Top 10 Kanye West Songs (According To Me)


DISCLAIMER: I will take no Kanye slander on this myTake. Any negative comments will be reported. If you don't like Kanye, then simply show yourself out of this myTake.

#10. Can't Tell Me Nothing

With uncredited adlibs from Young Jeezy and a catchy beat, this definitely goes down as one of my faves.

#9. Monster

While this song is known for Nicki Minaj displaying one of her best verses, I feel Kanye's verse is super underrated. And of course, that insane beat!

#8. Through The Wire

The first Kanye song I ever heard. Back when he was just simple and not as loco. This song (along with the album) holds a special place in my heart.

#7. Jesus Walks

I don't really know what to say about this song, other than it's just dope. What rappers were making songs like this at the time?

#6. Good Life

One of my go-to, feel good songs. Sure, I can do without T-Pain, but still, a true fave of mine.

#5. Gold Digger

The song that started it all. His second collab with Jamie Foxx and the biggest hit off his album Late Registration, this song is a classic. And it really shows how much of a genius he is (yes, I said genius) because he could've just sampled Ray Charles, but what does he do instead? He has the guy that played Ray Charles, sing AS Ray Charles for his song. Who does that? Kanye does that.

#4. Last Call

The origin story of Kanye over a sick beat. I wouldn't be a true Kanye fan if I didn't show this song some love. If you haven't heard it, I suggest you give it a listen. It gives you some insight on his humble beginnings and reminds you that he is just a human being like the rest of us.

#3. Family Business

One of his more personal songs, Family Business is and always will be a fave of mine. I think everbody can relate to some of things he talks about in this song. About how some things should just be family business.

#2. Touch The Sky

With one of the best samples he's ever used, Kanye outdoes himself with this song. Along with this fun beat, he introduces the world to a young Lupe Fiasco (who serves us a nice verse himself). One of Kanye's BEST songs, in my opinion.

#1. All Falls Down

Ahhh... a humble Kanye. Boy, do I miss this. I liked this song when I was a kid, but listening to this song as an adult has given me a new perspective and appreciation for his words.

"The prettiest people do the ugliest things, for the road to riches and diamond rings.."

Can we have this Kanye back?

Well, that's the end of that. Do you agree with my list? What are some of your favorites? Favorite album? Feel free to share.

And please, no negative comments. You don't have to like Kanye, but you don't have to spread negativity on a positive post either.

Top 10 Kanye West Songs (According To Me)
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  • Adeline95
    I enjoyed your list! Most people do not like Kanye but are unaware that he produced for the favorite artist lol he also created Good music which is a label that allows artists Like Big Sean, common, Pusha T, and Teyana Taylor to release their work! I would have added the song Good morning to this list but only because it's my favorite song lol
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Most Helpful Guy

  • RolandCuthbert
    Not the biggest Hip-Hop fan. So some of these tracks I don't know. But "All Falls Down" of course is legendary. I just think "Through the Wire" is his second best just because of the context, references to Emmitt Till, it was just an amazing song.

    But thanks for educating me. I am listening to some of the stuff I have never heard before.

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  • menina
    I like Kanye West as an artist. I agree with your list, even tough there are some songs that I've never listened to.
    My favorites are "Good Life", "All Falls Down", "Heard 'Em Say" and "Flashing Lights".
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    How the shit did you leave stronger and niggas in Paris off the list?
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    • Anonymous

      Both overrated, in my opinion.


      You should be banned from having an opinion 🤭 And I didn’t even get on you for forgetting to include power and American boy...

    • "Stronger"? Haha! Even he said that one was garbage.

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  • blackgaletiger
    I would have ' Homecoming' on my list. first song i heard by the potential 2020 prez, Good Life is next on that list
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  • BeHappy1985
    I find it delightfull how little attention this post got even though it is featured. Bravo people, bravo.Top 10 Kanye West Songs (According To Me)
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  • EllezBellez98
    Touch the Sky is my favourite, I also loved Niggaz in Paris but I guess thats Jay Z
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  • Unit1
    I'm glad, that Gold Digger is included in this list ;P :)
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  • oksurething
    I just have one question. This isn't intended to be negative, it's just a question. Isn't he a gay fish? Saturday Night Live have a clip of him saying it.
  • LegateLanius
    Interesting. If I ever decide to take a trek into his music, I shall look upon this list first.
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  • castratedwhiteguy
    Sounds great, but the 1960's has always been my pop speed, Compare and decide:

    'Temptation Eyes' by The Grass Roots

    "This Girl is a Woman Now" byhttps://www. youtube. com/watch? v=LOX-snshLH Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

    Jay and the Americans - This Magic Moment (1969) HQ

    The Sunshine Company - Back On The Street Again
  • Josht13
    no we don't care, DISGRACEFUL
  • CrazyyChick
    Not a fan of Kanye
  • Anonymous
    Good list!
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