The Advantages/Struggles of Being a Teenage, Old School Metalhead

The Advantages/Struggles of Being a Teenage, Old School Metalhead

OK people. This take was originally supposed to be about Metallica's Garage Inc. album. But I decided to change things up some. The age of 18 is starting to creep up on me a little, and though I still won't truly be considering myself an adult at that age, society will. Looking back from the age of 13 to now, I've dealt with some pretty crazy stuff in the past. Some are awesome, some are just plain stupid.

For those who have read some of my first few takes from the past, you will notice that this is similar to the takes "the problems of being a female metalhead" and "the advantages of being a female metalhead". In the title of this take I put the word "old school" because sometimes when people see a teenage metalhead they think the person is into metal that isn't so... metal. Included in this take is some advice hinted for my fellow teen metalheads.

So let's get on with this!

1. Dealing With Parents.

The Advantages/Struggles of Being a Teenage, Old School Metalhead

I honestly never had an issue with mine when it came to music. They were the ones who surrounded me with old rock and metal from the time I was still in the womb to now. They let me shake down the house with music (unless its past midnight or something). Sometimes fellow teen metalheads have it that way too. Others may discover metal through their friends or their one headbanger cousin. But sometimes when a teen find metal as being part of their heart, the parents may not agree...

It could be caused for various reasons. They could see you as being closer to Satan than to God. They may be ok with your music listening but not with the clothes. Or vice versa. Whatever the case, just remember that they are being this way because they love you. Parents aren't perfect (believe me), and good parents just want the best for their kids. Yeah, they may not always accept your ways, but it does not mean they hate you.

2. Family seeing your love for metal as a "phase".

The Advantages/Struggles of Being a Teenage, Old School Metalhead

My parents don't see my love for metal as a phase but some of my grandparents do. I mean yes, for some it is actually a phase. But this surely does not go for all metalheads. I bet that even if later in life I started loving other music, I'd still put my wrinkled arthritic hands into the devil horns symbol. I have some grandparents on my dad's side that are strict Christians. They love me to death, but there have been times where they are like "oh you're just 17, the phase will grow out." hmm, I guess they've been telling me that for 17 years straight.

They have tried to get me to wear brighter clothes, especially dresses and skirts, go to church and read a bible and all that. Now I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but that goes for me too. I don't hate Christianity but I choose to not be a total part of it. Nor am I a devil worshipper. Nor an atheist! I know they'd kill me if they knew that I am a wiccan. As for my clothes, that's preferably my thing too. I feel my most comfort in my band shirts and jeans thank you.

3. Not always being taken seriously.

The Advantages/Struggles of Being a Teenage, Old School Metalhead

First off, lemme say that it looks like Patrick stole my shirt O.o

Now most metalheads admire individualism and don't care so much about what others think about them. I'm one of those. However there's the one thing that bugs me to death... what people think when I'm wearing band shirts. Now I'm not meaning them thinking I'm evil and all that shit. What I'm meaning is them thinking that I'm just a poser or that I am wearing the shirt only because its cool looking, since there are plenty of posers. I hate that because of those people I sometimes end up being considered one of them. I'm proud to be a metalhead and only wear the shirts of bands that I do love. I honestly wouldn't stoop to the level of posers. However I've been called a poser and a "scenie" on this site before. I was even called Hipster! Honestly if they knew me and saw what I look like they would know very well I'm nowhere near that. Here's an example from someone who once argued with me about it:

The Advantages/Struggles of Being a Teenage, Old School Metalhead

Now I do have eclectic metal style but "scene"?? Fuck that. I'm head-to-toe thrasher. I actually spend my time learning more about the old metal bands, learning music making, collect CDs and vinyl, band shirts of bands I DO love, etc.

However what's cool is that there have been plenty of times where I'm out some place and there would be someone who yells to me "love the shirt!" and sometimes come up to me and talk about the music. I went through a point in time where all I wore was AC/DC merch and those were the shirts that got the most compliments. I wore my Metallica shirt to school testing and a teacher thought it was killer. I guess there are those that sense my authentic, old school metal vibe after all :)

4. When looking for a relationship...

The Advantages/Struggles of Being a Teenage, Old School MetalheadIts got its own advantages and disadvantages. Metal guys sometimes have the luck with the girls because of the guys' "bad boy attitude". Sometimes that's even the reason why someone tries to put a band together, just to get chicks. Metallica did for that reason! However there are still the girls out there who see a metal guy and are like "blech".

For the metal girls, there's either discrimination, or always guys who can't keep their paws off of them. I've dealt with both. I've been told that I need to act and dress more like a lady. To wear the skirts and pink dresses, the flats or little heels. Other girls can do that, I just choose to go my own way instead of following the latest fashion trends. I'm still female, and proud to be. And proud to be a metal grrrl. I'm not even getting into the other part that isn't about discrimination.

5. Finding friends.

The Advantages/Struggles of Being a Teenage, Old School Metalhead

Now honestly, its not hard for 2 metalheads to become friends. The metal community, no matter what subgenre, is all one big family. But in high school it can get a little difficult. When I was 13, I was the only metalhead in my tiny group of friends. Then there was one girl who was in a band. Me and her talked a lot and I saw that she was a music lover. She was emo. I didn't even know at the time what emo was. But being the old school metalhead I was, she barely knew what I was talking about if I would speak of bands such as Megadeth, Sepultura, Pantera, Metallica, etc. Black Veil Brides was more of her thing. We honestly did stay as friends for a little less than a year. But after that, I started finding more metalheads.

I met my ex who was a HUGE Metallica fan like me. I met a few other guys and girls in high school that were actually into the same stuff. It really shocked me. But really what sucks is that I am friends with one metalhead now in that school. She's the only friend I got there, but one is plenty.

6. When you want to get metal stuff, but don't have the cash.

The Advantages/Struggles of Being a Teenage, Old School MetalheadThere are some teens out there like me who don't have a job, or don't get much allowance money from parents. Really if I had no sense of control I would buy out the record stores in a day. And find places that sell the spiked leather cuffs and all that awesomeness. However, this broke bitch has found a solution (at least when it comes to wearable stuff). DIY. Really many metalheads do this anyway. I make my own band patches by attaching it to a screen with an uploaded band pic and I color in the pic with fabric paint or acrylic. For jewelry, I go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and get chains and everything else. I'm even currently making a spiked cuff.

So really this isn't all of the good and bad that comes with being a teen metalhead. But its definitely some of it, learned through me.

So NOW coming next will be Metallica's Garage Inc. record, and I will also do a requested take right after about my experience in guitar playing.

Stay metal!! \m/



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Most Helpful Guy

  • It was the same in the 90's and according to my uncle, the same in the 80's too. Metalheads were always a small, misunderstood, and generally frowned upon minority.

    I think that's what's great about it though. You put some fuckin' Slayer on and suddenly all the normies leave, you know? It's great to have music that can be used as a weapon, you know? Like this one time I was at the bank drive-thru and some black guy drove up in the next lane in a Jeep and he was playing this weird, weepy American Idol type music. I had my music turned off because, it's a fucking bank drive-thru, I'm trying to be conscientious. Well, after a minute, his lame-ass music got to be too much so I turned on my CD player, which had Megadeth in it, and I put it on full-blast and nobody, least of all him, could still hear his music.

    The only reason I won that little exchange is because I had Megadeth already loaded, and not some other, different, soft-ass music. You can't win a music fight with fucking Simon and Garfunkel, you know?

    • fuck yea XD I remember sitting in a Walmart parking lot in my mom's car by myself for awhile, and I cranked up some metal super loud (like thrash era metallica (and new album stuff), Anthrax, Slayer, shit like that. the car was vibrating from the music. the parking lot was crowded because it was Christmas eve. some people looked at me like I was nuts, but a guy close by getting carts started banging his head haha

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What Guys Said 14

  • You and me would get along. I can feel it.

    "Born and bred a metalhead and that's the end if this. And if you have a problem well I don't give a shhiiiitttt!!!"
    🎥 HELLYEAH - “X” (Lyric Video) on Vimeo

    • fuck yeah XD \m/ omg how did I not know that song sooner? its killer!

    • I don't know but Hellyeah is one of my favorite bands of all time. Fast or slow they make great powerful and meaningful content.

  • Loved it. very nice. I like how you expressed your own opinion on the matters of basic life living. each type of person does go through their own struggles in their own lifestyles and you hit it right out of the park with elaborating on a Metal lifestyle perspective.

  • Yeah I found that finding other metal heads in day to day life is more of a rarity than finding a pop or rap fan, but whenever I've met a metal fan we seem to become friends easily.

  • Great take. I laughed at the “metal phase” part I heard that a lot when I was a teenager. Now 30 years later that has been replaced by “ he never grew up” because I still rock out and love going to metal shows.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Nice! Looking forward to more of your mytakes.

    People just don't understand metal and the people who love it. As AC/DC sang rock n roll will never die

    • thank you XD I've been making a ton since November.

      its true, people don't understand..

  • Nowadays people at my school are goth wannabes its so sad

    • man that sucks. I used to be a more gothy chick but I realized I was more poser than anything because I HATE goth music. I realized the metal style suited me better lol

    • Show All
    • lol you're good XD yeah trying to fit in like that is more depressing than anything O. o

    • There are no new genres. It's all been done, and again, and incorporated with other genres.

  • grew up and pretty much all the bands you listed i'd hear every morning getting up or just walking around the house because my parents always blasted that shit and i got into it in the process. people tried to give me shit for wearing shirts with their names on it and all that, but it doesn't effect you when you don't give a shit and stand up for yourself. dressed relatively normal though, just a lot of black and still a good amount. there's nothing wrong with any of what you've listed, i think. not as if you're trying to say you're better or wannabe different from anyone else. don't know you so i can't say for sure but fuck it you get it i'd hope lol

    • yeah I get it lol XD i'm definitely not trying to be like "I'm better" or other shit like that. believe me when it comes to being a metalhead, the struggle is real sometimes lol

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