Stand Up Comedians I've Enjoyed the Most Lately

I watch a lot of stand up comedy and usually try and keep my eye on new arrivals to the spotlight. I appreciate bringing a unique flair to a set and love it when there's some long arching story. The comedians aren't in any particular order..

Stand Up Comedians I've Enjoyed the Most Lately

Bo Burnham

Very quirky individual who has a lot of ingenuity in his material utilizing music and even poetry in hits sets. Started out very young and rose to the spotlight very young too and it's obvious that he was born to do comedy.

Mike Birbiglia

A storyteller and an awkward guy so I really relate to him. His sets are often built around a longer story that gets told with side arching stories and it's all really funny. He has a really unique way of delivering his jokes and his voice is kind of part of the act. He really makes me glued to the screen. A mark of a good storyteller..

Sean Lock

Epitome of an angry dad and when I think of unique sets this is the man I think about. As he's said himself before, he doesn't get a lot of material knicked. I just love they this guy's brain works.. I can't really think of words to describe him with. You just have to see it for yourself. Sean Lock Youtube video binge is one of my favorite things to do.

Russell Howard

If you blink, you'll miss a joke. This guy's brain must naturally produce cocaine or something, because it's sometimes hard to keep up with his jokes. Amazingly hyperactive and will definitely get bunch of belly laughs out of you. He has a really good eye for comedy from real life.

Sam Simmons

The king of silly! I can't explain him. It's just so damn funny! Just watch..

Pablo Francisco

A little blast from the past for me.. Haven't seen much from him in a while, but really good sound effect comedy and got me into stand up originally. Has a couple of really amazing specials.

Sarah Millican

Man I love her accent and she always has really interesting material. Best thing about her is just her delivery and how she sounds so sweet talking about something dirty or disgusting things. A really funny contradiction.

Ismo Leikola

This maybe a bit advertisement for a countryman, but he really is one of my favorite comedians. He's the ultimate awkward comedian and he doesn't really have to say anything to sound funny. His material is always something new and he doesn't rely on cliches. Here's his American TV debut..

What are some comedians that have caught your eye recently?

Stand Up Comedians I've Enjoyed the Most LatelyHave a good day 😁

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  • Thanks for the recommendations! Since Louis C. K. got #metoo'ed (or #metoo'ed himself, depending on how you look at it), I have had a hard time finding material to laugh at. I mostly make do with Stephen Colbert's monologues on The Late Show.

    I'm sure you know David Mitchell, if not, he is super smart and hilarious IMHO.

  • Robin Williams was the best
    i also recommend Garry Shandling and Craig Ferguson

    • I preferred Craig as a talk show host, but his stand up's great too. Oh and Robin Williams indeed was one of the best.

  • Jeff Dunham, Chelsea, Kevin Hart, Hassan Minhaj, Mike Epps
    Bill Burr

  • I've only heard of Bo Burnham in this list, and I think he's awesome

  • dave chappelle and hannibal burress are the 2 funniest dudes alive

  • I was lucky enough last night to see Russell Peters live :D

  • Nice.


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