Breaking It Down: Bias < Fact - Part Two

Breaking It Down: Bias < Fact - Part Two

" "Victims were physically assaulted and raped by as many as five men at a time, or obliged to have sex with "several men in a day, several times a week".The victims, plied with drugs and alcohol, were passed around friends and family, and taken to various locations in the north of England, including Rochdale, Oldham, Nelson, Bradford and Leeds. The abusers paid small sums of money for the encounters. One 13-year-old victim recounted that, after being forced to have sex in exchange for vodka, her abuser immediately raped her again and gave her £40 to not say anything about the incident. Among the incidents recorded by the police were a 15-year-old victim too drunk to recall being raped by 20 men, one after the other; and another victim so drunk that she vomited over the side of the bed as she was being raped by two men. One thirteen-year-old victim had an abortion after becoming pregnant." "

Unfortunately, this is true. This was pasted from an article, I remember reading this- and feeling disgusted whilst reading this.

Again, most of these crimes are happening in the North because here is where we face the most cuts.

Our police services have been cut, so there aren't enough police patrolling the streets- where I live, if a burglar robs somebody's house, there is nothing the police can do unless the burglar has left blood. Even if the burglar leaves fingerprints the police don't have the funding to use the equipment to see who the burglar is via fingerprint. I bet they don't face that problem down South.

Public schools do not get enough funding, teachers are underpaid and overworked - I've seen real life examples of this myself - so a number of teachers stop caring.

Our community services get cut, so the youth don't have enough places where we can go.

Even today, our library and museum services are getting cut!

I bet the South don't face these problems.

" So 7 timesx7days per week = 49 rapes per week, 49 rapes x 4 weeks= 196 rapes per month. 196 rapes per month ×12= 2352 rapes per year. So one victim alone could have been raped 2352 times. Now there was 49 Victims identified so that's 2352 rapes per year×49 victims= 44688 Rapes. Of course these are conservative figures but it paints a pretty disturbing picture. "

That does paint an extremely disgusting disturbing picture. Now you have estimated the amount of rapes which grooming gangs of colour committed, can you do the same for the white grooming gangs I listed?

It's only fair if you tell both sides of a story. You know white people were victims of those white grooming gangs? So why do you not care about those victims?

"They liked to target and groom young vulnerable white girls."

And white boys, and BAME (Black, Asian, Minority and Ethnic) girls.

"Often a good looking Pakistani man or boy will start a relationship with these girls and take them to an abandoned building where 10-20 Pakistani men will be waiting to gang rape her, often they are all related-cousins, uncles, fathers. When they are done they threaten that if she speaks they will kill her and they force her to keep coming back for more. Often they threaten the victims family with violent retaliation if they go to the police."

Which law report have you read that states this was exactly what happened?

"Even Pakistani rappers like Frenzo Harami glamorises sexual exploitation of young white girls lyrics which refer to profiting from a prostitution ring."

*A Pakistani rapper.

What he said was sick and wrong and he's disgusting for saying these words, if he thinks prostitution rings are okay, then he should burn in hell.

And why are you implying that all Pakistani rappers are like this?

"The case of Sarah—not her real name—which has been reported as one of the worst sex grooming cases on record. She describes how she was kidnapped aged 15, imprisoned in a house, forced to learn the Koran and beaten when she made mistakes. She was held as a sex slave for 12 years and was repeatedly raped by different members of the grooming gang. She had three forced Sharia marriages, eight forced abortions and two live births. Her abusers referred to her as “white trash”. They forced her to wear Islamic dress and permitted her to speak only Urdu and Punjabi. She has not received the help she needs from social services and is frequently suicidal."

This is a sick story. I cannot believe any human would do this, yet they have. What the fuck did these rapists think they were doing? They're not Muslims, they're monsters.

No true Muslim, who practices Islam would have done this.

"Let there be no compulsion in religion" - A Quran verse which states that in Islam force is haram (forbidden) and all these sickos did was force this girl into religion so they were not being Islamic and no true Muslim follows who follows the Quran- agree with what these disgusting monsters did to this poor girl called, Sarah. I pray she gets justice, and I hope the monsters who did those haram things to her, burn in hell.

"The case of Caitlin Spencer—another pseudonym—who had the courage to write of her experiences to try to help other vulnerable young girls. Her book, Please, Let Me Go, was recommended in the Sunday Times as a bestseller. The book is in most Libraries.

Caitlin has described to me how, from the age of 14, she was groomed, sexually exploited and trafficked around this country by gangs of men. She said:

“I have flashbacks all the time. It started when I was so young and to be honest, I’m not even sure it’s over. They have done so much damage to me—emotionally, physically, psychologically—that I think I am probably broken beyond all repair”. "

I admire Caitlin for wanting to help young girls with her book, the power of words can be arguably the greatest. Caitlin is a queen.

On the other hand, these monsters that put her through this and who have traumatized her have a place in hell waiting for them. There is no place in Jannah (heaven) for any of these monsters.

"People refuse to see the threat young white girls face in Britain or the fear they feel for instance."

People in Britain are well aware of the threat that white girls face in Britain. There have been arrests, people have been deported, police investigations are taking place.

And in a number of instances a number of girls still haven't obtained justice. And I stand with those girls, because they're my people and how dare they not get the justice they deserve.

What the OP fails to realise, is the threat all young girls and boys face in Britain. I mean she deems certain aspects of sexual offence and the 90% figure on the sex offender register as 'less important'. But where do 'minor sexual offences' lead? They get deemed less important, so certain people's minds become warped and they believe 'minor sexual offences are okay' even though they are not, and some of these people may go further and commit rape. We need to treat every sexual offence with the same outrage to show it holds no place in our society.

So you're one person refusing to see the threat that young people - including young white girls - face in Britain.

And then because there happened to be less BAME girls who were victims of this crime, you brush their cases under the rug! Even though their cases, will add charges to the sentence of these rapists, so they will get locked up for much longer. Don't you want that? Does there has to be a certain number of BAME girls attacked for you to give a shit about BAME girls who are also victims?

And what about the boys who were victims of a grooming gang? I never saw a single headline stating that young boys were sexually assaulted, I had to do some reading into these cases to even discover that! Why is it that it is the young white boys who get the most ignored? Blatant sexism!

So it isn't only white girls which face a threat. It's young white and BAME girls and young white boys! You fail to recognize that!

And with the language used in the way in which these articles are reported, puts fear into people, and from fear comes hatred. The Plymouth Child Sex Abuse Case 2008 was where babies were sexually abused and pictures of those babies being sexually abused were disturbed across the dark web. I don't understand why media reported it as a "pedophile network" why didn't they describe it as a:

"White *whatever their religion was* pedophile network"

And why didn't the media report it as: "White women sexually abused babies"

Or in the Manchester grooming gang why did no British media say:

"a European *whatever their faith was* grooming gang"

And why was it not reported as:

"European men raped *ethnicity of these girls* girls."

It wasn't. This is a huge double standard. If the perpetrators are Asian or black, then their ethnicity gets mentioned without fail, by the media. But if the perpetrators are European or English, they're not a "European or English grooming gang" they're just a "grooming gang" or "a group of pedophiles." Isn't this blatant racism?

And then if perpetrators claim to be Muslims, then their religion gets mentioned. But if they're any other religious faith or non-faith, their religion is dismissed. I've seen one case where a man was described as 'a Sikh convert'- so if the man is Muslim or Sikh their religion gets mentioned, but any other religion doesn't. Islamophobic much? Sikhaphobic much?

"I was being harrassed on my way home from work, they followed me for a quarter of a mile saying a lot of gross sexual stuff. A group of polish guys chased them off. Now my man walks me everywhere."

If this happened to you, then I'm sorry it happened to you. But this doesn't give you an excuse to throw racial hatred around at Pakistani men. Back when I was at secondary school, sometimes I'd be walking home by myself and a group of older guys would laugh at my disability mock me for it, mock the way I walked, call me a zombie because of it- I pretended not to care, but I felt like shit when they did it. And this happened on multiple occasions. One day one of the neighbours saw, and shouted at them.

The guys that did that to me were white, but you don't see me hating on white guys because I know that those white guys don't represent to whole white community.

"I've recently been speaking out against what is happening right now in the streets of Britain and I've been called everything from a liar to an islamaphobe to a racist, why because the victims are white & the perpetrators are non-white & non-Christian."

No you've been called a liar because you lie. You even lied in this post you wrote. You've said only Pakistani men are involved in these gangs previously, that's a lie. You've said that this happens in every single town and city which it doesn't. It is estimated to be happening in 73 towns/cities. There are approximately (not exactly) 900 towns and cities in England. That means these crimes are happening in 8.1% of our country.

It certainly is a serious issue, and needs to continue to be dealt with, but you're lying about the extent it is happening at.

You're called a racist because when you downplay when white people are majority perpetrators i.e. you called the 90% figure less important, and you choose to ignore BAME girls who are victims. You say things like:

"You know what Pakistanis are like" - we know what you're trying to say

You mocked Indians for not having appropriate sanitation so you're mocking people in poverty. You called a MyTake about racial equality "anti-white", you've targeted Pakistanis, Indians and black people. Your posts about black people and Indian people were removed- I wonder why.

That's why you're a racist.

You're Islamophobic because you fail to mention the religion of anyone else who commits sexual assault and you only mention people who claim to be Muslim, implying that people who claim to be Muslim are the only people who commit these kind of crimes.

"These are the same PC reasons that gave these gang rapists the power to gang rape at will without fear of consequences."

Let's think about this very carefully. Was it really PC reasons authorities kept quiet? It could have been PC reasons, but in that case why don't all BAME people in Britain get away with crime? There are many BAME people in prison, and at the time this was happening- so it may have been PC reasons, but it may not have been.

One MP was a perpetrator in these grooming gangs, she could have easily raised this in Parliament and she didn't not because of 'PC' reasons. But because she was a perpetrator in these gangs, so she helped cover it up.

One police officer - who's race we don't know yet - may have been a perpetrator in these gangs. Now if he was, we know he didn't bring this issue to light because of PC reasons, but to cover his own back.

I think we all know the question to ask next.

"I've tried educating people on the facts, what white girls face, how both the establishment, media & the Pakistani community are largely ignoring this major problem"

No, you've been manipulating these stories to suit your own racist narrative making it out like white girls are the only victims and Pakistanis are the only perpetrators. I haven't seen you once consolidate with the BAME victims or condemn white perpetrators.

The media don't ignore this! You literally have screenshots from the media!

And what do you expect the Pakistani community to do? If they don't want to listen to the law do you expect them to listen to us? You implied the white community face problems with sexual assault, the 90% figure but we don't expect the white community to solve this problem- because not all the white community are at fault, much like not all the Pakistani community are!

And did Nazir Afzal ignore this problem? No, he prosecuted and now he campaigns for women's rights, educating many people with his own book 'the prosecutor'

"One person keeps producing a Pakistani prosecutor that was brought in for political optics or argue the same points I disproved."

Again this person is me! And yes, he is called Nazir Afzal- and what does it matter as long as the men got prosecuted? Can't you bring yourself to say: 'This Pakistani man may have done his job, and whilst doing that he did the streets of Britain an immense favour by getting a number of rapists off of our streets'?

So now a number of men have been prosecuted, you can't celebrate the fact they're behind bars, but you complain about their prosecution being done by a British Pakistani man? What the fuck?

"I didn't want to block anyone but some people go to far with their vile hatred, personal attacks, blatant racism & threatening personal messages."

You mean people gave you some truth pills? Told you- you're a racist? Told you you're a liar? Told you you're an Islamophobe? Told you that how dare you use rape victims to peddle your own sick racist agenda?

I've never sent you a message in my life, so I assume you're not talking about me. And can we see screenshots of these threatening messages?

"Some people just have so much hatred inside, the truth just makes them feel upset and angry"

Wow stealing my words from the MyTake you based this off of. I feel upset and angry because I know British Pakistanis who worked their asses off day-in day-out and then racist little things like you come along and demonise us all as a community. With your own hatred. And you ignore white victims of white grooming gangs. You downplay white sex offenders. You downplay BAME victims of rape. That's what makes me upset and angry. I can handle the truth- you just can't tell the full truth.

"so why. Why they be burning with anger on the verge of tears with their hatred I dont know."

Because when good law-abiding Pakistani boys like my little brother, and my little cousins go out into the world they will come across racists like yourself who will push this racial stereotype on to them. And then they're going to ask me: "We know other Pakistanis did these sick crimes, but we haven't done anything, so why are we getting treat like those criminals?"

I'm going to have to explain to them, about racist stereotyping and that racist people have racist agendas to peddle, and that they just have ignore these stereotypes block everything out. So I'm sorry if good people being victims of racial stereotyping makes me upset!

"To all those wishing to silence the truth I say that you are being a silent co-conspirator, collaborator, confederate, accessory and supporter of young white girls being raped in Britain. "

I agree. And you don't seem to mention the young BAME girls being raped. So are you a supporter of young BAME girls being raped in Britain? You don't seem to mention the white boys being raped in Britain. So does that make you a supporter of young white boys being raped in Britain?

You treat sexual offence as 'less important' so does that make you a supporter of sexual offence which isn't rape?

"What have White girls done to deserve this hatred?"

White girls don't deserve hatred. BAME girls don't deserve hatred. White boys don't deserve hatred. BAME boys don't deserve hatred. No good amazing person deserves hatred.

"The only way to deal with this hatred is to continue to speak out against what Is happening, to educate & confront those who are ignorant of it even if they are members of the very community that is carrying out these viscous crimes. To refuse to be silenced by those toxic people who wish to dismiss what's happening in the name political correctness or multiculturalism."

Another way to stop this hatred is to contact the police, the schools, a journalist, a lawyer, an activist, charities, anyway to safely spread the word.

"Britain is a multicultural soceity, one group should not be allowed to prey on the other no matter their ethnicity or religious beliefs."

It's not just one group though, is it? I've listed white grooming gangs. The 90% white sex offenders prey on people. There's been various different people of colour involved in these crimes, Asian, African, English, Eastern European.

And it's not just one group that's been attacked. White people have been attacked and so have BAME people.

So here you're denying that. So you must be a silent collaborator and must condone the rape of all the people you just denied this is happening to- that's what you said.

"Whatever your sex, sexuality, race, religion or political persuasion we are all human, we all need to stand together & help each other."

I agree, those sound similar to my own words. But how can we stand together when you are creating divide? Singling out one ethnic minority of people committing these crimes- when there are several. Dismissing several BAME and male victims- mention them, then everyone is heard so we can all stand together.</p>

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Breaking It Down: Bias < Fact - Part Two
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  • tartaarsaus
    Well, you demolished her mytake.

    And yeah, her racial strreotyping is extremely vile, racist and disgusting.

    What would your ideas be to help prevent this in the future?
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    Is this still revelant?
    • I'd say firstly, give more funding to deprived places for things like community centers, libraries, youth clubs- places where young people can take refuge and be safe. Because all these places will have staff which will look out for the younger people, and can inform higher authorities if they suspect a young person is being groomed.

      Secondly, I'd say give more funding to police services in the deprived areas of the UK to another way to prevent this because, prevention is better than cure. If more police are patrolling our streets, they can keep an eye out for this kind of thing happening and take procedures in order to prevent it.

      Thirdly I'd say it's important we educate young people about this. For example, even though my secondary school was in millions of pounds in debt- they still educated us about grooming and sexual assault and told us what to look out for for ourselves and our friends and who to report it to if we suspect it is happening.

      Fourthly, I'd say make the sentencing on this type of thing harsher- and make examples of previous groomers.

      Fifthly, I'd say because a number of these groomings happened because of religious extremism we should educate people that no religion condones force or rape or assault etc.

      Do you have anything to add? Anything would be helpful. :)

    • I don’t have much to add.

      Education on it is definitely a great step, so is more police. An attempt to lift up more deprived areas is also pretty good in general

  • Sweatyotterr
    Do you have ideas for solutions?
    Is this still revelant?
    • Yep. :)

      1) We should be given more funding to put more police officers on our streets to prevent these crimes from happening

      2) We should teach that religious extremism is wrong, and force is apart of no religion

      3) We should start hear the voices of the victims more than we see their colour.


    • Build a giant wall men on one side women on the other

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