My Top 15 Favorite Romantic Songs


Romantic songs make us feel good, so here are my top 15 ones that I like to listen to (in no particular order).

Note: I think GAG only lets me post a maximum of 10 videos, so the rest I've just listed them out without any links.

1. Christian Alexander - Won't Let You Go

2. Jay Sean - Down

3. Jackie Boyz - All Over Again

4. Akon - Don't Matter

5. David Archuleta - Crush

6. Mariah Carey - We Belong Together

7. Taylor Swift - Love Story

8. Tommy C (feat. J Reyez) - Wedding Dress

9. Ne Yo - Miss Independent

10. Li'l Eddie - Statue

11. Li'l Rain - Adore Yo

12. Mario - How Do I Breathe

13. Nelly - Just A Dream

14. Marc Nelson - Forever

15. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

Feel free to share any of your own favorite romantic songs in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed!

My Top 15 Favorite Romantic Songs
My Top 15 Favorite Romantic Songs
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  • ItsTheNephilim
    Not sure if you will understand the words of this song but it has been my favorite romantic song since 2016. I really love it.
    Reminds of the chick I let go back in 10th grade 😂. Cheesy shit just like this song.
    Is this still revelant?
    • aa180

      It sounds good but yeah I don't really understand the words haha

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  • mishmishayezie
    Mine are:
    - Boo'd up by Ella Mai
    - A whole new world by Zayn Malik & Zhavia Ward
    - Let me hold you by Bow wow & Omarion
    - I have nothing by Whitney Houston
  • Sweatyotterr
    Yeah I don’t like romantic songs they do nothing for me