TV Shows That Seem Real, But In Fact, Aren't Real At All

I know that for me, when I am searching through my television guide, I see a lot of reality shows on different channels. There are things like Duck Dynasty, Mystery Diners, and Breaking Amish.

At first these shows seemed legitimate. They would just do their day to day things, and be filmed. But really, these shows were scripted.

One Example is Duck Dynasty,

Television Shows That Seem Real, But In Fact, Are not real.

This show was funny at the beginning, and it continued to be. Although it being funny, there has been a large amount of controversy about the Robertson's not living in the houses that they were proclaimed to live in, in the series itself. This show has been argued over as being scripted, and I thoroughly agree with those who say it is. The episodes end the same way every time, and Si, well.. He always does something silly in the episodes.

Another example could be the show, Mystery Diners.

TV Shows That Seem Real, But In Fact, Aren't Real At All

My brother likes watching this show, but honestly you can tell that it's scripted! The same thing happens every episode, and no restaurant can have nothing wrong with them right? Every restaurant has to have an employee stealing from the boss? By the stupid questions that Charles Stiles asks, to the overacting of the Bosses, you can tell the this show is scripted.

There are many other shows that seem scripted, which include but aren't limited to.. :

Toddlers and Tiaras

Breaking Amish

Master Chef

Storage Wars

House Hunters

Love it Or List it

Alaskan Bush People

I honestly bet that there is more that could be added to this list, but I want to know them from you. What is your take on scripted Reality TV Shows? Would you add different ones or take away any from this list?

Disclaimer: I am not bashing these shows, but it's really easy to tell that they aren't just normal people living out life day to day.


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  • Wait, reality TV isn't real? However will I reconcile this shocking new information with my naive and trusting nature?


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  • The one I hate the most Breaking Amish.


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