Rap artists that made me appreciate the genre and made me listen to it almost exclusively for a while


Rap is a very simple genre of music compared to many others, but it really highlights the slight nuances in the little things. The flow of the artist, construction of the rhymes, message behind the lyrics, bassline in the beat and the beat itself and the creativity required to make it unique, tone of the voice and the poetic way different languages work on a hip hop beat.

Rap artists that made me appreciate the genre and made me listen to it almost exclusively for a while

The simplicity has made a lot of people think that anyone can make good rap and we get youtubers making these cringy rap videos. When the style is simple every single detail needs to be brilliant. Mistakes and amateurish composition are so much more easier to notice and it really makes me appreciate the artists that got me deep into this genre.

Here are a some of those amazing artists..

Mos Def

I've been looking for beats that really hit deep and make me disappear into the music and hearing Auditorium for the first time... Let's just say I was so into it that I got so lost in my thoughts that didn't notice that song had been over for minutes when I came to. Mos Def's flow is out of this world amazing..

Ghostface Killah

Talking about simple, GhostFace Killah's Sour Soul is one of those rap songs where everything is just perfect to the smallest detail. I wouldn't change a thing and his style of rap just fits like a glove.

Julma Henri

A Finnish rap artist that I'd heard before, but now I found a whole new appreciation for the guy. Considered as sort of an underground artist and you can really hear it in the songs why.


Sort of same as the one before, Finnish artist I'd been listening to for a long time, but found new aspects in his rap. His messages behind his songs are always interesting and he's definitely my favorite of all Finnish artists.

A Tribe Called Quest

The chillest rap you will ever hear. Open a beer, jump on a hammock and let life flow around you...

Keny Arkana

You want rap that hits you in the guts and leaves you dazed.. you got it! Such power in her rap and in French? Yes please...


Try and keep up, he will make you dizzy.. I love the kind of flow and varying tone he can keep up with the super fast rhyming.

Thank you for reading and hopefully listening!

Rap artists that made me appreciate the genre and made me listen to it almost exclusively for a while

Have a good day!

Rap artists that made me appreciate the genre and made me listen to it almost exclusively for a while
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Unfortunately I cannot appreciate these to their fullest as I only speak English but purely from a sound point of view they are quite good. Personally I like Aesop Rock who is the franz kafka of rap in my opinion, but I'll try to put these on my list to listen to.
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  • omgjassy
    I know none of these rappers 😂
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  • Sataya
    I am glad you appreciate underground artists, but you left out some great mainstream artists like Eminem and Nas. La Caution is a French rap group you may of heard of them as they have a good flow too. I personally like Eminem and Mike Shinoda.
    • just_tired

      Oh don't get me wrong, I really like many of the mainstream ones too, but it's the underground ones that really got me into the genre.

    • Sataya

      That is fine as it is good to hear there are fans like you that appreciate the talent and unique styles of the underground scene. Have you heard of Lupe Fiasco's song "Bitch Bad" or Stormzy's song "Shut UP"?

    • Sataya

      Akala is good too. Both Akala and Stormzy are great mcs especially at freestyle verses-check their fire in the booth videos. Take care. Thank you for sharing.

  • Josht13
    Mos Def and ghostface are GOAT, I'd put MF DOOM at the top of my list, Raid is unbeatable
  • madhatters4
    solid list. love mos def. tribe is one of the best no doubt. ghostface killah awesome as well.
  • SweedyPie
    What about Logic?
    • just_tired

      Haven't listened to him yet

    • SweedyPie

      😭😭😭 I was so expecting to see him on the list. Tell me what you think if you get the chance okay 😊

  • aa180
    No Immortal Technique?
  • genericname85
    How is Eminem not on that list? xD
    • just_tired

      Why do people keep asking that :D Eminem is a great artist, but it's simply not the mainstream artists that got me into the genre.

    • well cause he is arguably one of the best but yeah this ghetto/gangster style is just annoying usually. to me eminem is one of the few who just seems genuine and not just putting on a show like every gangster rapper is.

      in my language you can count the "non gangster" rappers on one hand everybody else is a wammabe gangster and i kind of hate that stigma to the music genere.

    • Eminem is a good rapper, but I don't listen to him cuz his voice is just so annoying.

      Great lyrics don't always do it for me. It's also the flow, execution and beat. Music is suppose to bring out emotions and thoughts when you listen to it. It seems like the OP and you enjoy the lyrical aspect of this genre. Not everyone else does tho

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  • beebella
    Nice list. 👍
  • Pink2000
    You got some classic artist on here
  • Waffles731
    Ghostface Killah kicks ass
  • Harsh_5299
    They are pretty good...
  • Revolver_
  • daniel_99
    I do not like rap, it's noise pollution.
  • Anonymous
    thanks, I think I'll check these guys out
  • Anonymous
    MF DOOM should have been on here but good list man
  • Anonymous
    Wait.. no Eminem? That's weird.
    • Josht13

      No it's not.

    • eminem is shit dude. He'd be better off a comedian

    • Waffles731

      @Goochbreaker yeah like an old Canadian dude knows jack about rap

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