Top Ten Best Kurdish Songs of All Time

Top Ten Best Kurdish Songs of All Time

This in my opinion are the best Kurdish songs. I'll translate for those who don't understand as best as I can. As my Kurdish isn't the best but good enough. Plus the language can be tough cause some singers sing in mixed dialects. Like they will say a few words in Sorani Kurdish then in the same song switch some of the words to Kurmanji Kurdish and even Hawrami Kurdish. Also no rude comments from Turkish people. I am only mentioning this cause every single time I make a post anything relating to Kurds a bunch of Turkish people come from out of nowhere and make racist comments. I see this happen on youtube all the time as well and even on blogs. I honestly rarely block people, but if you make a racist comment I am blocking you. To someone who doesn't speak the language, some of these words in the song might even sound Hindi. That's because the Kurds are a Indo-European group belonging to Persian Iranians.

Top Ten Best Kurdish Songs of All Time

10. Hani- Diltengi

This song is about a Kurdish woman who escapes from oppression to freedom. She is talking about how she escaped from Iran to a country where she can freely sing about what she wants. She doesn't directly come out and say that in the song but that is what she is talking about. I can't understand every word so I'll just translate the parts I do understand lol. Dest u kewi girts temi hanasem= Kissing hands in prison from the air of temptation. Directly translating these words in English sometimes doesn't make sense because there are a lot of weird expressions that don't make sense in English. Basically though she is talking about how she felt like a prisoner in Iran when they wouldn't let her perform her music the way she wanted to and that was like being kept as a prisoner. So when she fled to Northern Iraq it felt like she was kissing prison goodbye. Girri tey berbus dili pirr tasem= This easy genre fills my heart and I don't' know what tasem means. This verse could be wrong I just took my best guess at it lol. Bo tu enales dili pirr xwenim= with your energy my heart will fill with blood. Lo loy lo= this just means "why" why over and over again. Ger ci assmani xurbetim tare met u bernges weku aware= basically here she is saying how she is being liberated using the word assmani as a metaphor and "tare" means bitter. Asssman means sky in Kurdish and Farsi. Weku aware = just like in the evening. Meli ciwan persits cun mali debe= she is talking about how she has a beautiful neck and went to her home to clean. Be jori tariks cun razi debe= she is talking about when she stays at home for so long she feels like she is stuck in a dark room and that eventually makes her stingy or I think in this context razi means sick and tired of. Min bo ewinis azadi efirim regay jiyanis tazetir ebirrim= I am on the same side of freedom in the area where life is merciful. I don't know what melekim asiqs efirrim means if anybody who is better at Kurdish than I am could help me out I would appreciate it Sar u sar= means from country to country. Heta wilatis hemise behar= so we can come from city to see the whole spring.

9. Zakaria Abdullah- Dwene Waxte Eware

The title of the songs means the time of yesterday evening. I just realized how long it can take to translate every word so from now on I'll just translate the parts that sum up the song and the parts I feel like lol. He is basically talking about how beautiful this woman is. This song is full of metaphors and similes. He talks about how when he sees her it's like raining flowers and perfume. The word gullaw dabere= means raining flowers. So that's what he is basically talking about, how he saw such a beautiful woman yesterday evening. He talks about how crazy he is about her beautiful eyes. The word min shatim la aw chawy hashtim= means he is crazy about her beautiful eyes. The word you hear in the song tavga= means waterfall. He is comparing her beauty to that have a waterfall.

8. Azhdar Wahbi- Belence

This song is about a woman and how beautiful he finds her. Alin belence= means like the way a woman walks who acts spoiled. Direct translation is weird lol, but that's what it means. Like how you would see a runway model walk. Chawa rasha danhana= prepare her black eyes. Saraka dila danha= Here he is saying she set her mind and heart in that certain way. Referring to acting spoiled. Hom dabinim lagar too (x2) mirdoom mirdoom= I see myself with you I am dead I am dead. Saying that if he is not with her it would be like he was dead. Coonka chawy sheerena= Since her eyes are sweet Baqurban= my love. Doo matzchim lawa kird har la sheena= I kissed her twice and is still sweet.

7. Azhdar Wahbi- Shewnim Shilian-
Shewnim Shilan= The dew on the flower. Hoshkay Kurdan= Kurdsh sisters. Hawar bookchie Kam Xwaya roji maktab halnia hawar bookchie kam xwaya roji maktab halnai= Yelling at my bride hoping to god that she will leave the day she has school X2. Aza zor jwana periche zard ashmee hazi la hamoo awana= Her power is very beautiful and everybody loves her blonde hair. Harche la mamakin bazarim la nachee Ashfeer la aw doo hoshkim wara nagee= People never get sick of her breasts. In this context when he says the sisters he is talking about her two breasts lol. Because he says "doo" which means two then hoshkim meaning sisters. Then he says "wara nagee" meaning nobody could ever heave her breasts. Roohakim qerban ba har zakirtawa= My soul and my love. The words I didn't translate I didn't know the meaning lol. Basically though he is comparing this beautiful woman to this flower and saying how she is like a dew that water drop on the flower. Using other similes as well.

6. Hani- Sew Ta Beyani

Ragay doori e too goorim e too Neezik la aw nagashtim la atoo amin namtane sew ta beyani har machit beekam heetch la ba nazani= Far away from you I want to get close to you I haven't gotten close to you, if could get close to you from night till morning if I kissed you it will be like you would forget everything. Barwam pa nakay atoosh amin matcz nakay hoshawist atoo labeerim nakay= You won't believe me, you won't kiss me you won't ever forget my love. There is only one verse that I don't understand lol. I really need to work on my Kurdish.

5. Zakaria Abdulla- Halparke

This is like possibly the most popular Kurdish song ever. It's really quite a catchy song I've had non Kurdish friends saying they liked it. I don't have enough space here to translate every song word for word, but he is talking about this certain dance called the shaya. He also talks about how he likes the sound the women make from dancing and certain accessories they wear. At 2:25 of the song he says circay basanoo dangeey gobara hawar shabat ciday la aw bara naza la kitche hawan= he is saying how he likes the sound that a woman's bracelet makes when it shakes while she is wearing it on her wrist. He also is talking about like that black thing usually on diamond rings that you see. He also says how he wants to propose to her. 2:42= takwazim which means propose.

4. Natalia- Hay Benm Benm

This song has many different versions, and originally a guy singing this song talking about a tall beautiful woman. I like her version of this song the most though. Hay benin banin keshawa baynim aw kitche mindlaya diliy mashkana x2= Bring her to me bring her to me, put her out bring her, she is just a girl don't break her heart, she is just a girl don't break her heart. Hay dila la aw bana giana shida harzana x2= She throws her heart at you all the way from the rooftop with her life wearing this kurdish style hat that women in the old times would wear. As if it's like so cheap, harzana means cheap. Dila= heart bana= roof giana= life shida= kurdish hat. I am translating this song a lot because she is my favorite female singer. Shida qabili dara birzayana dara birzayana hey benin benin keshawa bayanim (aw kora mindlaya dili mashkanim) x2= She is so tall she is like a tree, bring her, bring her don't put her out. That boy is just a child don't break his heart(x2). Hay dila la aw bana giana xhom la xhwarey( x2)= I throw my heart at you from the rooftop all the way to the bottom with my life(x2). Kitche whichy darie= the girl is like a tree.

3. Zakaria- Bo Kurdistan

Bo Kurdistan= For Kurdistan. I am really running out of space so I'll just summarize this one. He is talking about his love for Kurdistan. La aweenim Sar Chawy sheenim= I am in love my eyes sweeten when I see this place.

2. Dilsad Said- Keman Melli-

This song has lyrics, but I put up as number 2 because of how good it is. Plus I really like Orchestral symphonies. Especially Violin music ever since I started listening to Lindsey Stirling. Born in North of Iraq this man is originally Assyrian. By the way I am not promoting or trying to influence my beliefs onto anyone here, but if you don't know who Assyrians are look them up. They are a very dying race of people. They mainly live in Northern Iraq and Syria. Also very few parts of Azerbaijan. They are your present day Aramaic people. They are the descent of what language Jews and Christians used to speak when Jesus was around during biblical, Judaic, and Islamic historical times. There are only just barely over one million of them left which really is a small amount.

1. Najat Abdul Massih- Nergz

Is also a Assyrian Kurdish singer. This is quite an old song, but my favorite. She was a very beautiful woman and the song is simple yet so divine. The word Nergz is a type of flower. In English it would be called a narcissus flower. They look like daisies. She is talking about how beautiful you are and using the narcissus flower as a metaphor to describe how beautiful of a person you are. Hey Nergz Nergz Nergz la chand jwany (cwanay). She and mam Dilsad Said teamed up together. Playing the violin as she sings.

Kurdish music is awesome.

Thanks for reading this mytake.

Top Ten Best Kurdish Songs of All Time
Top Ten Best Kurdish Songs of All Time
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