I just realized what makes the Joker a villain, despite his character being right.


Boundaries. The Joker violates personal boundaries, that's what makes him a 'joker.'

In the DC Universe the Joker is the super-villain of the Batman story in Gotham City (New York City, though the dark knight trilogy was filmed in Chicago).

Here's the thing, arguably the Joker could also be an anti-hero. Much like Thanos in the Marvel Universe, the Joker is not wrong about anything he says. Technically, his criticisms of society are correct.

But the way in which Thanos and the Joker conduct themselves turns them from anti-hero to villain, they purposefully violate peoples' boundaries in severe and abusive ways. Thanos kills half the world's population to save the planet -- something which, at first, I agreed with. But that was before I learned about personal boundaries, and abuse.

The fundamental tenet of abuse is to force people into situations where 1. they cannot escape, and 2. repeatedly violate their personal boundaries over and over again.

Oh snap...
Oh snap...

It's wrong because Joker has no regard for personal boundaries of anyone, including himself. That's what makes him a joker. That's where the name comes from.

In both the dark knight and the more recent stand alone release the Joker commits redistributive vigilante justice, killing random people, stealing from gangs, burning money (like burning a pile of toilet paper in 2020) and things like this.

I just realized what makes the Joker a villain, despite his character being right.
I just realized what makes the Joker a villain, despite his character being right.
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  • jaybee281
    It's more like perspective.. Like in the joker movie he was the protagonist but with villain traits which makes him an anti hero because he's right.. In the batman movie it's already from Bruce's perspective that pictures the joker in the worst way which in turn makes him the antagonist i believe if that story was also from the joker's perspective he would also be anti hero
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  • OddBeMe
    It’s bc Joker is a perfect opposite for Batman. Best villains attack weaknesses.
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  • DizzyDesii
    Killing anyone makes you a villain in my eyes 👀
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    • Robertcw

      Which would surely be a violation of a personal boundary!

    • bigmatt98

      I take it you don't support the police or military then?

    • DizzyDesii

      @bigmatt98 i doubt you’d like my answer on that so i’ll sit quietly and at least thank them for their service

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  • kim45456
    Why do people support a bad person like joker?
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    Yes and so does batman, which kind of makes you question him.
  • Edanurus
    The difference between the two is intent.

    Thanos in the movies is doing what he does because he believes that its for the greater good. That although it will lead to anger and hatred towards him those that are left will ultimately live better lives for it (not that his method actually makes sense).

    The Joker however just wants to prove he's right, that all it takes is one bad day for everyone to become like him. Its the sadistic glee he takes in breaking people and twisting them into being the same as him. he's no hero, even in his movie he doesn't care about the politics of what his actions caused he just sees the world as awful so he wants to see people tear themselves apart like the world did to him. He doesn't want to save people he wants to break them, that's why he's so obsessed with batman, because he sees someone who has had something happen to him and wants to prove that all his talk of justice and codes is to cover up the fact that he is just like the Joker.
  • imfreeze95
    I like that he makes people’s hypocrisy hurt like hell.
  • Avishek14
    Its only match. And also he is one an only the villian ledger.
  • zagor
    I thought it was the mass murder...
  • Historylover18
    This is one way to interpret the Joker character
  • standardguy
    Is burning money a crime? 😂
    • imfreeze95

      from what I understand the answer is yes it’s called defacing US Currency and it’s a Federal Offense

    • That is ill.

    • Robertcw

      Like I said, the Joker is right. But at the sane time, imagine burning a massive mound of toilet paper during the corona virus pandemic. What a dick move.

  • 2lgt2quit
    Evil is enforcing ur will

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