't find her interesting in the first movie.

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