Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie

Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie

I causally watched this movie favorably with my family. Mainly because it is so funny. One of my favorite comedies. With this video being an example of that.

Considering its Stanley Tucci as Muerte Its pretty impressive.

But all that to say. Kathleen Turner has a pretty strong presence and role in the film as Randy Quaid's Equal. They both do things together pretty equally.

Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie
Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie

But along with them being equals, she really knows how to take care of herself.

Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie
Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie
Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie

What is even more interesting, is that the bad guy is a woman too!

Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie
Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie
Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie

To me that mud wrestling scene at the end said it all. While it's cliché and playful to think about, the finale at the end of the movie has the main villain and the main female protagonist fighting with each other in the final battle of the movie.

I was surprised to see such strong female characters. Especially considering she is a mother. Now you could say that it encourages women to be mothers, that may be the case but it also shows that mothers can still take care of themselves and still have independent control of the their lives.

I could be overthinking it but to me it was pretty cool to think about ....

Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie
Undercover Blues, a pro feminism movie
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  • Lliam
    That Muerte clip was really funny. I like these kinds of movies. I think my wife will also love the comedy and strong female presence. Thanks for the recommendation.
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  • douride2
    I have to agree this movie was very funny.
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  • meetkitty123
    I can't believe i haven't seen this!
    This looks hysterical!

    I love marty vs muerte
  • thehorriblesheikh
    Such movies are not pro-feminism movies, just like Rambo is not a pro-man movie. Movies like this misunderstand feminism and empowerment. Feminism is about equality between the sexes, beating down bad men or women is not a lesson feminism intended to teach. Feminism is quite against violence, and so are the liberal minded that support feminism.

    Though the conservative feminists have a different way of thinking, and they seem to love such movies. I think they are also likely to support an all-female cast in a movie, and they are also likely to support destroying men's careers over accusations. Conservative minded individuals have misunderstood feminism, because feminism was never meant for the conservative minded, it is a liberal concept that is solely compatible with a liberal society.

    One of the main differences between how the conservative-minded and the liberal-minded understand feminism is that the conservative-minded see feminism as a fight between men and women, while the liberal-minded see feminism as a movement of men and women against the traditional and sexist ways of society.

    Note: When I say conservatives, I do not only mean the far-right, but also the far-left. Both the far-right and the far-left are conservative minded, both are hostile to female sexual expression, both are supportive of enacting rigid rules, both are hostile to anyone who disagrees with them, there are quite a lot of similarities between the behavior of the far-right and the far-left. As for liberals, you will find the liberal-minded in the center of the political spectrum.
  • ahmadali01
    Undercover Blues is a 1993 action comedy film about a family of secret agents written by Ian Abrams and directed by Herbert Ross and starring Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid.
  • Anonymous
    Pro-feminist movies have become ubiquitous and sooooooo annoying.