Top 3 Things I Hate About Female Protagonists in Anime


I watch a lot of anime and the ones I have watched with female protagonists never fail to piss me off in some sort of way in every episode I watch.

1. Overly sentimental

Top 3 Things I Hate About Female Protagonists in Anime

They always have these sentimental ass monologues in every fucking episode, they last for like 6 minutes, and she's usually just telling herself the same thing IN EVERY MONOLOGUE, "I'm gonna start doing things for me now" , " I understand what I must do", " I'm gonna start all over, this is a new beginning" it's just so typical and unoriginal.

2. Shocked by literally everything

Top 3 Things I Hate About Female Protagonists in Anime

Now I know that almost every anime has a protagonist where they overly react about things, I know this, but with the female protagonists they over react about EVERYTHING and I mean literally everything, for example: "*stunned look*, He looked at me, his eyes they're green, I've never noticed that before, wow" , "*gasp* our hands, they touched, he feel so.............cold" "*chokes* he said me wow" Like how are you that shocked 24/7?

3. I can swear they're all voiced by the same actress (for English dubbed)

This doesn't really go for the original or subbed anime but in the dubbed anime the female protagonist ALWAYS sounds the same, in every one I've watched. They all sound like candace from phineas and ferb to me, with high and lower pitches. I don't know though, maybe that's just me.

Top 3 Things I Hate About Female Protagonists in Anime

Maybe it's just the anime I watch though :/

Top 3 Things I Hate About Female Protagonists in Anime
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  • NatashaJ
    Why is it with female anime characters they always love only one guy? and never try to give anyone else a chance? some of these animes have douchebags for their love interest and they love them no matter what. I just find it unrealistic in a sense because if you think about they get tired with their BS and move on.
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  • dancing_in_nebulas
    Anime waaay over dramatizes cutesy things about women, and macho cutesy things about men. Only the pretty ones though.

    Ugly anime characters act totally normal.
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    • MAJOR FACTS! you should do a MyTake and make it better than mine, I'm an amateur.

Most Helpful Guys

  • 2opaz
    That's because you watch the wrong kind of anime

    Ghost in the shell

    Birdy the Mighty

    Black Lagoon


    Soul Eater



    Gunslinger Girl



    Michiko & Hatchin
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    • 100lbguy

      bitch you forgot Kino's journey and serial experimental lain which both of the female protagonist so different than she describing

    • 2opaz

      @100lbguy Thank you

    • -_- these better be as good as you say they are, and if not I will come for you!

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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    A lot of Japanese humor is basically stating what is happening. Something odd happens and the follow up punchline is the statement of the odd thing. I'm sure it's funnier to Japanese people.
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    • when you put it that way it actually is pretty funny XD

    • Look for it when watching anime, particularly comedy, you notice them state another character's reaction -- it may be very dry or an overreaction, but it's actually supposed to be a punchline. Once I learned this I started noticing it constantly.

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  • Kiran04
    "Overly sentimental"

    Literally every anime character ever, even the villains. The Japanese are a sentimental people.

    "Shocked by literally everything"

    That's EVERYONE in anime, male and female alike. The Japanese love emoticons.

    "I can swear they're all voiced by the same actress"

    Half of the male protagonists are voiced over by women. I don't mind it at all, but if we're going to get all gender politics then you can't leave that fact out.
    • ALthough what you said about Girls voicing Boys.. That's in Japan solely, English Dub hardly and rarely ever does that. Female voice actors are ridiculous in Japan, some amazing work, like the female voice actress for Naruto, manages to do a man's voice better than men ever could. This is precisely why I scream in agony when people say I only watch the dub. Dubs are such pathetic little studios that collect a tiny selection of voice actors-- most of them the only anime enthusiasts they could find, and almost never manage to translate the source material well into English. The lines don't really seem to have flow, and trying to copy Japanese mannerism into English has a really awkward effect. Just really MEH all around.

    • Kiran04

      @Danishkabby I don't really care one way or the other, but it's obnoxiously self centered to bitch about the things female anime characters do when all the males do the exact same things. All anime characters are tropes or stereotypes. So fucking what? Just enjoy things as they are. Only a miserable, grade A moron has to look at everything under the sun through the lens of social justice. Anime does not need to change. It's fine as is, and if she doesn't like it she can get the fuck out.

  • EpicDweeb
    I don't actually remember whether or not this character does any of these things... BUT... Snow White with the Red Hair is in my opinion the all time best example of a female protagonist in anime. It is also in my opinion the best done romance anime ever. It manages to have a classic fairy tail story where the prince saves the princess... BUT it never portrays the princess as weak or needing a man to save her. I know that sounds paradoxical but it's fantastic.
    • NatashaJ

      Plus the story was interesting and you can totally tell both characters feel the same way and deserve each other. Too many shows anime and non anime try to force other characters to love the main one when it clearly obviously they don't deserve the main character. Lol it's pathetic and dumb writing.

    • EpicDweeb

      @NatashaJ right? I love that they set up a love triangle... and immediately shut it down. It's such a good display of the respect the creators have for their characters and the respect the characters have for each other.

    • NatashaJ

      I hate it when I lose respect for the main characters when they can't "decide" who to be with but everyone basically knows who is going to be their one. It's honestly annoying and pathetic now not the type of love I want to see anymore.

  • BrittBratt2416
    What I hate about female anime characters in romance anime's is that they all have humongous tits or looks like their 12 years old when the guy looks 17 to 20. Why do the guys look their age but the girl looks like she's in 7th grade? I can't stand it cause it's borderline pedophilia. That's why I had a hard time getting into Toradora, taiga looked way to young to be high school.
    • That's in more than just romance anime, lol

    • CHADcel

      what's the problem here?

    • @CHADcel did you not read what i said, the problem is girls always having huge boobs or looking 12.

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  • vald9inches
    Thats the problem right there you watching English dub!! lmfao xD
    • everyone says English dub is the worst! xD but it's easier watching in my own language, i just recently started watch sub.

    • yea but you have to think about it this way. when you go traveling to a different country its easier to go to mcdonalds because you are used to the food but what's the point of going to a different country if you don't learn about their food their language and their culture?

    • and yes dub is VERY CRINGY!! Like it makes me want to go like this!! REEEEEEEEEE!! xD

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  • VaIiant
    Especially in anime, female protagonists aren’t even the protagonist at all- more like some side ass for whatever guys are fighting over her because she’s just so kind and vulnerable. (Read: Yuki from Vampire Knight.)
  • cherryphi82
    Only if you watch shojou mange/anime. Take Mononoke hime, Alita Battle Angel or Flowers of Evil. And for every cutesy type character, there's usually a counterpart. Look at Naruto with it's many varied female characters.
  • CasaNorba
    and the fact that they put their life into their next move whenever they're fighting an antagonist. Sailor Moon and her squad are a prime example of this
  • TheUglyMan
    But aren't most anime characters pretty much just over stereotyped characters. Very few animes actually have uniqueness in their characters and go in deep. And lol at the dub hate in the end. I could say the same thing about sub all the Japanese actors sound the same.
  • JDavid25
    There' s quite a few tropes and stereotypes I hate about anime females.. Like Tsunderes... Especially the abusive ones, and the high pitch voice of the females.. Oof.. But I agree witchu.. LOL..
    • Kiran04

      As opposed to male character voiced over by females, which half of male protagonists in anime are? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    • JDavid25

      @Kiran04 Yeah, I don't like them either.. Especially wit characters like Goku and Vegeta.. I don't know why they do that.. Well, I get the point, but it's still... Silly..

    • Kiran04

      I don't really care either way, but a girl complaining about "muh oppreshun" in anime is just absolutely idiotic. All anime characters are tropes and stereotypes. They ALL do the things she bitches about. She's just too self centered to see it. Identity politics has completely killed people's ability to just enjoy things as they are. No, we have to see everything through the fucking retarded lens of social justice. It's anime. It is not real. It is not meant to represent reality anymore than some broad's fantasy social justice fantasy land. Either enjoy it as it is or GTFO. It doesn't need to change.

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  • Guanfei
    3 might be true. In France, we also have very few people dubbing (badly) anime, which means same voice for many of them.
  • lumos
    Idrk, I don't watch a whole lot of anime, but I did enjoy watching K-on. All the characters are female and I don't think they were too over the top or trope-y. Like clearly some of them very much favored some anime-esque characteristics but I don't feel like it got too much in the way of what was happening. Kakegurui also had some pretty cool female characters, but that show is over the top in many other ways lol.
    And your last point is the reason why I always watch with subs. Watching dubbed anime just feels wrong. I feel like the japanese voice actors/actresses are simply way better at conveying emotions that match with the absurdity that anime often is.
  • MrMysteryMan
    Also, usually they have one type of personality throughout without differing dimensions within them.
    • It's the quintessential Japanese view of a damsel in distress.

  • apple24
    I am exactly that way. I live for romantic anime!!! My type will alwys be the serious guy that looks angry kinda of sterotype.
  • SamtheDnDgirl
    On the third point, I can say it's just you as I have worked with many of these voice actresses in the past.
  • Bananaman177
    Obviously you haven't watched Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z.
  • also, tsunderes annoy the fuck outta me
    • "i-it's not like i like you... o-or anything..." OH MY GODDD JUST TELL HiM-

    • exactly!

    • xD like yeahhh of courseee you're gonna get the guy by acting bitchyyy

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  • zagor
    In Japanese, they're voice by adult women trying to sound like they're 9.
    • Kiran04

      And the men are voiced by the exact same adult women, only trying to sound like 12 year old boys. Who cares? Anime isn't for social justice idiots.

    • zagor

      @Kiran04 What does your comment have to do with anything whatsoever?

    • Kiran04

      My point is there's nothing wrong with anime. If she doesn't like how the chicks in anime acts she can watch something else. It's fine as is. No social justice engineering needed.

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  • Astraea
    The voice always sounds like a child.
  • AbdKilani
    Did you watch Claymore?
  • lazermazer
    Haha right on point.
  • Salmon4056
    As an anime fan I see that and agree.
  • Yuki_JPN
    why is that a problem?
  • ryancg
    You just need to watch better anime.
  • LeaLee
    Nice one!
  • That2kKid21
    Big facts
  • DiegoO
    Hey, perhaps you can start an anime revolution.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    For humor purposes I guess.
  • SwoleCook
    Who watches anime lmao
  • Revolver_
    I agree
  • Desuyonee
    hahahaa anime bictures ;DDDDDDD
  • Anonymous
    A lot of them are physically weak and needy as well. Like, yes girls are weak but nobody is THAT weak.
  • Anonymous
    hahaha! all of this is actually so true. Sometimes I find these tropes kind of endearing though as they are pretty unique to anime. This post kind of made me nostalgic. I guess Ill have to watch anime again soon. ;)
  • Anonymous
    I forgive all of that though for the epic bodies! lol!
  • Anonymous
    Alsoo, the annoying weird gasping sounds, the whole I-AM-A-POOR-GIRL-IN-NEED CONCEPT and the fact that tehy cry all the damn time
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Not enough Japanese who look like African American Negros