The Top Ten Videos that Cheer Me Up

The Top Ten Videos that Cheer Me Up

We all get in a rut sometimes and depending on the severity of it, it may take awhile before we start smiling again. Case in point a friend of mine was depressed about this and that today until I sent him a funny video that snapped him out of it. Now I use laughter a lot when trying to pull myself out of a funk, usually if the mood lasts longer then an hour. When it comes to friends I just listen for a bit and then start injecting humor when I can. But since I can't do that for everyone I'm going to give you my Top 10 videos that always put a smile back on my face. Starting with the one I sent my Buddy.

1. Happy

This is good for those rainy days or whenever you're feeling slightly off.

2. Ghosts

When innocent humor doesn't cut it for me this reminds me "it could be worse." There are always bigger fish to fry so learn to pick your battles.

3. Fun with Tasers

This has been around for awhile now and may be the reason I don't go out to drink that often. Just remember Life isn't going to warn you as much as that Cop warned him. If you can walk away from it you can laugh about it.

4. Brotherly Love

Family got you down? Brothers will be Brothers and we are meanest to those who have to accept us. The lesson here is: Holidays come and go but no Family functions without a little dysfunction. Just put down the yard stick from time to time.

5. Talent

We all get shot down from time to time you and just have to learn to roll with... or learn how to play instrument. Personally I like to sing an off-key rendition of "I don't want to miss a thing." She'll either laugh, run or even say yes to a date just to stop me from singing. (And yes, I learned this from the movie Ghost.)

6. Working Blues

Work got you stressed out... must be time to mess with your co-workers.

7. Valentine's Day Relief

Forgot got to get in a relationship again this year? No worries. This is the kind of crap we do to the people we love the most. I kinda have mixed feelings about wanting to watch the videos that they didn't show in the clip...

8. Humor in Morbidity

My Grandpa and I always shared the same morbid sense of humor. We joked around a lot. One day a few years or more back he was visiting us. He was watching the News and I was in the kitchen playing on my phone. I decided to send him this with the text "Always Thinking Of You..." and for the next 2 minutes I heard my Grandpa laugh himself to tears. That's how I've remembered him ever since.

9. Revenge

No one likes being cheated on but very rarely will someone cross this line for punishment. But this guy definitely got his revenge. I'm both proud and ashamed for this guy like Billy Ray Cyrus must be for his daughter. It's dark but it would be one of the biggest finales to a relationship. I would of stuck with the classic "fuck you" rant. To each his own.

10. Old School Tie

There was only one man in Hollywood who could mess with to both Johnny Carson and Frank Sinatra without vanishing, that man being the late great Don Rickles! Mr. Warmth (Don) made fun of everyone in a way that most Comedians wish they could. He made fun of all people equally and it was never out of hatred, he was just the original Roaster. So if you're feeling like a "Hockey Puck" already Don is the guy to cheer you up.

The Top Ten Videos that Cheer Me Up

Well that's my top ten. I hope you've had some fun watching these videos or they at least made you grin. Life tends to get dark from time to time and the only way to push back against it is with Laughter. Just remember that and learn to take a break from your worries every now and then.

The Top Ten Videos that Cheer Me Up
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  • SarahsSummer
    A teabagging spirit. Bwahaha.
    Lately my favorite video to make me smile is the opening scene of Guardians 2 with Groot dancing to ELO.
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  • Whatthefluff
    Thanks for sharing! I'm bookmarking this page.
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  • Guardian412
  • JudgmentDay
    LMAO on that last picture of Deadpool and SpiderMan!! Now that shit definitely cheered me the fuck up already LOL!!
  • apple24
    Thanks I was crying over my fat body
  • JubJub_Hi
    Nice to be positive in GaG 🙌
  • Waffles731
  • DanFlingwing
    good take