No, Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving is Not Racist, so Let's End This Discussion.

No, Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving is Not Racist, so Let's End This Discussion.

Lately, there has been a controversy stating that The Peanuts Thanksgiving Special is racist because Franklin is sitting on one side of the table alone. It's not racist at all. Hell, if it was racist he wouldn't even be in the special at all, in fact, he wouldn't even be a Peanuts character. In 1973 in a lot of places having an African American character that wasn't stereotyped let alone mingling with whites in a positive manner was progressive. Some people say Peppermint Patty is a Lesbian, but I have seen no characteristics that would make me think she was, and if she is who cares? Peanuts is an enjoyable product for anyone no matter if you're Black, white, Gay, straight, bi, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Atheist or whatever. There's a reason why Peanuts is still popular even long after Charles Schultz is gone because it embraces diversity and teaches a lesson to be kind to others, even if you are a little crabby like Lucy.



No, Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving is Not Racist, so Let's End This Discussion.
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  • weasley8
    I don't think it's malicious. I'm well aware of the historical context in which the film was made. I also know that at that time, people didn't consider that sort of thing racist. I refer to is as passive racism. Again, it's completely non malicious, but it can still be harmful. Does that mean I think the people who made this show were bad people? No. I think it mostly just happened because no one thought anything of it back then.

    I think it's possible to acknowledge that something from the past would now be unacceptable, without saying that the people who did the thing are bad people. It's simply an observation.

    By the way, I've seen this more on conservative websites than anything else. What happened is some people were watching it over Thanksgiving, and a few people tweeted that they didn't notice that when they were kids, but they do now. They never said that the people who made it were bad.

    Lastly, if anything, I think that admitting that something has racist content is part of acknowledging the history that does exist. It doesn't mean that the people were racist either. The world at the time had a host of racist practices, because attitudes were different then, and people didn't think that things like jokes, most of which have no malicious intent, could be harmful. They didn't think it was harmful, so they had no problem putting it in the show, and that's okay.

    It's a good thing that we notice it now. It's a sign that the world is improving.
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  • CHARismatic110
    Funfact: Charles Schultz fought to have a black character in the series even though most people back then were against it.
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    Is everyone everywhere nuts? This is NOT racist! If you've ever watched this Thanksgiving special (which I have dozens of times), you'd know that Charley Brown is sitting next to his sister Sally, Peppermint Patty is cramming next to Charley Brown because she likes him, Snoopy is Charley Brown's dog, and the other THREE kids (Linus, Franklin, and Marcy) are filling out the other THREE sides of the table. It's nonsensical on purpose because it's a CARTOON.
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  • mintmint1990
    Here in NZ a man just got fired because he stated that Santa Claus should always be male (Big tummy white bearded guy). He was our Santa for five years straight before he got the sacked.
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  • pepwave21
    Some people have way too much time to complain. I see so many people upset over little things now. Complainers on many issues seem to have a small world view brought on by lack of real human interactions and understanding of others' cultures.
    • Alpha2019

      Right but there are people on TV saying this and that is ridiculous

  • JjBb91
    Unfortunately the world has now stsrted seeking for any inclination of predudice in everyway possible. I mean Monica Lewinsky has recently re-emerged into the spotlight over a scandal I took place how many years ago it was settled how many years ago! What is she meeting money? And the people who claim that Charlie Brown is racist what are they after is there are enough controversy over racism in this country is the ray no misunderstanding of why this happened or what happened or people who how to tear down statues and monuments because they can't deal with the history that they were not apart of. What's your forget we came and how far we've come all will be lost. I just Society in hole you have pushed out everything that is good and pure from our hearts our minds our eyes one thing you want are the things that satisfy our souls and we justify everything accountable for nothing. Rollers become a complete mess nobody knows they're coming or going what tomorrow holds all I know is that this moment is one moment I can make people believe I was done wrong I am right pay me you owe me what about me don't forget me it goes on and on and on a constant Whirlwind of b******* is going to burn this entire world up.
  • Bananaman177
    He has a whole side of the table to himself, how is this interpreted as a bad thing? Maybe he WANTS to be apart.

    if you ever actually observe humans, birds of a feather actually DO flock together 99% of the time. Go look at a school lunchroom. Where are all the black kids? At the black kids' table. Where are all the skaters? At the skater table. What about the black skater? Spends time at both tables.
  • SarahsSummer
    I concur. Some of these people characterizing everything under the sun as offensive, racist, sexist whatever, need to lighten up. Granted there are injustices out there and offensive material and anytime someone is personally offended by something, I’ll hear them out but it’s just gotten so over the top lately. What’s next on the offensive list, Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer? Oh yeah...
  • Uannoyme
    Thank you! It's sad that people can't just enjoy stuff without looking for a reason to be offended.
  • TacosRAwesome
    I dont think getting the best seat at the table is racist.
  • Logorithim
    Some people see everything through the prism of racism and/or sexism.
  • Finchie40
    This cartoon has been out for many of years , so they finally say its racist after all these years? Pretty pathetic its a friggin cartoon , hot 1 racist slur was said in this cartoon , just someone trying to get attention
    • Alpha2019

      Go after Heckel and Jekyll if anything but they can't because Disney is an alt left company so they won't touch them.

  • StephenCF
    Sticks and stones may break our bones, but there’ll always be something to offend a liberal
    • Hell I have liberal views but some people are ridiculous

  • Aynsof
    Wasn't there a whole lot of backlash and papers cancelling the strip and what not for him introducing the character in the first place back in the day? Maybe just be pleased he didn't cave and the character is there at all
    People seriously need to learn to understand context and time
  • RolandCuthbert
    Why is this even a thing?

    I guess I don't get it.
  • Pink2000
    I honestly don’t believe a black person would think it’s racist...
  • annaflorez838
    Ahhh It makes plenty of sense why some would see it as racist. Like, how hard was it to just sit them together?
    • Alpha2019

      The black kid was invited to Thanksgiving if they were racists he wouldn't even be there who cares where he is sitting?

  • Kazzza
    Completely agree, they are never seen excluding him or being mean to him so it’s nit racist
  • Purple_Babe14
    Lol I never said it was MR. XD I like charlie brown people who think its racist need to rewatch it.
  • Lumberman989
    People look for anything to be offended by it's nuts
  • BigJake
    People think M&Ms are racist because so few of them are brown, and brown is the least desired color.
  • Athena374
    The way you cropped it makes it look racist. However there is a girl a little far from the table as well.
  • SketchForger
    *cough* It was also just lazy storyboarding *cough*
    • Viperkiss

      lol bingo. You know there’s always some jerk that comes along and ruins everything with this said simple truth of life. No conspiracy. Just shortsighted laziness. lol
      Props to you!

    • @Viperkiss yeah maybe my sarcastic coughs were a bit unnecessary, but I still stand by what I said.

  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • sjoes006
    Everyone’s a littlebit racist.
    • prejudice*. People commonly say racism when racism requires physical action. We’re talking about races inherently racially stereotyping other races. Which is prejudice

    • sjoes006

      @WomenBeJackin it’s a joke, from the play Book of Mormon

  • clampfan101
    People think it’s racist? That’s crazy.
  • Lmao nice
  • Eryxx
  • Shahid757
    Nice explanation
  • LogicBomber
    People will do anything to try and cry victim.
    • Let’s take pig pen being white and dirty and claim it’s saying white people are dirty. Ffs.

    • you're definitely a racist. That's some shit a racist would say hands down. The pic ain't racist but you definitely have a problem boy

  • Ella_101
  • RealRawUncut
    I'm a brother and I don't think it's racist.
  • legalboxers
    people want to see things which aren't there
  • ashley1996
    You're joking right?
  • Kayla45
    Why would it be?
  • Someone29
    no it is helpful
  • VixenRach
  • bright440
    hello guys how are you all doing today
  • Imcaty
  • harryrai4
    Just relax