Why you shouldn't tell an artist they suck at drawing

Just a bird I drew its okay I guess
Just a bird I drew it's okay I guess

Artist is someone that creates .Maybe some of you don't consider yourself an artist because you aren't satisfied with your art .If you enjoy it that's all that matters if you want to improve go ahead no need to hurry take your time not everyone improves at the same rate.Just because you consider someones art better than yours doesn't mean you should stop doing it .I do not have a lot fo confidence with my art because I'm not satisfied with it .I son't know how to color and shade and I still need to improve on my anatomy .That's okay I want to improve my art but I can't fasten the process .It took me 4 years to get where I am .I didn't like art at firsr not that I didn't like it I wasn't as interested as I am now.

You shouldn't say to an artist that their art sucks it may lower their confidence instead if you want them to improve give them tips on how to improve and how to fix things .

You shouldn't compare an artist to another and tell them they are never gonna be as talented as them

It also may hurt their feelings most likely

You shouldn't tell them that if they are drawing in a more cartoony style that that isn't real art

Anything can be art

You should be careful on how you treat others and what you say to them

Not saying you should he nice all the time that's up to you

But you should be more complimenting people than insulting them

You shouldn't be an a**hole

Your art is valid

Sure this may not change anything

But yeah maybe someday someone like this is gonna change their way of thinking an open their mind a bit

Ofcourse there are many things you shouldn't say no one is stoping you I guess but think about others feelings for one sec

And this is my opnion

What do you think ?

How do you think ?

Why you shouldn't tell an artist they suck at drawing
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  • allaboutyou2
    It's a great piece of art.
    I have two brothers who are good artists, I am not.
    I appreciate people who have the talent, I do agree not just in art but life in n general one should be careful not to tell someone they suck but rather give positive suggestions to make them better.
    You are a very mature thinking young lady.
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    • Thank you

    • You are very welcome, keep doing what you are doing. Don't let anyone get in your way of being yourself.

Most Helpful Girl

  • You are very talented.
    I knew you would be.
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  • KingJared24
    I took art in high school. The art in that class was so great that it made me ask myself in my head why am I even in this class? My art was certainly not the best and I don’t think that I ever finished anything but the teacher really never said anything bad about me. He was okay with me trying my best I guess but it also felt like he didn’t know that I was there. Instead of just failing me I believe he just gave me a C grade
    • Everyone improves at a different rate
      As long as you are trying your best and doing what you like
      What are your hobbies
      As long as you are enjoying whatever you are doing it's okay not to be good at everything you can't be good at something from the start it takes some practice

    • My hobbies are playing basketball and dancing

  • ohshee
    Ok time out first of all your going to get this all the time do you know why. Because you my friend are different in so many beautiful ways so many people would give any thing to see and do things like you there is always goingbto be putting your work down and that's ok you want that you need thst,, look what just happen this person just pissed you off and you put down in words what it made you feel. Beautiful words by the way,, if everyone said you good your great it might get boring to u none of us would have seen the deer the blue deer that you drew ,,, hey hey hey. Calm down I know it was a rabbit I just wanted to see if you would smile. Ok. Ok. Ok blue bird lol and it's beautiful,, but listen in life there is always someone who wants to bring you down to there level if you buy in to it they got you if you agree with them with a smile you got them hey your picture sucker, you know you suck don't you ,,, well yes I do and thank you for the heads up , now I can follow in your footrest and be just like you, so what do you do ,, as oh yes ,, cough cough um ok well I better get busy hey lady you suck. Is thst how you do it ,,,, lol next time someone says you suck put a look on your face and say I DO TOO!!! Because there trying to take you down they want to hear you say I DO NOT!!!,, sometimes you just have to look at some one smile and think to your self no ur parents suck for not giving u hugs growing up or you suck for not being bold and doing something with your life but thank lol so if u have to be pissed you said it in words now say it in art the way you see it and smile and know it may or may not happen again but no matter what let it motovat you zGod luck and by the way you do very nice work. GOOD JOB
  • Hazelstar99
    That's a nice work. You shouldn't insult an artist but give constructive criticism nicely. It might discourage if you insult them. I think artist have the tendency to be perfectionist and can be too harsh on themselves. I am too perfectionist when it comes about painting.
  • Nephilim000
    I think your bird and the scenery is darn good. Is it the best I have ever seen no. But is it the worst. Far from it. I see a lot of discipline and hard work. I see time spent developing and improving technique. I'm sure if you want it will improve. But hey that is up to you. I believe the strong lift others up while the weak drag others down. I prefer to be strong and try to associate myself with strong people
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    Very nice. Your profile picture and name is what I'm mostly interested in though. I still like your bird. I'm creating a series of my Cread-chars. And since you know who he is, you should be able to answer this. When Naruto uses the sexy jutsu, would be be considered a trap?
  • SjE78
    awesome work, you have a great talent and a great eye for detail too :)
  • allenwants2
    That and theymight stab you with a paint brush and tell the police they were running with a sharp objects even though we all have told time and time again don't run with a sharp objects in your hand
  • Rexos
    So basically you're just saying don't insult people, give constructive criticism instead. That goes for everything, not just art. And like with everything else, there are always those people who don't distinguish insults from criticism, and take offence to anything.

    But I have a problem with your line about drawing cartoony because "it's just my style" is often used to deflect criticism and a lot of beginners start with anime or another style and when they're told to draw real things first they cry about how you just hate anime or something. You're not going to be good with any style if you don't learn the basics first.
  • Anonymous
    You really shouldn't be telling anyone they suck at anything unless they ask you, even then constructive criticism is more useful. Art is very subjective, drawing technique though is something that can be judged along the dimensions of line quality, edge control, values etc. So in a sense person A can be a better draftsman than person B, i. e. Nicolia Fechin objectively draws a lot better than I do.