The Decline of Star Wars - A Consequence of Left Wing Politics

It's happening exactly as I and many others foresaw it. The only surprise here is that it's happening much sooner than we anticipated.

This is what happens when you place a group of feminists to manage one of the most succseful franchises in the world, if not THE best franchise, and infest it with marxist garbage and American politics. Things that have absolutely no place in this wonderful universe of modern myth.

Episode 7 "The Force Awakens" and "Rogue One" have their weaknesses but you can still enjoy them.

Episode 8 "The Last Jedi" was the last straw. This movie not only destroyed the lore, it also is terrible as a film in itself. Almost every aspect of filmmaking in "The Last jedi" is wrong. And instead of hanging Rian Johnson for high treason, they give him the red carpet and a whole new trilogy to work on.

This is INSULTING to the fans! It's also insulting to filmmakers who work hard and struggle to create something beautiful. As a filmmaker myself I feel insulted by this garbage!

Left Wing Politics in Star Wars

By the Force....

There are so many hints that it can take weeks for me to collect them all and type them here. I could actually make a whole article about them. I give the links below to keep this as short as possible. Notice that I provide completely different sources by people with completely different ideas. So please, no bullshit about "butthurt Right Wingers".

Still not convinced? Let's see what Joo Joo Abrams had to say when he was behind the helm....The Decline of Star Wars - A Consequence of Left Wing Politics

Still not convinced? Let's see what Cuntleen Kennedy has to say...The Decline of Star Wars - A Consequence of Left Wing Politics

Still not convinced? Let's see what Rian "I must go back to film schol" Johnson tweeted (besides his insults to fans like a five year old)...The Decline of Star Wars - A Consequence of Left Wing Politics

Still not convinced?

"Six out of eight in my Story Group are women."

So much for your equality.

Here we see Cuntleen Kennedy pretending to be annoyed by some random feminist complaining that Star Wars is still too male. She should get used to such question because these movies are marketed towards these people.

And here we see Cuntleen Kennedy saying she doesn't need to cater to male fans. Yet she uses a franchise that created and built by men. Typical man-hating feminist.

I could go on and on.

The Audience Response

This is my favourite part. It's actually entertaining. You go on youtube and there is barely a positive review to be found about "The Last Joke". All the angry reviews are much more entertaining than the film itself. Even Mark Hamill hates it.

The ratings on Rotten Tomatoes clearly show what the fans think of it. And no you can't tell me that 50% of the fans are fascist, nazis whowanttokillsixmillionjews.The Decline of Star Wars - A Consequence of Left Wing Politics

And there are plenty of fans with Left leaning ideas who hate "The last Joke" as much as anyone else. Here is just one example.

And this is by far my favourite rant, if you want something to laugh.

Let's talk about money

"But The Last Jedi still made 1.3 billion$"

You're absolutely right Disney fanboy. Let's see what the Wall Street Journal has to say:

"Despite being one of the past year’s most successful movies, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has fallen short of Wall Street’s expectations due to a faster-than-expected falloff at the box office, declining toy sales and a poor showing in China....for a property as valued as “Star Wars,” any sign audiences are losing faith is concerning and could prove costly down the road if the trend continues."

Star Wars will continue to make less money with every movie. I don't think this will change. At least not while Kennedy is in charge of it.

Even Disney predicts that the new "Soyboy: A Star Wars Blasphemy".....sorry I meant "Solo: A Star Wars Story" will be a trainwreck.

"The Last Jedi" got pulled from Chinese cinema because it underperformed! We're talking here about the 2nd largest film market worldwide!

You can imagine what a disaster it was after the first week for small theaters that were forced to screen "The Last Joke" for four weeks minimum.
The Decline of Star Wars - A Consequence of Left Wing Politics

"That's because Star Wars was never a strong fandom in China."

Your cheap jedi mind trick doesn't work on me Disney fanboy. So Star Wars was never strong in China, so they kicked it out but they didn't kick out the dozens of other foreign films that are certainly less famous in China. Is that what you're telling me?

"Well, the Chinese are racists anyway. I don't think you should pay much attention to them."

Yes, I've heard that vague argument as well. The race card has been used once again. Debate over.

What is the solution?


It destroys a galaxy far far away that we all love so much to the point that it's not just another movie but a part of our lives.

Social justice bullshit has no place in Star Wars! If I want to see some marxist utopia in a sci-fi world I can watch Star trek which is exactly that.

And sadly I don't believe it will happen due to the present political situations and the people running the show. George Lucas was the man who didn't want to push an agenda and he was forced to leave the stage because of that. He actually admits it in his interview for Vanity Fair.

I'll leave for the end this review that sums it all up and explains how Disney's Star Wars is a directionless story.


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What Girls Said 3

  • The last Jedi was abysmal because of terrible writing, period. To be honest I think trying to bring in politics is a stretch. Saying it's the result of 'angry feminists' or SJWs also doesn't track with me. I think basically all SJW's on the internet are ineffective and searching for wrongs they can right. That being said I don't think you need to be a social justice warrior to put people of colour in your film. John is a great actor and so is Oscar, I loved them in TFA because they were two cool bad ass characters who seemed like best friends. In TLJ they got separated and barely spoke. Rey in TFA was overpowered at times but she seemed like an interesting character who I wanted to learn more about. In TLJ she had nothing to do and was suddenly terrible at everything. TFA made 3 interesting characters with the potential to have interesting backstories, questions of race and gender didn't enter the equation for me because the characters were important in their own right and belonged in the film. TLJ just imploded and is a sterling example of terrible story writing, and someone who doesn't know a thing about the characters taking over. The Last Jedi will be remembered for what it is: An Abomination.

    • Rey is so overpowered despite having an zero training with the force and despite her parent being junkies, so her ass pull feminist powers clearly not come out of inheritance easier. Also they was clearly pushing as much SJWs crowd into this film as possible, and it's all they need really to please SJWs, so who need an good story?

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    • @Berethor the killing off of old characters is nothing new in Hollywood reboot attempts, they're an attempt to drag an emotional response from the audience. Rey is not feminist wish fulfillment. There are many strands of feminism, and Rey exists, as I've said already, in a hyper-privileged position. Rey can be argued to be a 'post-feminist' figure. She doesn't have to struggle for anything and things work out for her... just because. To me she doesn't belong to feminism and is just another over-privileged white girl who took about 2 seconds to google the word 'feminism' and see it as just chanting 'you go girl!' at other women. I wish we could have some of the amazing characters that exist already brought into film cannon but alas, it seems as though it's not meant to be :(

    • @Anon-ymous1 Yeah it sucked I hated it hands down

  • When did the right become the snowflakes, anyway?

    • The use of "snowflake" or whatever is stupid no matter who is doing it.

    • It's just a word. What's the difference if I'd said "I think you're being incredibly oversensitive"? Using the word snowflake says that while also turning the tables a bit given that conservative like to complain about people being oversensitive.

    • It's dumb. I'm not accusing you of being dumb, because you didn't invent the term; doesn't change the fact that the term is dumb.

  • When did entertainment stop being about entertainment? I don't want to go to the movies to watch social commentary. A good book, movie, or tv show should be an escape from reality.

    • Since the history of entertainment...

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    • @WriterChick yeah, the amount of questions involving sex and dick size and thigh gaps and crap gets old after about 14 minutes...

    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau too true it's a bit much

What Guys Said 27

  • When Star Wars - A New Hope first came out, it just blew me away. It was one of those movies that emotionally pulled you right into it, and you forgot you were even in some theater on earth. The story finished up with Return Of The Jedi, and the whole trilogy made me feel good. Rogue One was also really good, because it fit right in with A New Hope. The Force Awakens, and Last Jedi, should have never been made, as they're just retreads of what's already been done before, and very bad retreads at that.

    I don't have a problem with a racially diverse cast, but I don't like it being jammed in my face. I'm fine with Rey as a Jedi wanna-be, but why was Luke reduced to the pathetic thing he was? When Rey first handed Luke the light-saber, I expected Luke to show Rey wisdom, strength, and guidance. Luke was always positive and got things done, with little help from anyone else. He even turned Anakin away from the dark side, which even Yoda said couldn't be done. Instead, Luke just throws the light-saber away, and is content to wander around on that dumb island like an old curmudgeon. I guess Luke was too strong for the feminists.

    Same thing with Admiral Akbar. I guess he wasn't good enough anymore, so he was replaced with that dumb feminist, Holdo, or whatever her name was.

    These last two movies are kind of like a high-priced chef baking and polishing up a big turd, putting it on a fancy platter, and presenting it to you as dinner. When you look at it, and say, "WTF is this?", the chef actually gets offended, and tells YOU that you are uncouth, uncivilized, and have no appreciation of a high quality meal.

    They took one of the greatest franchises of all time, and peed all over it.

    • I agree with everything you say. Rey for instance. I have no problem with a female lead. When I first saw her in the Force Awakens teaser, I was excited. And then we all saw how she is all wise, all powerful just because... no explanation whatsoever, no logic.
      I also liked the idea of a Stormtrooper jumping the fence and going to the other side. And they fucked this one even harder when it appeared that he has a character moment in the Last Jedi only to be cut off by a fat-acceptance-Rose who tells hims what a dumb man he is and that you win wars by saving the ones you love. Yes bitch, thats what he was about to do.

    • I would hardly say Luke was pathetic, he had just grown in wisdom after many years and realized that light and darkness was not a matter of empire versus rebellion, the light and the darkness were everywhere. Like Yoda before he was an ascetic contemplating the force and not wanting to be involved in politics.

    • @Jackblue - Yoda once told Luke, "Pass on what you have learned." Instead, he decided to teach Rey virtually nothing, and then just disappeared. The feminists that are now running this franchise probably just wanted Luke to die and disappear anyway. They did decide to keep Leia, probably because she was a female leader, and Mary Poppins-ed her back to the ship. For Leia to have died in space would have been a glorious ending for her.

  • The Last Jedi, and virtually all female characters in it, are all bad. Rey, Ms. "I'm good at everything, never need to train, never struggle, and never have to try". She's the very definition of a Mary Sue character. Admiral Pink Hair (can't be bothered to remember her character name) was just a feminist wanna-be bully, whose terrible plan resulted in the deaths of 90% of the resistance. Seriously, what was left could fit on the Millennium Falcon when they started with 3 warships. Princess Coke Nose wasn't as bad as Pink Hair, but I don't know why in the hell they went out of their way to keep her character alive and kill off Luke when Mark Hamill is alive and Carrie Fisher ain't. Especially given how incredibly stupid the scene was where she floated back to her ship through the vacuum of space. That was atrocious. They ruined Luke's character in the process too. "Here, now Luke sucks and is a putz. There you go fanbois. You saw him. Now he's dead." Rose was the worst character addition to Star Wars since Jar Jar Binks. Terrible actress, terrible concept, and if her character had been absent for the entire movie the story would have proceeded exactly the same save her dumb move at the very, very end, ruining Finns one and only chance at a heroic moment. The ONLY good character in the whole movie was fucking Kylo Ren, and that's only because Adam Driver can act. Even General Hux was better than virtually all of the resistance characters save Po Damaran. Finn is just the token SJW black dude along for the ride, but they refuse to make him cool. Finn sucks at everything. He can't fly, although somehow in this movie he can drive a speeder. He's never won a fight. Lost 2 fights in Force Awakens, lost his fight vs. Phasma in Last Jedi. He had to get in a cheap shot with her back turned to "win", and even then he didn't kill or even incapacitate her. She fell when the floor crumbled. And what in the hell happened to the fabled Knights of Ren? They were supposed to be a big deal, but never even appeared in The Last Jedi. What a fuckin' joke.

    • Rey is like the rich, spoiled 15 year old girl who never has to struggle about anything and gets whatever she asks for from her dad.

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    • @Jackblue No, good soldiers know better than to obey stupid orders by women unqualified to give them. What would have happened if Po had not destroyed the dreadnought? Now they have another ship pounding away on their shields while unable to jump to light speed. They might not have even lasted as long as they did. And we've already covered why bitch face's plan was bad. It literally got everyone killed. Good Admirals don't come up with retarded, bullshit plans that wind up getting everyone killed. They also don't keep them a secret for no reason at all. "Imperial spies". On the cruiser that's going to get blown up? Oh yea I'd totally spy on a ship that my friends are about to blow to smithereens. Nothing wrong with that plan there. No, Po was right, bitch face was wrong.

    • @Jackblue Her parents are Cuntleen Kennedy and Ruin Johnson. And they treat her as if the world revolves around her.

  • "So please, no bullshit about "butthurt Right Wingers"."
    And then you go on to name "Joo Joo Abrams" and "Cuntleen Kennedy."

    Look, I might have otherwise agreed with you. This identity politics shit is obnoxious. Shoving leftist bullshit down our throats, with the very direct warning that we had better like it, or else we are Nazis, is infuriating.
    But the way you are acting about this is pretty God-awful, to the point where the same people you're complaining about would see the issues you're raising, and say "well, if you are pissing that Jew hating piece of shit who gets his rocks of screaming 'cunt' at women, then it seems to me we're doing the right thing."

    You could point out that Princess Leia was always a strong character. You could argue Vader was voiced by a black man and we all expected to see James Earl Jones the first time we saw that helmet come off. You could talk about Lando, who really is a fan favorite. You could point out that the way they have attacked and destroyed Star Wars, while shitting on its fans, by declaring that Star Wars was always all-male, all-white, and that needed to change, is a garbage tactic, as well as demonstratively false.
    You could point out that our problem with Daisy Riddly's Rey was not that she was female, but that she was made infallible, and that many of us would have no issue watching a Star Wars series with a female lead, as long as we felt it was believable.

    You could do all of that.
    And instead you scream that women involved were just feminist cunts, and you, right after claiming we shouldn't consider this just you being right wing and butt hurt, go full anti-semite.

    You might have a point, but you made it badly, and seemed to strive to be be a monumental piece of shit in the process of making the point.

    Ultimately, a lot of people are upset at the direction the series has taken, the forceful infusion of politics, the shitty writing, and the owners baldly saying that they do not care what fans think, and that any fans not onboard are fans they want to lose.
    A lot of us are upset.
    But a big part of why we suck it up, bury our disappointment, and move on, instead of rant about it, is because of people like you. We suggest, in any way, we don't like the direction things took, and nothing we say has any meaning any more, because all people here is people like you screaming "Cunt!" and "Jew!" and putting people like me right up there with you.

    • Who's screaming? And I think I have every right to use derogatory terms on the people who do what they do intentionally and clearly have a hostile stance towards a certain group of fans. Not my problem if you don't get sarcasm. And no, you don't move on because of people like me. You move on because you have lost interest, like me.

  • Why is everyone on this site such a pussy?

    Also, you clearly invalidated your own argument. Why? Because you claim that Star Wars was on the decline from 7-8. That’s means you thought 1-3 were of some quality. And no self respecting human liked the 1st 3, therefore your mytake is invalid

    • The sequel trilogy is nowehere near the prequel trilogy. The prequels have excellent stories. The adaptation from paper to screen was not as good. On top of that the prequels have superb design and offered tons of things that the original trilogy did not.
      You can hate the prequels as much as you like. This doesn't change the fact that the sequel trilogy barely offered something new while you can find all its errors in the prequels as well. From whiny villains to cheesy dialogue.

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    • @TheFlak38 no one complain about Mace Windu too, but we can clearly see how Social Justice Wars push as much diversity and feminism into it's cast as possible, it's the main goal of those films.

    • @Berethor lol! Just hold that L 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Congrats! You and theflak (e)38 are literal proof against Darwinism 😂😂😂

  • I didn't go to see the Last Jedi because of the feminists ruining it. It sucked, everybody knows it sucked and frankly 3 movies is too much. I was a long time fan but after this crap I've lost faith.

    Now I collect Star Trek stuff instead.

    • How did you know The Last Jedi is infested with feminism? I mean, they dropped some hints before the release but did you guess that it would be that bad?

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    • Cool gendering there bro, totally necessary top marks for that. I wasn't being a dick, I was explaining the difference because you sincerely don't seem to get that there are any.

    • @WriterChick You are most certainly being a dick. Rude.

  • There are only so many sequels a movie can have before it jumps the shark. This one is way overdue.
    And it jumped it big time. The film got that far past the shark that it became a stupid political message rather than a story for entertainment purposes.

  • Feminism turns everything it touches into putrid shit.

  • The Commiecrats ruined Star Wars before that. They got to George Lucas:

    • "Commiecrats" that's like saying "Nazipublicans". Please learn politics.

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    • @InsertCoolName Uh, NSA Surveillance was heightened by the Obamunist, who actually used it to go after political opponents. See also the IRS and the FBI. Which might explain why the Republicans are so gutless at times. As for anti-Semitism, the Obamunist took that to new heights too. But you dupes will keep on sucking up...

    • Republicans voted to expand the NSA. And Obama agreed to give billions to Israel. Communism is far left. Both American parties are right wing.

  • ... No.

    The Last Jedi sucked because it sucked. All the stuff you're talking about had nothing to do with why the film was bad.

    • Thats right. The Last Jedi wasn't made by all the above mentioned people.

    • ... What are you talking about? You just posted a video talking about Rian Johnson, who made the movie.

  • Star Wars has been shit since Return of the Jedi. The first two movies are the only ones that were ever any good. So when people start crying about their favorite franchise being destroyed by political SJW bullshit, that makes no sense to me. The franchise went to shit the second they decided to turn it into a franchise. So throwing a nonsensical political agenda into the newer movies was just par for the course as far as I'm concerned.

  • Last Jedi was more left wing than previous Star Wars films, but I believe that there's more to the film poor reception than just SJW vibes or whatever. Black Panther is a pretty popular and we'll received movie. I'm left wing, but my problems were with odd scenes and strange plot choices. I feel that poor writing ruins a movie more than any amount of politics do. Even a lot of old films that are classics are left leaning. The Godfather is *arguably* anti-capitalist, and the (original) Blade Runner portrays a corporate-ran future as a miserable dystopia.

    • The only difference I can see with Black Panther is that it is a little bit less bad. I couldnt expect more from a super hero movie.

  • Kylo Ren was the only good thing about the Last Jedi, which is funny because i couldn't stand his character in the Force Awakens. I didn't like how Rey got mad at Luke for not trusting Kylo and spends the first half of the movie sympathizing with him and then when Kylo opens up to her and offers her to be by his side in changing the First Order, she betrays him and does exactly like what Luke did.

  • As soon as they considered that being PC was better than making a good film, it was doomed. And SW9 will be the same crap.

    • It's more then PC, they even had added an Pink Hair feminist character there.

  • Relax son, none of the movies called for the overthrow of our social system. All they did was have a few more women and people of color. If we as white males bitch about that, are we not creating political correctness ourselves? If you are going to dismiss every Hollywood movie based on the political beliefs of those who made it, you are going to have a tough time finding entertainment. There are not many Hollywood directors who are not left-wing fanatics. And Star Trek is not Marxist. A Marxist revolt was not what caused the Utopian future in that series, it was simply the consequence of technological achievement.

    • There are many left-wing voters in Hollywood, but to pull an SJWs crap like that Disney's star wars film those who responsible for that need to be crap, even by leftist standards.

    • @Berethor Again the movie never called for the overthrow of our social system. Other movies like Black Panther are a completely different matter. I found myself walking out of the theater showing of Black Panther earlier today, because I couldn't stand it anymore. Admittedly it was the villain who was the radical, but I saw the hero as having way to much sympathy for his point of view.

  • hahahahahahahah
    the right wing pays for astroturf like this? wow.


  • I never liked this show.

  • Good take and I agree.

  • I've never watched Star Wars

    • If you like history, philosophy, mythology, religion and would like to see a modern creation of those then you must watch Star Wars but only the first 6 films.
      If you don't like any of the above then don't bother.
      If you're still curious about it then you can watch on youtube the documentary film Star Wars Legacy Revealed which explains why so many people are obsessed with it.

    • I might watch it then

  • Goodtake

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