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On my relationship with a rapper


I've been in a committed relationship with a small scale rapper for almost a year now and wanted to write about what it's been like.

I feel like these points apply to almost every relationship.

On my relationship with a rapper

#1 Get ready for a whole other vibe

This relationship really changed my outlook in life. I went from the rather sheltered life I knew to being exposed to my boyfriend and his friends, work and world, which truly enriched me.

I'm from a very sheltered background and getting to know my boyfriend and his friends helped me see beyond my own nose.

I love the way he embraces life like no other guy I've met.

#2 Support his work and watch your relationship thrive

While I don't like the music my boyfriend makes, I still support him wherever I can. It's helped our relationship a lot.

On my relationship with a rapper

#3 Love joining him on trips

My boyfriend recently went on a business trip to another continent and I was lucky enough to be able to accompany him. Where do I even start... It was beyond amazing. We had a great time, he recorded some songs, felt inspired, and I've probably never seen anyone this genuinely happy.

Getting out of our little routine during the pandemic felt great, especially because all costs were covered by his label.

#4 Take an active interest in his unique hobbies

My boyfriend loved jewelry and knows a lot about diamonds, gem stones and different metals. We enjoy talking about jewelry and try to look at jewelry both online and in person as often as the situation arises to do just that!

On my relationship with a rapper

#5 Be a muse, an inspiration

This one should be rather straightforward, but it's been beautiful to see how he's taken the impact I've had on him and reflected it in his work.

Also, trust me, the sex will be amazing when your man feels supported by you.

On my relationship with a rapper
On my relationship with a rapper
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  • livin_hi_808
    Well I don't know how you can take credit as a muse and not like what he makes. Just my opinion on that. You say support him ie his career but labeled him as a "small scale rapper", a rapper that you didn't mention the name of. Not supportive to me. Doesn't matter that you're giving little compliment to him, the saying goes " All publicity is good publicity" works here too. I definitely would've searched him and spread his work to my part of the world. Kinda tacky that you mentioned the jewelry part. Sounds like you have an agenda. Sorry for being negative but this is just a real, honest opinion.
    You mentioned the trip over seas and his homies a lot. Is that an open relationship or monogamous?

    Whatever.. Either way, next time you do an exposé speaking about your man in entertainment, MENTION HIS NAME at least. Contribute a bit to the jewelry you're pushing for.
    Good luck and Aloha
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    • Dinklex3

      I think the jewelry part was fine. She said nothing about using him for jewelry or that he was even buying it for her. But everything else was a pretty solid and interesting reply.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for expressing our criticism in a respectful way :)

      My boyfriend deliberately makes music that is awful to listen to to figure out the algorithms of different streaming services, which has been working pretty well actually.

      I specified that my boyfriend is a small scale rapper to ensure that nobody thinks I'm dating G-Eazy or something, LOL. I still appreciate and try to empower him whenever I can though, and I didn't want to thwart his achievements.
      My boyfriend got into rap when he supported his friends, and I don't feel comfortable sharing their or my boyfriend's songs, because it's not my place. My boyfriend asked me not to share his songs with anyone online, and I respect that. I think he's afraid of negative feedback, which is understandable.

      I had no intention of coming off tacky when sharing our jewelry hobby. The thing is, we're considering getting into buying and reselling now, but before, we mainly just gazed at pictures on Reddit or went to local jewelers to check out their style. We don't actually buy fancy, expensive jewelry, unless a very nice piece is particularly cheap! And we definitely both contribute to this hobby :)

      I hope that clears some of this up, I definitely don't have an agenda.

    • @Dinklex3 thanks and I may've been a bit salty about something before I wrote this. I thought that the jewelry part I put was a bit of a stretch myself but it was mentioned and the message received and perceived by most when a situation involves finances and relationships, initial thought I believe for most is an assumed agenda aka gold digging. Now I don't know anything about the two of them other than what I gleaned from her description. You consider the info of not having similar interests, she doesn't like his music that he makes, he takes her on trips, buys her gifts and basically takes care of her. So change the character a bit and you have a sugar daddy situation lol..
      I don't know. Use your imagination lol. 🤷

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  • mackiewishbone
    This is funny! A great propaganda/promo to encourage white women to date brothas! Word lmao
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    • Pink2000

      Black men aren’t the only men that rap.

    • Anonymous

      @Pink2000 Exactly. My boyfriend isn't black.

    • There are rappers of many races. Smh. Comprehension my dude. You just had to make this about race. Shame on you.

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    im 44 had a very very sheltered abused life its nice to see someone get out see what the world actually is i finally got out in January never looked back seeing the world is such a beautiful thing good luck to you and god bless
    • Anonymous

      I think it's so important to get to know other "cultures" - just to be with someone who has different interests than you can be really enriching and important!
      Glad to read that you made it out of your sheltered life.
      Sorry about the abuse.


      thank you and your right its so nice to actually enjoy life and not being controlled yelled screamed at at 44 i damn deserve to be happy i took care of people my entire life for the first time im taking care of my self

  • Gosceewual
    he needs to teach me cos i wanna make dope tracks, i got the rrythm and flow... jus no idea what to say in lyics... most my songs sound good but if u listen to what im saying im not really saying, jus repetive old bullshit about nothing at all lol
    • Anonymous

      Just make that then, lyrics don't matter as much as you'd think as long as the rhythm and flow are lit!
      I can only highly recommend to start publishing your songs, even when you think they're trash - my boyfriend did just that 3 years ago, some algorithm pushed just one of his songs and he made a lot of easy money that way.

      Hope this helps, can only advise you to go your own way when it comes to art and music!

    • Gosceewual

      thanks 4 the tip lol,

      i jus been so hooked on lyrical 90s kinda rap it jus seems like the lyrics meant a lot more back then

      but maybe they dont really matter that much ;lol

    • Anonymous

      Honestly most people nowadays listen to songs for the sake of the beat/flow, so I think that's more important.

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  • ManHater
    Just another stupid girl who supports a black man rapping about his degrading women and pimping them out. You are no different the those women married to isis muslims who bring home a child to rape. You would support him even if it was so very wrong. Rappers and hip hop artists have long been the staple of the suffering of black people.
    • Anonymous

      Neither me not my boyfriend are black. It says a lot about your beliefs that you turned a post like this into a race issue.

    • ManHater

      If you wondered but they are usually black besides im glad you support a man who supports misogyny and sexism through his songs. by the way rappers are not musicians.

    • HiveBee

      Why do you think women like rappers so much?

      They are not degrading women. They see women as who they really are, and accept them.

      Men are sluts and hoes. I dont think any sane person would deny that. Most men want to fuck.

      Well guess what? Women are exactly the same as us. Women are sluts and hoes and whores and sick and twisted and crazy and all that.

      And yet, these rap artists love women.

      I suppose it could be called unconditional love. And women like that not only are these rappers honest, accepting of womens nature, but also play into a womans less than "moral" sexual fantasies.

      Most guys "take the red pill" and are ENRAGED to find out how women REALLY are.

      But in hood culture, in rap music, what women are was always known.

      They are not perfect little angels.

      That's why women love rap and black men. Because hood culture is real about women. Many black men are successful with women because of that as well.

      We all think it's the BBC huge penis. It really isn't. It's about a group of men who accept women as they truly are unconditionally.

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  • hellacray
    Ok you're with him for the highs.

    But when his career doesn't take off get ready to stick with him for the lows.
    • TheBigGuy9

      I’m surprised she didn’t like this?

    • hellacray

      Maybe she doesn't agree?

    • TheBigGuy9

      Like I’m up for the challenge

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  • Anon621
    Congratulations on dating someone who supports you and also someone you support! I know you don't like rap so I will keep it simple with one of my all time favorite punch lines by The Last Emperor: "once love is released it can bring inner peace."
  • CallmeTheKnight
    I can see your point and I see that you're coming from a place of inspiration and positivity. However, most young women aren't capable of inspiring themselves to accept their own faults as long as simps and OnlyFans are around. It doesn't apply to every relationship, but you highlighted some very important things that can help every relationship if both parties are mature. I wish him the best fortune on his craft and career and I also wish the both of you grand prosperity for what's to come your way.
    • Anonymous

      I guess that's true.
      I've come to understand that I don't want to put myself out there for the world to see, like some women have decided to do with OnlyFans or Porn.
      I have an ex who was a major simp - I later found out that he was submissive, into pegging and being a cash cow.
      There's nothing wrong with having kinks, but his behaviour is a huge turn off for me personally... I love it when I can share experiences with my boyfriend, but I don't want to be spoiled with expensive luxury bags or shoes. There's no use for that to me.

      I'll continue to inspire my boyfriend in my own, private way. No simps are influencing our relationship <3

  • Yamama
    You can’t spell crap without rap lol. That crap isn’t even music. Only trashy women date people who rap about b*tchez and hoes. Sleaze.
    • Anonymous

      You're entitled to your opinion. I see you're Xper 1 - if this is all you have to say here, you won't get many MHOs I'm afraid LOL.
      Consider spreading some love for a change.

    • Yamama

      It’s funny how women love being abused by black men.

    • Gosceewual

      i agree if your mainly talking about new age rap and any rap music past 2000, but if you listen to 90s hiphop ,,, whats bad about it? it sounds very good, and lyrics are good... there is nothing bad about it, maybe u jus dont have a taste for it... the same way u wouldn't share the same taste as a grandma who likes checkered white n brown curtains... differnet people have different tastes depending on their personality and gender etc... but to dismiss a whole genre and say its all crap cos u dont like it yourself... is rather... bigheaded... listen to da germ - mic is a 3rd rail... do u still think its crap man? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUw9r3CQyHQ

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  • bulletbob555
    Glad to hear this post was all positive. Continue having the time of your life
  • karaspara
    That’s great girl hopefully will continue you have a great attitude xx
  • HiveBee
    I think all your points go both ways in any relationship.
  • Asianguy123
    I know a guy who does rap. I recently recorded a song. However he is really really bad singers. He lives right downstairs and I can hear him singing and playing music loud. I think he really shouldn't try to sing.
  • NightHawk99
    If he's this good a man, you're dating the right kind of rapper.
  • lovedejj_xo
    Interesting I know a couple females dating small scale rappers lol it’s not a glitz they cheat on them roads and groupies wooooh I couldn’t deal but I’m glad you’ve had a good experience
    • Anonymous

      I can imagine... I'm so blessed to have a great relationship with my boyfriend and know that he wouldn't cheat on me, simply because of his high moral standards, but it makes sense that guys who are away a lot and/or meet many beautiful women would be more likely to cheat.

  • TheWombRaider
    LOL you know how many people are so called "dating small scaled rappers" Damn near everyone these days is a small scale Rapper ROFL...
  • Diamondsdiamonds
    You don’t like his music but made a whole article about “that life”. Sounds like you might jump on a better rapper. They call em groupies haha
  • TheBigGuy9
    The whole jewelry thing is odd how you just throw that in there? Are you materialistic?
    • Anonymous

      I already explained it in the opinion I picked as MHG :) hope that clears it up.

    • TheBigGuy9

      Lol I can’t stand these abbreviations today. MHG what is that? Most Hot Guy? Most Hung Guy? Moms hoes and Guys?

    • TheBigGuy9

      Stupid me. Most Helpful Guys lol

  • bannacookies
    I don't understand. You're anon & didn't mention his name. If it's so good why not brag a little?
  • ayomanwya
    Are you in a relationship with that guy in the photo? You mentioned a small scale rapper so I’m really just wondering what you are going to say
    • The guy in that photo is Cardi b’s man

    • ayomanwya

      Yeah I know

    • Anonymous

      No, I'm not :) I just used a picture to go with what I had to say.

  • Pink2000
    I should’ve made this. Good take :)
    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

    • Pink2000

      Has your boyfriend worked with any semi famous artists

    • Anonymous

      He knows people who blew up only to be forgotten a little while after.
      I don't think he knows anyone who is semi famous right now actually.

  • OliviaOfTheScots
    This was actually wholesome as shit
    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much <3

  • Sabretooth
    it's filled with toxicity and poison from my observation.
    • Anonymous

      What exactly? Can you support your point with reason please?

    • Sabretooth

      look at dmx--he died from drugs. violence and rape: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partner_violence_in_hip_hop . it promotes everything that amoral and wrong with the world. it's like giving drugs to children... some rappers won't even let their own kids listen to it. are you familiar with the controversy surrounding little Nas X?

    • Anonymous

      There's definitely controversy and dark sides to rap and hip hop, but as an art form, I think you can exercise it without dipping into the dark side.

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  • TiffanyB
    That was a good post!
  • Celtero
    Rap fuckin' sucks.
  • Aurora1010
    Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  • Lynx122
    good luck to you :)
  • BlackCatBone
    Would never happen to me
    Fine by me
  • msc545
    Very interesting - thanks!
  • malwins
    R u white?
    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
    The only rapper I'm seeing is Tech N9ne.
  • Anonymous
    Is it an Interracial relationship?
  • Anonymous
    I would not support some bummy weed head basement rapper
    • Pink2000

      So judgmental… for what?

    • Anonymous

      If you want to support a guy rapping in his mom's basement that's your prerogative

    • Pink2000

      If I saw that he had no talent then no I wouldn’t lmao

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  • Anonymous
    Haha! Your race wasn’t stated, but you have GOT to be a white liberal chick.
    • Why would she be one? Even if she is, what's the problem as long as they're happy?

    • Anonymous

      I think you're implying that my boyfriend is black, right? I'm white, my boyfriend isn't black.
      Quite interesting that you turned a snippet of my relationship into a race thing.

      @jasmine_0603 Exactly. Also, I'm not liberal.

    • Yamama

      Yeah but he probably thinks he’s “black on the inside”. Wiggers are so lame.