New Kpop songs!

I wrote a mytake earlier in the year (2020 is the year of the Kpop Girl Group! )about the good songs that came out then and things haven't slowed down at all. It's been a great year so far.

I'm just gonna highlight a few songs and link to a playlist that I made but I'm gonnna make another Mytake at the end of the year. CL is going to come back and there's plenty of other songs that could still come out.

Here's the playlist I'll update it as more songs come out. But please listen to it on shuffle!!

Weki Meki - Cool

This song just came out today and is their best song by far, they put effort into the MV too I love when companies actually try and produce art and not just try and cash in with an idol group. This group is pretty small so it took a lot of effort to get this done.

Everglow - La Di Da

This group is the best bad ass girl group out there. They just have the presence and their MVs always have this grandeur to them. They've found their own style and it fits so well. I love the Sin City like visuals and the disco sound. Everglow always choses something bold and doesn't do what other groups do. They're definitely one of my favorite girl groups.

Seventeen - Left & Right

This song is so catchy. My favorite thing about this group before was "Kidney function is not a right it's a privilege" I wasn't that into their style of music but this song is good so I gotta feature it :)


My Kpop/League of Legends group is finally back and it looks like they have a lot to release before the world championship ends.

Wonho - Open Mind

And finally this is some eye candy since more girls read my Kpop stuff anyway, you deserve it :D

Have a nice day :)

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New Kpop songs!
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