My review on Joker

My review on Joker

I just watched the movie yesterday and it seems to me that DC has developed this bad habit of screwing up its live action movies and the potential of its characters by not using them properly (not gonna talk about others on this one; they are messed up in a different way) so I really felt the need to write a myTake on this one. My opinion might be highly unpopular but it's open for discussions. I went through the reviews online and surprisingly, people found the movie to be a lot disturbing! I dunno where did that come from. The movie could've been a lot better if the following points were taken care of (that's just my opinion). Let us begin.

1. Inappropriate storyline

The movie only revolves around the Joker struggling to pull of a job for his livelihood: failing to do stand-up comedy, being bullied on the street for advertising whilst dressed as a clown and getting fired for carrying a gun to infant hospital. There have been slight changes in the story of the Joker in every movie (whether animated or live action) but the main idea of him doing stand-up comedy in this one was taken from Batman: The Killing Joke (there's an animated movie by the title) in which the Joker goes through many hardships, unlike in this movie.

My review on Joker

Hot off the release of his acclaimed Watchmen graphic novels, DC’s golden boy of the post-Bronze Age, Alan Moore, adapted the 1951 Red Hood story for his own take on the Joker mythos in a one-off graphic novel The Killing Joke. In Moore’s seminal version, the Joker was a mild-mannered engineer who quit his job at a chemical plant to pursue his dream of stand-up comedy. After failing miserably at comedy, he decides to help some criminals break into the chemical plant so that he can make some money for his pregnant wife, Jeannie. While planning the crime, Jeannie and their unborn child die in an unspecified accident, and later, at the chemical plant, Batman scares the engineer (now the Red Hood — keeping up?) into the plant’s chemical waste catch basin. A pipe sweeps him outside, where he finds his appearance altered by the chemicals. That transformation and the grief over his wife’s death drive him to become the Joker.

Imagine putting all that^ in the movie with some reasonable addition and cinematic exaggeration.

The actual struggle of the Joker was way more than that shown in this one. He had no wife, no unborn child who died after an accident, rather, an 'insane' mother who didn't do anything suspicious (other than being delusional of having Arthur as the son of Thomas and her, yet another pointless way of filling up the story) while she was on the screen. The only thing which was shown to us to believe that her mother was mentally ill were the reports. Other than that, her mother was all quiet, peaceful and calm who seemingly possessed sense as she pointed out that her son needed to be funny to do stand-up comedy.

2. Unnecessary twisting

Why the hell was the Joker's mother shown to be working for Bruce's father? That aside, why was she shown to be delusional of having a son with Thomas? Out of all the stories I have known, Joker came into existence after Batman's origin but according to this movie, Batman will not have to worry about the Joker's menace as he grows up, because the Joker then would think twice before getting up on his crackling knees.. or he just won't get up lol.

3. The absence of scars

My review on Joker

Where is the wife who tells the Joker that he worries too much and that he oughts to smile more, who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks? Where is the father who says 'why so serioussss? Let's put a smile on that face xD!'

You just can't draw it out on your face with the nosebleed you got when you got hit by an ambulance while being in the back seat of a police car. No, no sir, CARVE THEM OUT! or stick a razor in your mouth.

4. The hopeful Joker

With all the opportunities they had, while they still had to cover up a lot of ground, the Joker was shown to be hopeful till the end; like if someone talked to him nicely, he'd melt away and start crying. Okay, I get it, it is an origins story, you do need to show how many disasters and disappointments he has been through while he was still an aspirer, but in the end, he has to reach a point of no return, where he can never be his former self, where public support doesn't matter to him at all, just chaos and insanity all over as he vanishes in the dark. But that smile in the end told something different. Throughout the movie, the Joker was swinging between goods and bads which apparently debarred him from going beyond the limit.

Concluding thoughts

Phoenix did an excellent job while acting for this role and managed to come near Ledger but Ledger had an advantage of excellent scripting which really re-defined the Joker I had ever known. The Joker is a super villain dammit, whose superpower is his ability to cause chaos and anarchy on unimaginable levels and spread insanity. He is definitely gonna be beyond a normal human's capabilities and hence more disturbing so we can put the argument of 'how can a person be so bad?' to rest. Why not take him as a character who exists in a fictional world like others whose life has been exceptionally carved out to make him what he is? Just enjoy the show.

I guess that will be all.

Thank you for reading it. Your thoughts are welcome.


My review on Joker
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    This is disappointing I'm really annoyed they did this with Venom and its pissing me off. If they wanted to create a Film on Mental Health by all means go ahead but do not use a super villian such as Joker to do so. His history is far to servere but that's what makes his story great his history is shit your bed disturbing and judging by your review once again wasn't portrayed as the real raw pain that he has suffered. Sounds to me like they've made it into another fucking PG film. I had to do so much under ground research to find his true story coz the films just weren't showing the real story it the comics you'll get bits and pieces and maybe it's to painful for them to show his true story publicly that's fine just don't tell the story at all if your not going to tell it right. Don't even get me started on his mother working for Batman's family. Yh and pigs might fly - I start on this I won't stop. Thank you for taking the time to publish your thoughts using this Mytake I thoroughly enjoyed your review you've saved me time and frustration, had I of gone to see this film I probably would of been banned from the cinema all together.
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    • The climax of the movie was full of cringe; the way he puts blood on his cheeks ughhhh. Joker's history hasn't been shown too much in the animated movies I have seen either, just his acts and how he messes with the Batman. I agree on the part that they shouldn't have made a movie about mental problems that people in the real world have having a super villain as its protagonist. But recently I have come to the conclusion that The Joker isn't your everyday comic villain if you wanna know about his past. Why create a character you can't clearly tell their story in the first place? But if you have done that, be original, live up to it and create appropriate restrictions for different age groups of people who look forward to watch it. I sometimes feel like sitting on the director's seat xD.

  • Anonymous
    Joker is an incel and i dont understand how people have symphaty with someone who abused people
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    • Joker is bitter indeed but he is not an incel. I think people sympathise with him based on things he has been through rather than the things he does now.

Most Helpful Guys

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    You’re fixated on all the wrong things.

    No one cares about how this relates to whatever Batman canon is out there. Originally it wasn’t written as a joker movie, the writer just took an opportunity to take advantage of the franchise and I think it was for the best and worked well.

    So all your confusion about him being a comedian, about the timeline, about the scars, is just not a problem. It all worked great. The only criticism I have is that it took a long time to get into gear. But otherwise it’s great. There’s no problem with the storyline and this portrayal of the joker was fantastic. No, he’s not the comic book joker, but the mistake is thinking that matters.
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  • sheepdip

    This wasn't a comic book movie - Joker is a movie that deliberately stays away from comic logic. It's a movie about mental health and the repercussions of not helping people who need it.
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    • Disagree. It was definitely a comic movie but was highly deviated from the original story.

      If they made the movie with the purpose of highlighting issues of the real world using a fictional character by messing up the originality, they absolutely sucked.

    • sheepdip

      *Disagree. It was definitely a comic movie but was highly deviated from the original story*

      Aside from the name there is no element from Alan Moore's story here, other than its set in Gotham and that isn't even the original joker origin.

      *If they made the movie with the purpose of highlighting issues of the real world using a fictional character by messing up the originality, they absolutely sucked.*

      In an attempt to steelman your position here, let me summarise your point to see if I understand it; its not like the "original" and does not fit with your preferred version of joker... therefore it is bad.

      What constitutes a "comic book movie" to you? For me its presenting comic book characters in film and using comic book logic to tell a story. That's not what we got in joker, hence why its not s comic book film.

      The joker in the film is not a powerful character. He's not meant to be. He's supposed to be a loser.

    • OfDeath


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  • nikoluushkaa
    Seems like your expectations were wrong. They never claimed it to be a comic movie. It had comicverse Easter eggs.

    More than anything it was a character study to show how the joker in concept can be anyone. It was a movie about mental illness. Sorry it wasn't what you wanted it to be.
  • OfDeath
    You are confused. Arthur Fleck is not the same person as the heath Ledger Joker. He isn't a supervillain. He doesn't fight Batman. It's a different story.

    The movie was pretty good for mine. I saw it in the cinema and I was entertained. That's all I asked and I got it.
    • OfDeath

      By the way I didn't even think much at all of the Heath Ledger Joker in the dark knight. I really don't see what everyone loves about it and in my opinion, he wouldn't have won an Oscar for that if he didn't die. For another movie maybe but not for that.
      Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the joker was the classic performance in my opinion.

  • October808
    I didn't care for Ledger's version either. I like Mark Hamill's version which comes closest to what the Joker who killed Jason Todd would have acted like. I also like Jack Nicholson's intelligent but bonkers version, even if I didn't care for him being tied to killing Bruce's parents.
  • Shiver
    You went in expecting a super villain movie based on the comics, that's your mistake here.
    It's a character study, it shows how the Joker can be literally anyone. If your life is just shitty enough, eventually all of us can break and become like the Joker.
    At its core, it's a movie about a guy suffering from mental illness, not only his own, but also suffering due to his mom's.
    This sets the Joker up for if they want to really turn this into a better cinematic universe as well, but it's great as a standalone movie.
    It was also never supposed to be a setup for Health Ledger's Joker and they're two completely different characters in two completely different roles.
  • Joker_
    Thank you for this review
    I haven't seen it yet.
  • lofii
    Nice review
  • JustforLaughs1
    It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great either.

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