My Top Five Favorite Male Actors


5. Johnny Depp

My Top Five Favorite Male Actors

He's one of the best actors around. He's most famous for his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I love his acting as Jack Sparrow, it was honestly the best role played in the movies. I've also watched other movies featuring Johnny and i've come to like his acting a lot.

4. Richard Madden

My Top Five Favorite Male Actors

I loved his role as Robb Stark in the Game of Thrones. He was one of my favorite characters. He did an amazing job playing Robb and now that his role is over, he has played Cosimo de' Medici in

Medici: Masters of Florence. I love his acting in both of these series and hope he'll have more roles like these in the future.

3. Toby Regbo

My Top Five Favorite Male Actors

I love Toby! He's an amazing actor. He's most famous for his role as Francis in Reign. He did a fantastic job playing Francis and made me fall in love with the character. Other than his role as Francis, he's played a young Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and he has a role in the show Last Kingdom.

2. Kit Harington

My Top Five Favorite Male Actors

I love his acting a great deal! He's known best for his role as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. He's honestly my favorite character in the Game of Thrones and I would say that has a lot to do Kit's acting. He's an amazing actor and I hope to see him in other roles as well when the show ends.

1. Tom Felton

My Top Five Favorite Male Actors

Tom Felton is my favorite actor. I loved his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. He's incredible and gorgeous. I'm a big fan of his work and watched a lot of films that he was in. He also took a role in Risen as Lucius, has starred as Erich Blunt in Murder in the First and had a recurring role as Julian Albert in season 3 of the Flash. I love this actor very and hope to see a lot more of him in movies and shows.

My Top Five Favorite Male Actors
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  • Plumy
    Johnny Depp is funny and nice to watch acting ^^
    I watched Game of thrones with friends (all episodes) and it's sad how many good actors had to leave ⚰️
    I really like actors with the 🇬🇧 accent by the way
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Revolver_ This guy is easily the best actor in my opinion
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    • Good pick. Easily the greatest action actor of all time. People really need to look at all the stunts Jackie has pulled off in his movies.

    • Revolver_

      @RolandCuthbert Yeah. I hope he does Rush Hour 4.

    • Nivinxus

      He's branching out to genres outside the norm. While The Foreigner was a solid above average film, his acting was pretty strong there. On top of that, his singing is pretty damn good. We might even see him in some musicals or drama films in the future rather than just martial arts/comedy movies.

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  • EllezBellez98
    I love all those actors by my favourite list based on how much I enjoy their performances are:

    5. Samuel L Jackson (Pulp Fiction, Django, Jackie Brown)
    4. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
    3. Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man, Chaplin, Due Date)
    2. Denzel Washington (Flight, Training Day, American Gangster)
    1. Christoph Waltz (Django and Inglorious Basterds)
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  • Pinay_ako
    My top 5 or so lol
    Not in order:
    Keannu Reeves, Ian Mckellen, Denzel Washington, Anthony Hopkins, Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Jim Caviezel, Gary Oldman
    Runners up
    Mads Mikkelsen, Tom Hardy, Leonardo Dicaprio, Josh Brolin, Hugh Jackman, Jason Statham, Edward Norton
  • Browneye57
    All youngsters. You must be very young, a child in heart. :)
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    • Anonymous

      I'm twenty four, most of these guys are my age

    • Browneye57

      Hmmm... well your status says eighteen to... :)
      We're all so excited about your favorite actors! LOL

  • RolandCuthbert
    Top five?

    Too hard.

    Top ten.

    1. Michael Caine
    2. Denzel Washington
    3. Tom Hanks
    4. Sidney Poitier
    5. Daniel Day-Lewis
    6. Al Pacino
    7. Leonardo DiCaprio
    8. Anthony Hopkins
    9. Robert Downey Jr.
    10. Samuel Jackson

  • ryancg
    Sure, those guys are all very pretty looking, but their actual acting talent leaves a little to be desired. However, in the end, this is your top 5 list and not mine, therefore it doesn't matter what I think.
    • Anonymous

      I like their acting

  • watisgoingon
    I feel like you wanna work at buzzfeed cuz you pretend to be a writer even though you're horrible at it and you're discussing some pretty boring topic. you'll fit right in
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  • bellybuttonlint
    Gary Oldman, JK Simmons, Patrick Stewart, Javier Bardem, Denzel Washington

    I always love watching those guys do their thing.
  • 2opaz
    they're all terrible

    you only picked them because you think they're cute
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  • admles
    I got to meet Tom Felton a few years ago, he is a top guy :D
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  • RussianRebel
    Clint Eastwood and Sir Roger Moore are the greatest actors of all time for me.
  • hammeronfire
    Jamie Foxx and Denzel Washington got snubbed hella hard
  • vishna
    Interesting list! Adore Kit in GoT
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  • femme_A
    johnny depp <3
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  • CubsterShura
    The third guy though 😍😍😍
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  • Political_dude
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  • Rosewanda
    I like Johnny Depp.
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  • CT_CD
    I agree
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  • CrazyyChick
    Agree with Johnny the rest of them not so much
  • Nice222
    Good take thanks
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  • Tohhru
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