Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me


Top 10 scary movies

Top 10 movies that actually frightened me

There's many types of horror movies and I really like most sub genres, but not all of them are scary. They are maybe meant to be scary for someone, but most of the time they're just exciting, disturbing or thrilling ..or funny, but not that often truly frightening. However, there are some that have made me spooked on some level and here's top 10 scariest.

10. Paranormal Activity

It's about a couple that starts thinking their house is haunted and begins to videotape it nightly to see what's happening. Now, if you're watching this alone in a dark room with headphones volume high (like you should), the tension of waiting, if something happens and listening to the idle sounds was truly a heart pounding experience. The experience might not be as good now that most people no what the movie is about, but when I first watched the movie, I was a bit scared.

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

9. The Blair Witch Project

The movie that started the found footage craze and my favorite horror movie sub genre. Three film students go into woods to look for the Blair Witch and film the experience. They end up getting lost and freaky things start to happen.. What makes the movie good and build tension is that it shows as little as possible, somewhat because of budget restraints, but it ends up working for the best. You can really feel how frightened the characters are and empathize with it.

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

8. Sinister

This is a movie that could easily top the list, if it wasn't for the ending. I'm not going to spoil it, but I don't think it worked at all. The movie tells about a writer who writes about true crimes and moves with his family to a house where unsolved murders happened (without telling his family about it). He finds a box of super 8 home movies from the house and begins to see there's a connection. This movie really builds tension masterfully and really works with the less is good mentality. Since the movie is about true crimes, it feels like something that could actually happen in real life and just adds to the horror. Most throughout the movie the tension was possibly scariest I've ever felt, until the end came.. I still really recommend watching though.

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

7. The Birds

A true classic from a horror genius, that is scary to this day.. A young woman from San Francisco pursues a guy he's infatuated with to a small town where birds suddenly start attacking people. There's just something so creepy about a flock of birds. The attack scenes are so intense with no music and certain scenes are so loud with quiet it's absolutely palpable.

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

6. Begotten

Creepy and disturbing beyond belief... I'm not really sure what's it about, but this is what IMDB writes: "This gory and entirely visual film tells the surreal tale of the death and rebirth of gods." The scariness pretty much just comes from the visuals and the creepiness. Last time I checked it's in Youtube, but I don't particularly recommend it unless you're really curious.

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

5. The Tunnel

This is an Australian mockumentary about homeless living in abandoned metro tunnels under Sydney and the government cover-up of them going missing. They end up going into the tunnels and you'll have to see the movie for the rest.. For some reason I find any kinds of tunnels creepy and the end of the mockumentary is quite intense. It's not very, highly recommend.

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

4. Grave Encounters

What can I say.. ghosts are a weak point for me. I was really scared of ghosts as a kid to the point where I saw ghosts in dark rooms through sheer imagination. This movie is what my nightmare would have been. It's about a ghost hunter TV show that goes to an abandoned mental hospital to spend a night there and places cameras throughout the building (cliched, I know..). Things start going strange.. The spook for me pretty much comes from the way the ghosts were made. It just brings back bad memories for me kind of a good way.

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

3. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

Now this is an interesting one, since the movie has never been officially released in any way. The only way to see is to download it from the internet. Hundreds of tapes are found in an abandoned building in Poughkeepsie and they reveal a the works of a mass murderer. The movie shows the tapes while cutting back to the investigation. The horror factor in this movie comes from the absolutely disturbing tapes and like in the Sinister's case the fact that this is a true crime horror movie and feels like something that could actually happen. Almost as disturbing as Begotten..

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

2. The Visit

What a strong return from Shyamalan! It's about children who go and meet their grandparents for the first time, but they start seem very strange. The way the grandparents act is just so bone chillingly creepy, the nights are terrifying and the ending... pee my pants scary. Watch it!

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

1. Session 9

Not only was this the scariest horror movie for me, it is also my favorite horror movie of all time. In the movie a crew of asbestos cleaners go to an abandoned mental hospital to clean it. One of the guys finds a room with old audiotapes of psychotherapy sessions and he starts to listen to them one.. by.. one.. That's all I'll tell. You need to watch this movie! The tension is great, the setting is interesting and it's very minimalist. I just love it and love to be frightened by it.

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

So, if you're looking to watch these movies.. good luck! BUHAHAHAHAHAAA!

..oh and no cheating! Watch them alone, in a dark room with volume high..

Finally some honorable mentions:

The Shining
The Orphanage
The Others
The Ring
What Lies Beneath
The Sixth Sense
Ils (Them)
The Grudge
Open Water
As Above, So Below
Grave Encounters 2
It Follows
Creep 2014
Drag Me To Hell
The Descent
Pan’s Labyrinth
Kill List
From Hell

May your bones be chilly..

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me

Have a nice day... D:

Top 10 Movies That Actually Frightened Me
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