Accuracy isn’t the issue – the Ariel debate deconstructed

As a millennial sitting on the cusp of ever-changing fields of politics and society, I’ve always felt personally responsible for forming well-educated opinions while keeping an open mind to other viewpoints.

However, nothing could have prepared me for the storm brought on by Disney’s rendition of a classic fairy tale centering around a love-struck mermaid princess.

I’m talking of course about the recent “scandal” involving Disney’s live-action version of the Little Mermaid movie, where actress Halle Bailey was cast in place of the atypical fair-featured model common in Disney stories.

While many see this as a huge milestone in colour-blind casting, others were up in arms, claiming the decision was made to appease “PC” culture and was inaccurate to the original Disney film.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid is based on the Danish fairy tale written by Hans Christian Anderson. It featured an eccentric, red-haired, blue-eyed mermaid princess who desired nothing more than to fall in love with her prince and see a new world outside of her own. After a harrowing adventure, she would fall in love and live happily ever after.

But, if accuracy is the issue taken with the warm-featured Bailey, then the first and biggest offense would be Disney’s version of the movie – not their decision to cast a black woman for the lead.

The original story does indeed centre around a young, 15-year-old mermaid who falls in love with a prince from afar. In order to be with him, she goes to her grandmother, a sea witch, and exchanges her tongue and voice for human legs.

While the spell works, the little mermaid is doomed to feel as though she is walking on knives with every step she takes, and rather falling in love with the prince of her dreams, he falls for another woman. The heartbroken mermaid then casts herself into the sea, becoming the foam on the waves and an earthbound, air spirit.

This is the original story in a nutshell, which doesn’t include singing fish and lobsters nor the light-hearted tale with an expected happy ending. It forgoes the plots of murder, agony, and religious connotations in place of a happier tale that appealed to Disney’s audience at the time with little complaint.

So why is there so much uproar about the casting of a black woman as Ariel?

Perhaps it’s simply because audiences are simply attached to Disney’s first rendition of the fairy tale, which featured a white fictional half-fish, half-human girl. Or, perhaps more likely, the issue is the unsettling state of current politics.

The ongoing battle between left and right-wing beliefs in the midst of ongoing cultural changes – such as, but not limited to, increasing diversity and inclusion for all people - has stirred up feelings on both sides.

While concerns for “over-sensitizing” our generation is in the forefront of the “anti-black-Ariel” argument, we have to grant SOME merit to their side.

If we wanted to raise the race issue, people opposed to Bailey playing the red-headed fictional mermaid icon could argue that simply casting Ariel as a black woman is lazy, instead opting to simply replace traditionally white characters with black characters instead of creating unique a whole new, unique character and storyline.

However, we’re completely disregarding the fact that Bailey very well has simply been the best candidate, especially considering a very important aspect of the mermaid princess in both Anderson’s and Disney’s is that she has a stunning singing voice. Considering Bailey has a background in singing, this does indeed make her a possibly ideal candidate for the role who’s race was otherwise disregarded as being relevant by the casting director.

So … what is the real issue here? To be honest, one could say it’s racism, some could say it’s fear of over-sensitizing our generation. If you ask me, I’d say it’s people putting too much of their power into things that don’t matter.

Yes, Ariel being black is NOT a big deal. The issue isn’t that the movie isn’t accurate because Disney’s version of the fairy tale isn’t “accurate” either – it’s a rendition of something great created into something which was meant to appeal to its current audience. Like it or not, people want to see more diversity in film and television, and Disney is making a wise decision in not limiting themselves and exploring a wider variety of casting potential.

At the end of the day, it isn’t going to hurt anyone, though I do somewhat sympathize with those who held the Disney movie close to their hearts. Perhaps it’s simply upsetting to not see the version of the movie you hoped for – i.e. featuring a while, blue-eyed, red-haired actress play your favourite fishy princess.

I will point out, though, that there were few complaints when Jason Mamoa was cast as Aquaman … who was a blonde, white superhero capable of communicating with the ocean. Just saying.

If this upset or offended you, I wish I could say I cared, but I don’t. This whole argument is frankly silly and I really wish people could put as much energy into the anti-black-Ariel nonsense and into something that actually has an impact.

That’s all I have to say.

Accuracy isn’t the issue – the Ariel debate deconstructed
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  • Anonymous

    except for the fact that DISNEY said it WAS the issue, for the casting of Aladdin and The Lion King. Skin color/ethnical accuracy was given as the literal reason for the "diverse" castings there. So I don't blame white people, or red heads for being furious when the exact opposite argument is used to replace another white character. But I agree with you. I don't have an issue with the actress as Ariel. I'm excited for her. My issue is with Disney using their argument both ways. If ethnical accuracy is important as they stated, that should continue over to The Little Mermaid. The fact that it doesn't, is a statement that Disney is lying to the people about their reasoning, and just doesn't have the balls to admit they're trying to be "politically correct". Because it's politically correct to replace any white actors/actresses you can with minorities.

    • They are losing money and alienating half of their fanbase just to push agendas the same as Jimmy Kimmel. it really is not smart business at all to push something that is going to cost you money.

    • @RoyalFlushAce they said black panther was going to flop and looked what happened. It sky rocketed😚... don't eat your words.

    • Well said! 👍🙌🏼👏🏼

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  • MrMilti

    Remember the "It's okay to be white"-campaign and the following uproar throughout the media and social networks?

    Everything in todays popculture keeps telling us white people, that it is NOT OKAY to be white. White people are all racist biggots and basically nazis.

    Everyday you are being told, that you should be ashamed for being white and every other skincolor is so much more appreciated.

    It is the constant complaints, how whites have it so much easier in life.
    You got a good job? No wonder! It's because you oppressed a POC and used your white privilege to steal it.

    And now, remade movies replace originally white characters with POC, as if we dont have the right to exist in this world.

    • And it is ruining these movies as well and making them sort of unwatchable.

    • SexyAshh


    • Jersey2

      This ^^^^

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  • AngelLily

    All the people I have seen who have complained about the change weren't doing so because there racist to say so is ignorance and takes away the actual meaning of racism itself they where complaining because they chose her because of her race while all the other princess where chose directly and precisely by talent and by looks it's clear as day also of course Disney is not going with the original original story becouse it was not very family friendly and of course people arnt complaining that they didn't go with said original story becouse it's to messed up you see one is a valid reason for change and the other is not.

    • Finally!!! Someone with some sense!!! You just explained things perfectly! I 100% agree and couldn’t have said is better myself 👏👏👏

  • Goodgirl120

    Most children grew up watching cartoon Ariel is white with red haired and green eyes. That’s the image of Ariel the audience has and changing that is not a good marketing strategy. That’s the issue I have. I will not watch the movie. I like the Asian princess Mulan because the actress actually looks like the character Mulan.

    • Sorry with blue eyes. Typo

    • Well said. These people who push unrealistic diversity do not realize the audience wants what they know and are used to seeing. Disney could have just created another mermaid movie with a black character and nobody would have complained. It seems Disney wants the arguments honestly because they keep doing this stuff and it is going to alienate half of their audience. I won't even waste my time on Star Wars anymore with all the social justice nonsense in it.

    • @RoyalFlushAce Now I’m starting to believe Disney intentionally did this to stir up controversy and publicity. It’s a cheap publicity stunt! They knew exactly what they were doing.

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  • Celtero

    Lol... there is a very small minority of people who want to see "diversity." Remember the last ghost busters? Yeah, this is going to be another one of those.

    People don't want a live action remake for diversity, they want to see their traditional animated characters as real people.

    While we're at it, the little mermaid should be a man, a gay man who identifies as a girl. It's obviously all about ticking those intersectional boxes, no?

    Now Ariel can join Captain America amongst blackwashed characters. And I have nothing against black characters... but why not make new ones... Morpheus from the matrix... Several movies Will Smith plays in... all great original black characters. They don't need to take white characters and turn them black.

    Also, what's wrong with most characters being white when the US is mostly made up of white people. Black people are less than 13% of the population... they don't need to be every other character.

    And the irritating part is this: When choosing the actress, they didn't ask "who would best represent and play ariel?" They said, "hey, lets get someone black to try to appeal to the intersectional crowd."

    The movie will be shit, because this is where their priorities are. I watched the little mermaid dozens of times as a child, but I'm doing my best to forget this one exists, (though, it's a little hard seeing stuff about it on social media every day.)

    • Um... in the comics Sam (Falcon) and The Winter Soldier become Captain America (granted only temporarily). The reason for making Falcon the new Captain America is because Bucky is still considered a terrorist and giving him the mantle will only make things worse for the image of both characters. And Chris Evans was just done with acting in the MCU, so it seems appropriate for him to pass it on.

      I sort of agree with everything else though.

    • Celtero

      @LalofromLA Ah, I see, I guess that's not the same then.

  • mattdzz

    First, you did a very poor job of deconstructing the issue. You created a straw-man opponent (i. e. (1) racism, (2) oversensitive) before aphoristically dismissing the anger as unfounded. I'll give you points for at least having an undergraduate level of English punctuation proficiency, but your ability to analyze politics seems weak at best.
    (1) Oversensitive. It has become ubiquitous for both the political "right" and "left" to refer to the other with a myriad of synonyms for the colloquialism "snowflake." The irony that the Left is increasingly using it for the "right" taking issue with the rampant fervor of cultural disintegrations is not lost on me. Yet, as you stated (paraphrased) 'people increasingly want a "diverse" demographic illustration,' in popular media, it DOES matter tremendously to the "left" (in this case the white-guilt ridden "liberals," and their black-lives-matter (more) pets) and to the "right." Neither is being oversensitive to the issue, as both recognize the symbolism behind it.
    2. Racism. It can be considered "racist" to not be color blind (as nobody in this issue is, especially Disney), in either noticing that Bailey looks nothing like the Ariel we millennials grew up with, or that she now looks a lot more like 12% of the population. Both sides recognize race in this issue, it just seems "unfair" in the estimation of those on the Left for white people to see it, but do not feel the same for black people...
    Simple Newtonian physics, Econ 101, Alchemy, etc.: To obtain, something of equal value must be lost; For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction, etc. ad infinitum. This is a symbolic GAIN for black people. They now have (on top of iterations of Achilles, Hamilton, Annie, etc.) a classic Disney princess who is black. BUT, white people have lost one of their most cherished ones. And, yes, you can say that we still have sleeping beauty, Cinderella (who Brandy played), Snow white, Bell, but Ariel is widely considered in the top 5.
    This brings us to the issue of symbolism. You completely disregarded what this symbolic gesture meant when you scoffed 'it doesn't matter.' It does matter, because cultural symbols, stories, tales, legends are how we are brought up to understand our place in the world. They are how we interpret meaning. You may not think that Ariel being black makes a difference to the story, but could you not say the same thing about a male Ariel (and I mean genetic XY, which perhaps needs saying). The fact is that it does, Black people know it, white people know it, and I'd venture to say YOU know it.
    So, generally your original premise is true, i. e. "accuracy isn't the issue," it's anger over the fact that Disney was NOT color blind in their selection; they chose a black person to pander to both blacks and white people who feel guilt for being in a (successful) society founded by whites. I don't think this was a capricious gesture, as Disney recently came out with two "new" ginger princesses (in Brave and Frozen), knowing they would take away one of the classics. Kids know what they look like, they recognize race, even if not explicitly taught of its "ranking" or characteristics, and they can damn sure see that a cartoon who looks like them has been changed.
    Furthermore, as I mentioned with Annie, Achilles, Hamilton, possibly James Bond, etc. is that white people who are not guilt ridden by what happened before they were born, and don't accept what many academics say when they tell us NOT to reproduce, or in the very least we have a privilege we must constantly check, see a degradation in our image in popular media. If we're not being outright replaced, we're being made to be imbeciles, or in the case of white women placed with a black man in nearly every advertisement out there. To say it plainly, this is just perceived to be a part of a larger issue of erasing white people from Western culture, as we become more diverse (i. e. minorities just reproduce more).

  • grega239

    My problem with castings of a different race is how hypocritical it is. Bcs those who support "diversity" and "being progressive" , are the same people who cry about cultural appropriation, while appropriating another culture and claiming it's not appropriation bcs "muh oppression"...

    • Those kind of people literally only like telling other people what to do. They don’t really care what’s right or wrong or fair.

      Their inconsistency is aggravating.

    • grega239

      They seem to be too stupid to recognize their own contradictions or so confident in their own position, they think they can ignore them. Whichever it is , it's rage inducing

  • lumos

    I fully agree with all your points. Disney has already deviated from the original concept of the story to the point where you can't use it as an argument anymore. So Disney can change all these really important plot points of the story and turn it into something it never was (and that's perfectly fine?), but the second something really quite unnecessary changes in terms of the plot (like Ariel's skin color), everyone's up in arms about how they're not respecting the source material, that Ariel is Danish and should be white and yadda yadda. Suddenly everyone is very interested in protecting the original story, despite the fact that Disney only ever kept the skeleton of it and already changed major elements of it.

    I haven't read the original story, but from all the plot summaries of it I've read online, none of them state a specific location, like a country/city/town. So Ariel may very well not be Danish at all, and the only reason people think she might be, is because the author is Danish. But just because the author is a Dane, it doesn't automatically mean all his characters are. If he never specified a location, Ariel could practically be from anywhere. In fact, her name isn't even Ariel. She doesn't have a name. That's how much Disney has deviated from the story.

    Point of all of this is, it doesn't really matter what the color of her skin is. It was never a major aspect of the plot. Disney could have just as well turned her blue and green, because she's a mermaid. Mermaids don't exist, they're fictional creatures. They can be whatever we want them to be. And getting this bothered about a fictional character, that's a fictional creature, having certain physical features is really, really silly. And it says a lot about some people's toxic mindsets.

  • MackToday

    If they cast any non white character with a white actor the commie tears and shreakign would have raised the roof. You'd call it "white washing". Erase a white character and you and your comrades celebrate. The mistake your making is you think white people are blind and stupid enough not to know what you're up to.

    • Not sure that Communism is the enemy here. That said, you have a point. It's not the casting that bothers me, it's the hypocrisy.

    • MackToday

      It's communist mentality too. Cultural Marxism, attempting to redistribute social power among what are conceived of as competing classes.

    • Marx must be spinning in his grave.

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  • anametouse

    It's the same reason why they tried to force the role of Ciri to an African American woman in the witcher tv series or when they tried to race change starfire in the Teen Titans live action tv show and didn't what so ever stay true to the original character. It's all about forcing racial representation for no reason other than race. And damn does it show in the writing. Politicising stories that were not at all designed to be politcal just shows that the creators of the shows are biased, and it's natural that people with opposite political beliefs would demonize it. There is nothing wrong in casting African American actors or actresses, that much is obvious. There is, however, an issue when you change an already established character to fit your narrative. Not only is that lazy, but it's disrespectful to the original creator. Side note, Zoe Saldana does a great job as Gamora, because Gamora is an Alien, as she was originally intended to be. There isn't any politicising race in that casting.

    • one could argue that star fire was an alien. the way she was depicted in comics in translation with the show, her tone was lightened up for tv. they also show her parents on the show, which their skin tones could tilt between north African to middle eastern in a human perspective. ultimately it's not that serious, these shows were created for children. I watched the show and read the comics in my earlier childhood.

    • Except that she wasn't at all potrayed as one. It's not an argument. They didn't even get her powers right my dude. These shows are adored by those same children who are older now.

  • Just a little correction: they were purposefully casting a black or at least a darker actress like Zendaya for the role and saying that it is anything other that trying to meet the diversity quota is just naive.

  • LalofromLA

    I personally have neither positive nor negative opinion simply because I didn't grew up with The Little Mermaid as much as, say Toy Story or The Lion King. I might lean towards a negative point of view not because of this film, but because the entire lineup of live action Disney films just screams cash grab to me. The only one remotely interesting for me right now is Mulan because that looks like Disney is going in a different direction than the original film; maybe sticking more to the story it's based on rather than the animated film.

    As for Halle Bailey, I have nothing bad to say about her. If she has the voice and the acting skills to play her character, then let her play the roll. But I still wish Hollywood would try to make more original characters instead of just replacing white people with a black actor. What that tells me is that Hollywood has no faith in a black lead in an original movie and they are more comfortable swapping roles because they know the brand itself will sell it regardless of who's performing. But that's more an issue with Hollywood as a whole and not just Disney; they are too afraid to take a chance on anything original and prefer to stick to sequels and remakes. Which, as a film enthusiast, makes me a bit sad.

    There is also the slight issue of them being perfectly comfortable replacing redheaded white characters instead of, you know, anyone else. But that is an entirely different topic with it's own argument to be made, so I'll leave it at that.

  • No_Archons

    people are pissed because they keep changing the genders and races of characters that are already established, it just never ends. Why even remake this shit, and if ur gunna remake it, stick to the story. Its just dumb to change a characters race or gender, and it bugs me that its trendy. All this as our populations are slowly replaced, how symbolic

  • AynonOMouse

    This is the issue:
    Ghostbusters, 007, Mermaid, Spiderman, The new version of Charmed, Fantastic 4, Tessa Thompson: Thor: Ragnarok, Catwoman, etc.

    Hollywood is very liberal, and liberals hate Whites and men.

    • TripleAce

      what was wrong with Thor?

    • Miles Morales is a completely different Spider Man. He has his own story, powers, and personality that makes him different from Peter Parker. (I'm assuming you are referring to Into the Spiderverse). 007 is and always had been a codename and they already confirmed that Daniel Craig will return as 007, the other actress will start the film as a different character using the 007 codename because the original is retired and once he comes out of it will get it back. And I don't see the issue with Ragnarok to be honest.

      I don't disagree with everything else though.

    • At least the "New" left seems to hate Whites and men.

  • Edanurus

    I've only seen the live action junglebook so I'm not particularly invested in it.

    But I don't think the 'scandal' is that big of a problem. You get the same thing with white washing the question in both examples is should we care.

    Lets be honest Disney has a target on their back right now. They are pushing an agenda with many of their ips and not so subtlety. Thats why people have gotten worked up on it, opposing ideology.

  • someguy81

    I think most of the time, a lot of these films were not inherently racist. I don't see the point of changing the race of characters from classic films just to appease those people, especially when I dont think there was an issue in the first place. If people have have an issue, I've always just felt that they could just come out with new stuff that includes everybody, why change things that have already been done.

    • The black woman was the best woman for the job according to producers, so stop being a cry baby that a white girl wasn't good enough for the role.

    • someguy81

      @Letsflytogether I'm not debating the talent of the actresses that got the job. Honestly, I've never even heard of her. I'm sure she's a great actress. But that wasn't my point. My point was that the character was initially white and that people think there isn't enough ethnic representation in movies these days so they going back and changing the race of these characters just please the people that are unhappy.

    • someguy81

      It bothers me that Hollywood is having to conform to people that creating problems where problems don't exist and are having to do too much to "fix" them.

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  • Boring... As a young black woman myself i find this uproar boring. Like aren't these people bored of hearing themselves spew all this racist nonsense. I am... Time to move on now. Best of luck to Halle. X

  • Let's make Mulan white, it'd only be fair.
    Or how about we recreate "Candyman" and make him white.
    Ohh yeah... It only works when it's off of white people. People are rightfully upset, this blackwashing and replacement of whites has gotten too far.

    • Fuentes

      Mulan is a fictional story from the China, in the Chinese traditional culture, now tell me where a fake made up fish fits in there to be a exact color? You can't because you're stupid read a book

    • Little Mermaid is a Danish story, from Denmark, that's in Norther Europe, got it? Good.
      Danes are white, yes? At least the author was, the author wrote the character as WHITE with RED hair and BLUE EYES.
      Now tell me, how many black/mixed people have those features?

      Also in the story, the mermaid swaps her soul for a life on land, where he meets a fair skinned prince. The story is written in 1800's, so I think IR relationships were taboo back then, no?
      So why do they have to shit on the story and corrupt it to their political agendas? Why not make a new princess who happens to be black?
      Why not make T'Challa as white? And please don't tell me that his race "ties to the story', cause it doesn't. He would be as good as a white person, and since the whole setting is based on a super advanced society, surely they wouldn't mind a little diversity?
      Ohh yeah... diversity like that only exists in white countries.

      #Blackwashing #NotMyAriel #ArielisWhite

    • Fuentes

      For 1 you're reaching hard to prove a point you know you won't WIN, So just because it was written & constructed by some Danes in Europe the cartoon Ariel takes place in the SEA, not on Land its a mermaid it's isn't REAL unless you wanna go under the sea yourself since you seem to like to reach that far, and prove to me mermaids are real and you know their true race 😄 😄 so to end the whole blue eyes, red hair thing well Mermaids aren't real so sorry to wake you up to actual reality, sp guess what because it's not real it allows the color of the charcter to change... It's like Aliens we have no idea if they're real but they're all kinds of colors... Yeah the whole Ariel thing was race baiting they knew ignorant and smart humans would collide but at the same it's better ignorant people like yourself are put in corners and forced to look at reality for what it really is... Sick

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  • I have another question, when are right-wing or traditional men/women/whites in the West going to rise off their ass and start speaking up more loudly, stop "apologizing" for being non-PC and make movies and films anyway without worrying about others feelings?

  • dragonmamma

    The red-headed version in the animated version is just one artists version of what Ariel looked like.

    The choice to cast someone of a different race is another person's creative decision... That may have been made on her acting skills and not her skin color. That director may have liked her portrayal best out of all of the other candidates who tried out.

    People need to quit being so nostalgic. Its a story, with a creative twist based on SOMEONE ELSE'S STORY.

  • JayParris

    The original story was supposed to be a lesson. Disney turned it into "no matter how stupid, shortsighted, and foolish you are, everything is gonna work out".

    That's my biggest issue with it

  • Deathraider

    I feel like a lot of movie these days don’t focus enough on characterization. A lot of the people of diverse groups are almost still like 1 dimensional characters.

    Diversity in movies isn’t any good if you don’t build on the character. I think that’s the thing both side misses.

    • Diversity makes sense when it makes sense. When it is just thrown out there so they can say hey we have a black character or a gay character the movie or tv show usually suffer and comes off as preachy and people will not watch including me.

    • @RoyalFlushAce And the thing is that a lot of characters, from people who do think diversity is good, often are too overpowered and underdeveloped. This isn’t helping anyone. If anything, it’s making things worse.

    • What it comes down to is they can have all the diverse characters they want if they want to have an all black cast or mostly black cast I watch if the show is good I loved the Wire I liked Black Lightning it is when they want to change characters who we have known all our lives to a different race or gay or different gender that is when people get pissed. Do it with original characters not existing ones.

  • ericclayton

    I think the biggest gripe (and the one that carries the most weight) is that these decisions are based on political aims, rather than artistic reasons.

  • devilman666

    I want princess and the frog remade with a white woman so we can show more examples colorblind casting. Oh wait that won't happen because that would be whitewashing and would be racist, like when angelina jolie played in the ghost in the shell and everyone complained that she wasn't Asian. This is just a hypocritical argument where you want to say that changing a characters skin color isn't a big deal, but then you will just as quickly get upset about skin color if it isn't the way you wanted it to be. Just get over yourself.

    • No one complained about jason momoa playing aquaman because aquaman has almost (alternate universes had him look different) always been a blond haired white male. They didn't take a beloved character and change it simply to appeal to a new audience.

    • I think disney’s the princess and the frog featured a princess whose story was intrinsically tied to her race. Ariel’s story doesn’t really relate to her race. One thing that changed my mind was the idea that jesus has been portrayed as white for years despite probably not being white. I’m not sure if you’re religious or not but I hope this helps :)

    • I disagree, the princess and the frog was about a hard working and ambitious girl who faced adversity meeting her primce charming, she didn't have to be black, and it didn't have to be set in new orleans. Little mermaid was originally set in denmark and they are perfectly fine with changing that so I see no reason to think princess in the frog couldnt be about a hard working and ambitious blue eyed, blonde haired, white girl from new york who finds a frog prince.

      No, I'm not religious, but the fact that jesus is portrayed as white is just ridiculous. I don't know if you've seen what people from Bethlehem look like, but they aren't white. As for why, it's most likely due to anti-semitic feelings from the catholic church.

  • Liam_Hayden

    Good take. I've made the same point about how far removed Disney is from Andersen's original as to be a different entity.

    Also good point about Jason Mamoa. I think he looks far more like Marvel's Namor than DC's Aquaman..

  • Jersey2

    Still trying to sell it? No. They will not do this to a classic black role and we know it. It is a racial double standard... again. Fuck Disney.

    • rjroy3

      the problem is "they" have done that in the movie industry for years. Most don't pay attention to film history. The film industry used to have no black people and the only non white people were white people in black face. When black people came into the industry they were monsters, villains and so on. Later the few depictions were gang members, slaves, pimps and criminals with few exceptions.

      Even in relatively recent history there has been black roles cast by white people.
      Accuracy isn’t the issue – the Ariel debate deconstructed

      Personally. I don't even say that as someone who deeply cares on what ethnicity someone is for movie roles. I'm for art being art. But if we're going to say the ethnicity of a role should remain in tact and played by someone of that race. Then apply that rule across the board, rather than selective outrage when a white role is replaced. That's what's annoying.

      Even people who say it's hypocritical because others have complained about black roles being replaced by white people. To that same point. They complained and nothing changed. So now that they play by the rules they are wrong again? How does that work

    • Jersey2

      @rjroy3 Fuck Disney

    • rjroy3


  • RoyalFlushAce

    You can figure anything out looking at patterns. The pattern has been clear for years now it 100% is to push the PC agenda and if you think it is not you are simply not wanting to see it.

  • Kas19

    I find it weird that the people that like to call people sensitive snowflakes are now whining because a fish-girl is black.

    • lumos

      Lmao right?
      "oh my god you liberals are such sensitive snowflakes, you cry about literally EVERYTHING"
      "oh my GOD I cannot BELIEVE you changed this fictional fish character SKIN TONE this is an abomination and I demand that you make her white right this instant immediately now straightaway this very second!!!"

    • Kas19

      Dude yeah. There were even petitions for it. Bunch of cry babies.

  • Nayan2019

    They do not know or are in denial that most of us are actually descendants of the humans who first appeared in Africa and populated it, before finally colonizing Oceania, Eurasia and the Americas.

    • Nayan2019

      They were mostly dark skinned and due to mutation, there are different skin colors that we see now

  • LtJackass

    It's a European story. It's a small legacy of their culture at the time. You wouldn't race swap someone in an African folk tale. So why this?

  • MainePrincess

    no secure adult really gives a shit

    immature hateful jealous bigoted children just insist to scream to the heavens how inferior they are

  • HereIbe

    It's because racists get butthurt. That's all there is to it.

  • 0112358

    I think this speaks to the fact that the biggest young movement on the 'right' at the moment doesn't know anything about trade, economics, or traditional rights, and actually thinks gamergate and what color people are in marvel movies are the important political items of the day.

    It's a bunch of living at home people whose material needs are taken care of whose entire lives revolve around mass entertainment so see things there as critical.

    They then go ballistic triggering and being triggered by a bunch of liberal college trust fund socialists who have made a religion out of being woke and spend their days trying to reach a higher state of perfection in their church.

  • TonyBologna25

    I’m just mainly upset that disney shares dropped after this. Lost a lot of money. I still believe that disney is trying to make a statement that doesn’t need to be made. I’m sure there were a lot of other actresses that did just as well. Bailey is talented and I’m sure she’ll do really well. But I do think that there was other talent, and Disney went with Bailey for two reasons... her skill set fits the role, and to make a statement. I agree with the first, but not the second. Disney knew the publicity and hysteria this would bring. Maybe it’s to get more people to see it and just a sales strategy. We see big corporations do these things like this frequently. Nike is notorious for it. And for what’s it worthy, I feel like Disney should be more accurate with their live action movies. That includes aquaman.. aladdin and all the others.

    • They also tried to get Zendaya to play the character and she rejected because she knew what disney was trying to do. Zendaya is mixed. I definitely feel like they were trying to make a statement here.

    • The only issue I see with this whole thing is the politics issue. I hate they Disney is trying to appease to these liberal politics. In fact, I feel like it’s almost disrespectful for them to hire Hailey for her skin color. They obviously did so. As much as I don’t want to believe it...

      This is like backwards racism!

  • BrookieCookie0422

    I appreciate you sharing this. I totally agree with all the points you made.

    Casting Hailey as Ariel is fine! Nothing wrong with that. Her voice reflects Ariel’s innocent, almost naive charm and I think her facial structure actually resembles Ariel’s quite a bit.

    My biggest issue is that I’m concerned Disney is playing into politics by casting a black actress.

    If they casted her purely for her talent and ability to play the role, then this is a damn coincidental time to be doing so.

    Why is this the first black actress to play a white princess in one of their live action Disney movies? Just a coincidence?

    Honestly, I hope to god they didn’t choose her because she’s black. I really really do.

  • lernulo

    Well, in fact on the original version, she died if she didn't get the love of the prince, she doesn't and her sisters give her the option of killing the prince to save her life, but she really loves him and decide not doing it, and she becomes sea foam as a signal of true love.

    But yes, I don't like Disney versión either.

    I agree with that of blaming Disney for doing it, it's stupid.

    In fact I hated the version of mermaid where she doesn't sacrifice anything or notre Damme because they distorted all the message of the history, and changed it for a very light version, one without deep feelings and very banal.

    But it served to me to appreciate more the good histories narrative.

  • blondfrog

    "’d say it’s people putting too much of their power into things that don’t matter." That's exactly what it is. people also want to take stands on things that are easy and take almost or no effort at all. Taking a stand towards something a trillion times more important like lets world starvation. Is too much work for them. Let me send some of these so called "tough republicans" to a thirld world country and see how long they last. Also I hate democrats too, but I am only insulting pussy republicans cause they are the ones acting like a bunch of self entitled whiny losers.

  • armleg

    red haired characters are being erased from history

  • All of a sudden everyone cares about the origin of things😂😂 Well the first mythical story of a mermaid was not danish or white in general. Acient Assyrians had stories of mermaids and Assyria was in Mesopotamia which was a civilization founded by Black Sumerians. The African myths of the Mermaid or water spirit Mami Wata can be traced back 4000 years ago
    But I guess no one wants to mention that.
    If people were so concerned about the color of the mermaids skin then why isn't there an uproar about the fact that the Little mermaid was placed in Denmark and was white and not in Assyria or what people call Syria today?

    And what makes it worse is that its a bunch of grown people whining over this.

    I'll glady support that Ariel just because of all the hate she is getting.

    • That’s a very good point. This “origin” stuff doesn’t seem to carry any real weight. It’s like grabbing at straws. And the issue with the origin thing is that mermaids are fictional so an artist can play with that idea as much as they like. A black mermaid is fine!

      But the issue a lot of people are having is that it’s not true to the original film and Disney is obviously using this to appease to liberal politics.

  • Conservatives are snowflakes who can't stand other races, but liberals are whiny brats who want every color of the rainbow in a movie or else it's racist.

    I say the cast choice sucks because Hally is ugly. In my opinion I've always thought of Ariel as a hot mermaid chick and they should have cast a hot redhead to play Ariel. That's my only real complaint. Find a hot redhead to play the half naked mermaid. And there's plenty of real redheads with a great singing voice.

  • motownplayer2000

    I agree with you. And I learned sometime as well, I don't put a lot of stock into Disney anyway, that is a fictional thing, and it's a state of mind where people think they can get away from the "real world." Accuracy, is not at the forefront of any political or social uprising, whether it be black or white. It's about expressing there beliefs stronger than the other. Not about learning from, or being able to co-exist. Now, I don't know anything about the whole over-sensitivity of a generation... lol if we want to say it that way, then the generations from the 1800s all the way up to when segregation was "ended" is also over-sensitized but a different group of people. One could say, they are still over-sensitized, yet, we can continue to use the phrase, that's how they were raised, as an excuse for bad behavior and bad attitude.

    At the end of the day, your points are valid and well thought out. Thanks for sharing!

  • PrincessJasmine24

    I grew up watching cartoon Ariel as white

  • selfdestruction

    Yeah. Just dismiss our opinion. Save the read.

  • OfDeath

    It's a Danish story hello?

    • Fuentes

      Just because it was written by some Danish doesn't make a under the sea mythicak imaginative fictional. Fish creation mermaid a Dutch fish, STOP REACHING dumb ass

  • taleswapper

    Yup. Tempest in a teapot.

  • Hannajenky

    Who cares people are crybabies

  • Joker_

    I agree


    People like to bitch!

  • Anonymous

    I'm less concerned about them making the princess black than I am them making the villain white.

  • Anonymous

    The black panther should have been a white person. It's only fair.

    • Fuentes

      Ignorance is bliss you're comparing a African backround fictional human vs a Mythical creature fictional fish that isn't real under the sea, do you see how stupid you really are guy

    • Anonymous

      @Fuentes You want to talk about ignorance. I am comparing a fictional African to a fictional dutch story character. Don't play the location card if you want to throw out one of the locations, BOTH are fictional, therefore BOTH are either static or fluid, you can't change one and not be willing to change the other.
      The people who think this is ok are not helping society. If black people think the media checking a social justice checkbox makes them equal... it's no different than giving a kid with down syndrome an athletic medal so he feels like he's part of the team. You SHOULD be angered.
      This isn't progression. Black people are not underrepresented in movies. This is stupid nonsense.
      Here's a list for those who play that card.

    • Fuentes

      Black Panther = a real man with a futuristic bionic suit powered by rare itens versus a mythical creature under the sea that isn't REAL are you hear to tell me mermaids are buddy? So to summarize what i said one is fictional human thats real and the other is a fictional mythical imaginative creature fish that isn't real so if you're trying to argue that, Mrmermaids are real you're not only ignorant but DELUSIONAL at that

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  • Anonymous

    Who cares it's just a stupid movie
    People get hung up on nothing

    • D3vilish

      The best commentary by far 👏🏻 (fuck I hope I chose the right color!)

  • Anonymous

    It's erasure of white, European folklore.

    See furore over white people playing non white characters.