Waffle's Reviews, Watch_Dogs 2

Waffle's Reviews, Watch_Dogs 2

We all know the story of the original Watch_Dogs.

The game that was hyped as the next thing in gaming, hack everything. We got a semi-hackable world, deliberately dumbed down graphics on the pc so not to make console peoples jealous and a bland protagonist.

Watch_Dogs 2 is basically the antithesis of Watch_Dogs one.

First lets go with the protagonist

Waffle's Reviews, Watch_Dogs 2

Instead of Aiden Pierce and his bland almost edgelord levels of ugh. You get Marcus Holloway.

The opening of the game see's him erase his ctos profile and then proceed to party on a San Francisco beach and get so drunk that you need to buy pants when you wake up. This is something the previous protagonist Aiden Pierce wouldn't do. Aiden Pierce is the kind of character who you can imagine that in his spare time he would sit in a dark room and brood. Right off the bat you notice the tone of the game being completely and utterly different, and in a good way. The protagonist is not some edgelord punisher with a hacking motif wannabe. He is legitimately enjoyable to play as because for the most part he is a fun loving kind of character, he gets excited over board games and new movies.

You also get way more customization clothing options, mine is dressed in a sharp suit and fedora.

Now lets get to the returning characters. Now in Watch_Dogs 1 all but a single character had all the personality of boiled tofu and I don't mean the resident evil 2 secret unlockable character.

Watch_Dogs 1 had a single interesting character, a single character with a personality, and they brought him back.

Waffle's Reviews, Watch_Dogs 2

T-Bone aka Raymond Kenney is back and by god do they utilize him well. You literally meet him for the first time at a place called Swelter Skelter which in real people terms, its, well we couldn't get the rights to use burning man as a setting. So lets call it Swelter Skelter. Its really fun.

Now lets get into the combat, you carry 2 guns, plus a taser and this really cool homemade melee weapon.

Waffle's Reviews, Watch_Dogs 2

kind of like that. Its called the Thunderball, cause Marcus is not above a James Bond reference. The Gunplay is a little more fun than the last game which is nice and you can go the whole game without killing someone with the taser if you so please, so I know many gamers who hear, go the whole game without killing someone immediately thinks CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Waffle's Reviews, Watch_Dogs 2

So yes fellow gamers, you can do pacifist run challenge.

Now lets get to the meat of the game, Hacking.

So another way this game is an anthesis to the original Watch_Dogs is the amount of Hacking. In this game while you can't go 'hack everything' like was promised in the original. This game is pretty close to what was actually promised in the first game.

Also yes they fixed the driving.

In Short Watch_Dogs 2 is like the opposite of Watch_Dogs 1.

Whereas Watch_Dogs 1 was completely over-hyped.

Watch_Dogs 2 had basically no hype and comparatively tiny advertising.

Whereas Watch_Dogs 1 was Grand Theft auto with hacking tacked on.

Watch_Dogs 2 has the actual focus on hacking like was promised.

Whereas Watch_Dogs 1 had bland characters with really only one exception.

Watch_Dogs 2 was filled with completely colorful and likeable characters and hate-able villians.

And whereas Watch_Dogs 1 was a generic and uncolorful looking city that was barely recognizable as Chicago.

Watch_Dogs 2 is a game set in a colorful and vibrant Virtual San Fransisco that actually takes advantage of the locale.

Watch_Dogs 2 is what we were promised with Watch Dogs 1



Waffle's Reviews, Watch_Dogs 2
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