Funny TV Shows That Help Me Forget About Reality


Anyone else like dissociating from reality at 2 am? I do. Here are my go to time killers.

Little Britain

Children's Hospital


Comedy Bang Bang

Kroll Show


Buddy System

Funny TV Shows That Help Me Forget About Reality
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  • FatherJack
    Little Britain..." Yeah I know !! "
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    Is this still revelant?
    • ghostqueen

      I love that show so much.

    • FatherJack

      Most people that know me say I do Lou and Andy and Vicky Pollard impressions well , esp the 1st 2... so stop givin' me evil's !!

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  • Thatblokeoverthere
    Try something with no canned laughter where no one has seen it, where no computer has generated the laughs.

    look for Derry Girls, a UK series only 30 mins per episode on Channel 4

    it will make you laugh your tits off
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  • Slarenx
    I'm usually lost on the weird side of youtube if I'm still online past 2am, watching videos about alien autopsy's and foretold end of the world scenarios becoming reality whilst dramatic music blares
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  • weirdwriter79
    Nice, ghostqueen! Me, I am stuck on Adult swim at night. I am watching Black Clover, Hot Streets, and Jojo's Bizarre's Adventures.
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  • cupidkisses
    For me " the ones that make me curious what will happen..."
  • koltepreetam
    i do watch cartoons...
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  • Tohhru
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  • sexcrazy123
    2 broke girls
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  • Anonymous
    I am usually laying in bed, starring at the ceiling with my depressed and sad thoughts at that time of a night... Thinking about all the shit that has ever happened to me, about how imperfect I am, how not only imperfect - but terrible I am in ALL fields of my life...
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  • Anonymous
    Dragonball z dissosiates me from reality.
    But why do u wanna forget about reality
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