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Why Metal Is Superior To Other Music Styles

Why Metal Is Superior To Other Music Styles

For most metal heads, metal isn't just a genre of music they listen to every once in a while when it comes on the radio, or when they feel like listening to it. It's a way of life. We dress metal, act metal, and often learn to play metal on instruments just like the bands we love. We usually also grow our hair out. It's an unofficial rule book sort of, none of us want to labeled as a poser, so we outwardly express our adoration for our favorite bands.

Metal is, simply put, an aggressive genre of music. Thus, it attracts aggressive people. Not the kind of people that would punch you in the face for looking at them wrong, nothing like that, cos many of us are kind and such, but the kind of people who're sick of being forced to live within societies social rules. Constantly chafing along the edges on what's deemed acceptable in our society. Then all of a sudden, they hear these long haired, tattooed up maniacs on stage shouting, “fuck society and fuck your norms!” Suddenly they have someone they can identify with, someone who says, “Hey buddy, I know life sucks right now, I understand your frustration”. A lot of metal heads are cynical or have had shitty experiences in their lives. When that happens, they don't want to hear a song about partying, drinking and bringing home girls/guys from the last club outing, or pussy this pussy that, nigga this nigga that, bitches this bitches that.

The negative stereotypes of metal usually follow the same lines as, “satanic, aggressive, evil,” or talentless and boring. This creates even more resentment towards the general population, who clamor on about how talentless and uninteresting metal is while whoring over the Kardashian family, Vice family or whatever trash celebrity or public figure there are now a days, and listening to the same pop or rap songs, about the same shit, again bitches, pussy, money, cars, or break up songs etc etc, from the same parties, from the same artists, over and over again. You see how this pisses a lot of us off? I would go as far as to say that metal, is possibly, if not, the most diverse genre of music that exist. There's Power Metal, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Classic Metal, Symphonic Metal, Speed Metal, Groove Metal, Hardcore Metal, and it goes on and on. Not to mention the fact that you can mix metal with a lot of the other genres. There's even genres such as Rapcore within the metal scene. Rapcore is basically rap, but metal, and lyrics don't include bitches, pussy, niggas, etc etc

As metal as i am myself, i however do listen to other genres and not just metal all day everyday.. Because i am in fact a true music lover. As long as it is something i like, i will listen to it. Be that some Taylor Swift Song, or Damian Marley song, or whatever have you. So as metal/goth as i may be, i don't like to stay inside the bubble, even if that is the metal bubble, as in, only listen to all things metal....just so you know.

Why Metal Is Superior To Other Music Styles
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  • Lliam
    Your description was excellent, Yvan, especially when you mentioned the various kinds of metal. I also agree with you about lyrics.

    I love metal, particularly when it is creative, inventive and even fused with other genres. I love strong rhythms and electric guitar way more than acoustic music. However, all metal all the time would be a drag because variation and contrast amplify appreciation. I also get bored with repetitive, formulaic shit.

    I cut my teeth on hard rock, psychedelic and early metal. Bands like Cream, Hendrix and Led Zep. Some of their stuff was definitely hard core. They showed people what an electric guitar can do. I saw Sabbath and Deep Purple from the time when they were brand new and lost my mind. As a result, my guitar style changed to shredding lead backed by driving rhythms.

    The evolution of metal has contributed greatly to the musical library. It also continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.

    Keep on rockin'!
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    • YvanKarma

      Yuup, its always nice to hear from the veterans :)

  • Sammy6Gunz
    I absolutely 100% agree with you here buddy. There is nothing like being at a metal gig, having some of the biggest and scariest looking dudes around you that you know have your back. It's like a family and a fellow metal head will always be the first to pick you up when you fall.

    Those that don't agree or say "it's just noise" there is a classic saying in the metal community "before you judge the screaming, listen to the meaning". An incredibly powerful statement. \m/
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    • YvanKarma

      Precisely. Tho we have our issues, but we are far different from the rest as far as a community goes.

Most Helpful Girls

    You will never find a nicer group of people. Its a genre of music that transcends all language barriers.
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    • YvanKarma

      Exactly. We go along quite easily within the metal culture. Its the same within the skateboarding lifestyle.

  • Metal is cool
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  • whitehide
    Well said. I don't grow my hair out, though, but I do dress like a metal head (kind of).
    Metal is in my heart and mind. It speaks loudly to me. It makes me stand up for what I believe in, and fight until I die!
    • YvanKarma

      Yup. That is what separates us from the rest

  • drummerdude25
    One of the things I don't like about the metal scene is that they tend to think their tastes are superior to other people's. I'm not saying that that's what you're saying necessarily, it's a complicated thing really, but it's like people try to make it some sort of a competition when there isn't one.

    Or if a band was really heavy in the past, but starts to do more melodic stuff as time goes on, all these metal kids freak out and start hating and saying the band sold out, or they're "going pop" as if "pop" is a dirty term. It's like a measurement where the heavier something is, the better it is, and to me that's ridiculous.

    It's almost like for every rational, sane metal listener, there's like 10 other metal head dudes like what I'm describing... the "scene kids"... they think they're cool for being hard asses and being metal, and can't enjoy a show unless they've punched 15 other people in the face and came out of the pit with a black eye. I've seen plenty of problematic fans at shows, acting like you aren't metal if you aren't in the pit throwing your fists around and taunting other fans and bystanders that just want to enjoy the show... It's so stupid. That's all I care to do, I'll go to a metal show to simply enjoy the music and move to the high energy sections... And so what? Maybe next week, I'd hit up a pop show, or some local indie/folk gig the next, depending on who's playing. Maybe I'll hit up an EDM club/venue the next week. I usually don't go to shows THAT often, but you get the point.

    But these aforementioned metal head kids, they'd still think their tastes were superior or something because you like pop or "some basic form of music." It's like they can't fathom the idea of liking other kinds of music or see the value or artistic value in anything other than metal, because again, it's always some sort of competition on who can shred the best or riff the most technical guitar riff or drum part... or "REAL INSTRUMENTS = REAL MUSIC"... and it's like man, sometimes music doesn't have to be complex or heavy, or even recorded on (what you call) a "real instrument" to be good.

    What even is a real instrument anyway, ya know? An electric piano/synthesizer or synth pad isn't a real instrument now? Or a drum machine? Making compositions electronically? Using a backtrack or two live? That's "not music?" I see it in comments all the time... It's just pure ignorance. They act like the music just makes itself... and that metal is like the epitome of musical art and expression.

    And I like metal a lot... it's great, don't get me wrong... but the scene is FAR from perfect.
  • Lucky1974
    I 100% agree with you. I was born into some very bad circumstances, childhood was very scary. So in my very early years I became pessimistic and cynical, an attitude that has remained with me ever since. The only genre of music that reflects those dark feelings is EXTREME metal. In my mid teens I discovered the music of Metallica, their 80’s music is very dark, lyrically and musically, so I fell in love with their music, but it made me even more depressed 🤣.
    Then I discovered Death-Metal music which is the most EXTREME genre of music, lyrically and musically. I was blown away by the speed at which they can play their instruments, the percussionists can play at such speed that they can make drums sound like machine-gun fire, which I love the sound of. Death-Metal musicians have more talent in their fart than any bimbo who makes pop music.
    • YvanKarma

      Hahaha yes metal artists are the most talented due to their ways with a musical instrument. Folk Metal Band Eluveitie is one of my favorites cos that band is so diverse instrumentally that you got flute, harp, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, etc etc you name it. There's a reason why they are #1 Folk Metal band in metal.

    • YvanKarma

      And then you have a band like Haggard whom are unique in their own way. Yes people wanna call the music industry just noise, and talentless lol

    • Lucky1974

      Wow, thanks for the recommendations, I will check them out within a few days and give you my feedback, they sound very interesting judging from what you’ve said. Nice meeting you.

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  • I remember the first real metal I was introduced to was in the form of Deftones, Sevendust, Mudvaybe, Chevelle, Nonpoint, Project 86, Papa Roach, Korn, Hatebreed, Venom, POD, System of a Down and Alien Any Farm. Most of these were from video games.

    I grew up with punk too. I considered myself more punk than metal for the longest time but I feel metal and punk are pretty balanced in my diet. Anything from Behemoth to the Casualties or Norma Jean to Screeching Weasels.
    • DizzyDesii

      Even tho its prob not as metal as it should be, ill always love Papa Roach Scars.

    • @DizzyDesii Papa Roach stopped being metal many moons ago. I haven't listened tk them in years. A song of theirs came on the radio and I could tell it was him but my God, that song was no different than every other atrocious pop song that makes me want to kill myself.

    I personally listen mostly to metalcore and deathcore since 8 years ago. My favourite bands are in those genres. From time to time I listen to rock or even pop-rock. But I definitely enjoy mostly metalcore. It is the genre that calms me down or lifts me up. Music is fine but I have to say I freaking dislike the clothes. I never wore metal clothes. I wear only shirts ( white or navy mostly, I never wear a t-shirt in public, save in the gym), skirts, and sometimes pants. And I’ll rarely like black jeans, never coloured. This is why people are always shocked when I tell them I listen to metal haha
    • YvanKarma

      Well, yeah that is one of those misconceptions. That metalheads always must or need to wear black, not always the case lol.

    • IAMRIA

      Well every single person I knew that listen to metal, wore only black shirts and black jeans. You know I knew like 30-40 metal heads in my town and I actually did find that PREEEEEETTTY boring. You want clothes to express you, and when you wear the same clothes as your 3-5 best friends... it’s not working. It’s really silly to me. Now when some turned 20-21 and more they actually started dressing better but some of them are 25-40 and they won’t bring any difference to they wardrobe.

    • To top it all off, honestly, people into metal yet THAT are of their fashion choice often can be cliquey as well as those types that barely know metal beyond Avenged Sevenfold. Oh, and they're often the type too that will quickly abandon it years later and bash the people who still like it as if they never did. Seems like the ones I know who have stuck o metal through thick and thin aren't into cliques, will wear whatever, and are quite down to Earth. This includes me, but I'm more "down in hell" than down to Earth if ya know what I mean. Hail ME! :)

  • October808
    Yeah man, Metal is cool. You even had Nu Metal (VAST, Gary Numan). And you have Symphonic Metal (After Forever/Epica/Nightwish). Metal is like classical music but with distortion.

    I listen to all kinds of genres of music, Metal's just one facet.
  • Lance1965
    Couldn't agree more. I started with Black Sabbath in 1973 and still listen to mostly metal to this day. It's more than just music, it's a lifestyle.
  • This is a great mytake.

    I'm not into metal but I understand more about Metal.
    • YvanKarma


    • I can tell you have a passion for it to.

    • YvanKarma

      Been a metalhead and in the scene since the age of 7, so yeah lol

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  • Xoirwinkan
    I agree that it is the most diverse music genre. I really love the huge focus on the "music" (the sections without vocals) and technical skill, like in power metal. I feel like most pop music nowadays doesn't care about the "music" in their songs, only autotuned vocals. Ugh!
  • DizzyDesii
    I def dont find it superior but this song makes me feel better and wanna break something at the same time
  • forhezeanubee
    You can't kill the metal
    The metal will live on
    Punk Rock tried to kill the metal
    But they failed, as they were smite to the ground
    New wave tried to kill the metal
    But they failed, as they were stricken down to the ground
    Grunge tried to kill the metal, hahahahaha
    They failed, as they were thrown to the ground
    Aargh! yeah

    No one can destroy the metal
    The metal will strike you down with a vicious blow
    We are the vanquished foes of the metal
    We tried to win for why we do not know

    New wave tried to destroy the metal, but the metal had its way
    Grunge then tried to dethrone the metal, but metal was in the way
    Punk Rock tried to destroy the metal, but metal was much too strong
    Techno tried to defile the metal, but techno was proven wrong

    It comes from hell!

    -Tenacious D
    • YvanKarma

      Loved that movie, and i like TD as well.

  • While I like a lot of music styles, nothing beats metal.
  • Sixgun77
    When we listen to metal, my girlfriend like to try to figure out which classical composer the lead guitar reminds her of I like power metal, 80s thrash metal, and plain old heavy metal best.

    When I was in high school I had a birthday party and the drummer in my band had fallen ill. My dad set up his kit and spent all night playing black sabbath and classic rock covers with us.
  • jwsstein
    I love all music and metal is at the top of the list
  • I really like rap, but I listen to all the musical styles, I just have to like it.
  • satankicksgodsass
    HELL yah! Rock tf on! \m/ (I am Satan and I approve this message.)
  • desperatelyhungry
    • Lucky1974

      Hello Madam. I noticed that you have shown an interest in one of my posts. My real name is Jay and I’m from London.

  • DavidEtn
    Your opinion only, IMHO, it's not
  • xdriv3r
    Hail Satan
  • Anonymous
    I'm also a retard