My review for the last Star Wars 7 trailer: I lost hope for the movie!

So we finally got the full lentgth trailer for The Force Awakens along with the official poster. Sadly it made me lose hope for the movie. Don't get me wrong. It's the WARS and I will always love it but the production made some big mistakes (always judgin by the trailer), as the producers for Jurassic World and Terminartor Genesys did.

Now we have ''two'' Tatooines, ''two'' Endors, ''two'' Hoths and....a 3rd Death St...ahem Superweapon, destroying worlds. So creative and....boring. Maybe we'll get a 3rd exhaust port as well for Oscar Isaacs to bulls eye. Wo knows.

Kylo Ren's words don't make any sense. ''I will finish what you started.'' finish what exactly??? Palpatine formed the Empire and Vader was his 2nd in command. What was left unfinished? Not to mention that Kylo Ren himself is a Vader rip-off.

My review for the last Star Wars 7 trailer. I lost hope for the movie.

Lens flares again....why in Star Wars? WHY?

There was not one shot of a space battle. All dogfights are close to the surface like the new Star Wars Battlefield (yes Im saying Battlefield). Let's support what EA is doing by making our movie only have fights close to the surface. Pathetic!

And then we have the two terrible actors. Boyega and Ridley. Ridley looks bit better but Boyega has the same confused, stupid face in every teaser, trailer, shot.

This looks more like a recreation of the OT and a hate project for the PT I'm afraid.
The screen is filled with all elements a Star Wars fan loves, but no substance.

The only good things are OT elements like Empire (now First Order), TIE Fighters, X-Wings, Leia, Hand and Chewie look good and bring the nostalgia up, but all this stuff alone can't make it a good movie worthy for the Star Wars franchise.

The final truth will come in 58 days when we'll get to see the whole thing. I am still going to the premier and as you see I'm already in uniform.


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  • Great Take my good friend 💛. I enjoyed reading that. I love that pic of you in uniform... very handsome 😘

    I love Star Wars and i can't wait to see it. I may visit Germany to go to the cinema with you xx 💋💛

    • Thank you dear. Kisses back :* and thanks for the feedback.

    • You are welcome my great friend!! 💛💋

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