My Top 10 Favorite Comedians

I figure there will be a lot of Takes written about the impending outcome of the Election. I've decided to skip all that and just share some laughs from Favorite Comics. Plus I saw @LittleSally post her Top 5 and wanted to best her by five. :p Don't worry they won't be discussing politics. So sit back, enjoy and try not to riot later.

George Carlin On Stuff

Sam Kinison On Love

Jerry Clower On Playing Marbles

Richard Pryor On Prison

Christopher Titus On Being Punched In The Face

Joe Rogan On Stupid People

Dave Allen On Religion

Jim Jefferies On Airplane Etiquette

Jimmy Car Dealing With Hecklers

Kathleen Madigan On Going To The Gym

Those are the ones that I can listen to all the time and do. I'd be hard pressed to rank them all except knowing that George Carlin would be Number One! There are tons more I could mention by why should I do all the work! Post your Favs below in the comments.

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  • Oh goodie, Kinison's new to me :o
    I talk about women cuz a man never broke my fucking heart haha :D


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