Does Eminem Still Have It? My Revival Review!

Does Eminem Still Have It? My Revival Review!

Hip Hop's class clown/rebel is backkk! And this time he seems to have a cause. On December 15, 2017 Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, also known as Slim Shady, released his 9th album. This comes four years after his last one, MMLP2 (which was a monster). I'm not sure about any other fans, but I wasn't expecting new music from Em, so this album is a pleasant surprise. After dropping MMLP2, he kind of went back off the grid.

In typical bad boy, no fucks given fashion, he made waves during a cipher at this year's BET Hip Hop Awards with his venom laced verse aimed at Donald Trump. He also drew a verbal line in the sand and called his fans out, telling them that if they stood on the wrong side that they were basically no fans of his. That just raised the anticipation for the release of his album. Speaking of, let's get into this review!

Does Eminem Still Have It? My Revival Review!

There are 19 tracks on the album which is pretty average for Eminem. There are also some pretty solid features on there such as Beyonce and Ed Sheeran, as well as Pink and Skylar Grey who've made appearances on past albums as well. As for production, of course there was no slacking there. Dr. Dre, Rick Rubin, Just Blaze, and Eminem himself are just a few of the all star producers.

The only issue that I have is that I feel it lacked cohesiveness, except for the very last 2 songs. I did like that we got a taste of all the sides of him though. Eminem kept up with his war on Donald Trump and touched on subjects like police brutality with the songs like "Untouchable" and "Like Home (which features Alicia Keys)". Then we saw Marshall Matters show up on a more personal level and touch on his drug problems and family issues in the songs "Castle" and "Arose". We also get a glimpse of the goofy Slim Shady on songs like "Remind Me" and "Framed".

I like that he wasn't afraid to touch on some of the more controversial issues going on today, while still keeping it fun but also shedding light on some of the more personal stuff. My personal favorites are "Untouchable", "Remind Me", "Offended", and "Castle". I actually can't say that I really dislike any of the songs. He also sampled some classics including "I Love Rock n Roll" and "Zombie". Overall, I give it a solid 8 out of 10. It's definitely an album that I would recommend!

Thank you guys for reading! As always stay classy GaGers. See you guys on the threads!

#CHARismaticOut ✌🏾😎❀

Does Eminem Still Have It? My Revival Review!
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  • vishna
    From a non-fan
    Personally, I think the problem isn't even his lyrics anymore. The issue is his beats are so whack now. It feels like he makes his lyrics and just uses the same angry Eminem voice over each track, regardless of the beat. Sad bc a good beat can help lyrics and in my opinion it makes me not wanna even listen to him.

    From a Fan
    I got feedback from an actual fan and they said "This new album isn't him. It's good he is rapping about this stuff bc it needs to be talked about and it's normal for an artist to change (and that people grow and stuff) but they just aren't feeling it.
    They said he is still a lyrical master, but Dr. Dre should make those beats and the album had bad beats. And that the music makes it hard to hear him. hey gave it 6/10. And for the features, the Alicia Keys one they wanted to listen to but it was so bad and didn't sound like her. And they liked 4 songs and 2 of those had Pink and Ed Sheeran (and they wanted to listen to them)
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    • Well I agree that a good beat can def make a song. And he is and always will be a lyrical genius. Dr. Dre is a producer on this album tho so. And some of the beats are sampled. I do agree that the song with Alicia Keys kind of fell flat. I like what he's saying but she doesn't really sound like herself. I do like the song with Pink, but his collabs with her are always good.

Most Helpful Guy

  • TripleAce
    Eminem will always have it... but like he once said --> you can't recreate the magic that he once did during the right time and era, which was basically when I was in high school he was hot

    the most consistent rapper/r and b/dancer/ good looks... today is chris brown.. he has been up there for a loooong time now and has the potential to be one of the best if he focuses
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    • I don't consider Chris Brown a rapper but he's definitely at the top of his game.

    • TripleAce

      ya he's r&b... best and still going strong.. everyone loves him

      but rap just isn't cool these days... not like how it was when I was younger... I mean I don't really hear much about rap these days... lol

    • TripleAce

      it was good in the days of cassettes and cd's lol...

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  • wankiam
    i been a fan since the start and in many ways some of the tracks on this album are his best work so far. espescially the one with alicia keys. when i first saw the ads i was worried it was going to be a washed up duet album but even from track one i saw i was totally wrong. fuck the naysayers. eminem has helped me so for that i thank him
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  • wineme2014
    I really enjoyed some songs but for some reason I feel like he's forcing his voice out. And this album doesn't have the punch his other albums have. Also there is too many celebrity collabs that I feel like the album was a contest of who gets to record with eminem. The tracks don't flow together. Maybe I need to really listen to it on a deeper level next time.
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    • I agree that it doesn't really flow that well, but I still enjoyed it.

  • Josht13
    HOLY SHIT AN 8/10 OK, I honestly thought it was pretty meh but there were some absolute fire albums that blow revival out of the water released this weak if you like hip hop/pop then listen to saturation by BROCKHAMPTON
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  • acooke-13
    He will always have it, considering he is the "Rap God". I wasn't sure what to expect with this album, but it was absolute FIRE and I love it! Yes times have changed but he seems to be keeping up!
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    • Now I gotta go listen to Rap God lol. Thanks for reading!

    • acooke-13

      Honestly its my favourite it's so good! I can even do the fast part at the end :p

  • Trumpster666
    In my opinion no. He's 40 and times have changed. He doesn't have that same fire, originality or creativity from the old days and his last few albums have more or less been phoned in. Many artists say that when they first started out the songs were written sometimes in 30 minutes but 20 years later the struggle to write one song that may take a year to finish
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    • I respect your opinion. I don't necessarily agree, but yeah. I feel like with his last 4 albums, 2 were hits and 2 were so so. But I don't feel that it's because he's struggling lyrically.

    • It seems to happen with most top artists that have been going as long as he has. The hits just don't come as easily anymore

    • *45 .

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  • That2kKid21
    To me it was like a Recovery part 2. Loved it. Thought the first half of "Untouchable" was a bit annoying, maybe because I'm a white kid lol. But I guess you can never censor Eminem. I think Believe, River with Ed Sheeran, and Tragic Endings with Skyler Grey are my favorites.
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    • Lol fair enough about Untouchable. And Tragic Endings is a good one. I love Skylar's voice.

    • Yuh, she's great. seemed like another version of Twisted from the shadyxv album. and yeah untouchable just seemed a bit un necessary in the beginning. Liked the ending though when he went into deeper detail.

    • What about the beginning do you feel was unnecessary if you don't mind me asking?

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  • TheUglyMonk
    Post Recovery Eminem was never the same, MMLP2 only had a handful of nice songs compared to Recovery where the whole album was great. I love Eminem and I´m a fan but I prefer his work during the 2000s and late 1990s.
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    • I personally wasn't a huge fan of Recovery.

    • IΒ΄d say it is in his top 4 best albums. The Eminem Show, Slim Shady LP, Marshal Mathers LP, Recovery (Not in that order).

    • Ahhh, so you're strictly early Em then. That's fair. Minus Recovery, those are all solid albums. Especially The Eminem Show. That's easily in my top 3.

  • Greatcat
    eminem is a punk and his jives at trump are weak af, trump doesn't give a shit about him and really few do anymore... his music was always trash so glad I never listened to that tool
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    • Well no shit Trump doesn't give a shit about him. Trump doesn't give a shit about anyone πŸ˜‚

    • Greatcat

      he gives a shit about the American taxpayer...

  • ThisDudeHere
    Thank you very much for letting me know. I will be sure to check it out.
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  • TuMeManques
    I've always hated him. Still do. Of course I don't like rap so...
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  • USA1960
    I haven't heard tunes from his newest C. D., but if he's in sync with most of his past ones, it likely is great, and I'll buy it soon.
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  • Nice222
    For me the whole jumping on the anti Trump bandwagon is kinda old and desperate at this point. But I will give it a listen I usually find his songs catchy and powerful.
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    • The whole album isn't about that, but I think it's smart.

  • OatsnWhey
    Album was shit in my opinion. This is coming from a guy who loved ems old stuff too.
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  • castratedwhiteguy
    More thug music from this wannabe homeboy. Nothing artistic or uplifting to be found here, so I'll take a pass!
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  • WhatYouLeastExpect
    He could if he wanted to... he has mostly lost his motivation I think
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    • I think MMLP2 was solid, but I think he struggled some with Relapse and Recovery.

  • PaulMarrow
    He's no rebel or bad boy or any of that. He's a shill for the globalist left that does what he's told. Notice he's pushing a narrative exactly the same as you see in the main stream media and nearly every other celebrity pushes? He's not different or rebellious or any of that. He does what he's told and he gets paid. If he didn't , you'd see his career tank and he'd fade away as if he had never been. Does Eminem Still Have It? My Revival Review!
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  • art84
    Never got into his music, though I do like his older stuff.
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  • micheal727jovanie
    Tbh Eminem still has it
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  • douride2
    I was never an Eminem fan.
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  • zagor
    The real question: Did he ever have it?
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