Violence in video games!!!


Do you think violence in video games with making it so realistic in graphics and movements and being very close to realism can make the persons whom are playing these games become violence too?

This is one of many the most controversial missions in Call of duty: Modern warfare 2 a mission is called (No Russian) when the player takes a part in a airport massacre/execution of innocent civilians.

Then there is the classic Mortal Kombat by being controversial since 1992 for being so bloody

The GTA franchise has been attacked so many times when it comes to gun control and been blamed for violence

The GTA is one of the biggest game franchises and they have released many games where the game is based on a group of people being a gang, killing people and doing drugs , being disrespectful to women and so on.

Violence in video games!!!
Ratings on video games
Ratings on video games

In this case! Let me tell you why i am better than Adolf Hitler when it comes to killing people

I have about 2 000 000 kills in total, maybe more.

I have over 70 000 head shots in all of call of duty games.

I have over 10 000 Multi kills (to be to kill 3 or more)

Slet throats of so many people, fed people to monsters and animals, run over people with vehicles, drop them from high buildings, making them bleed till they die, throw them under trains and so on.

The violence in video games does not make a person who is playing them be violent, but ignoring their needs as children, bad parenting and giving them medication that can ruin them is the real problem. I am a gamer since 1988 at age of 4 and till date! Gaming never was the reason of me being violent. Soon is Christmas and there will be cyber sales on video games, game pass and so on with the arrival of NEXT GEN consoles The Xbox series X and the Play Station 5 are released with more realistic action games and this is what i recommend people!

1. If you are worried about your kids or siblings or any one you know that are under age or can't handle such games! DON'T BUY THEM THE GAME.

2. If you know who has been effected by the violence in video games! Talk to them and find the right way to talk to them.

3. If you have been effected by violent video games! Share your story

Violence in video games!!!
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  • Anonymous
    Yeah video games are obviously the cause of violence. Before video games humans were all really peaceful. Our ancestors all sat together holding hands while singing Kum Ba Yah.
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  • monkeynutts
    It's just what you do in-between missions, go to the top of a parking lot, and shot passing pedestrians with a sniper rifle, till the helicopters come.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Whenever someone says that violent video games make people violent, remind them that many people around the world play violent video games yet most people arent violent. Also remind them that there were no Video games during WWI or WWII.

    On a side note: Japan makes violent video games like resident evil and evil within, yet Japan is considered to be the 10th safest country in the world. While Finland has made some violent video games and is ranked at first place for being the safest country in the world.
  • DizzyDesii
    I always felt bad shooting people in GTA. It just wasn't becoming of me. I much rather run over the hookers selling themselves 🤷儭 But yea i think if the controller gets in the hands of an already maniacal person, then it can give them ideas and make them worse
    • Feeling sorry for shooting NPCs in a video game? They are not even real.

    • DizzyDesii

      Messes with your mind

  • OlderAndWiser
    I understand your argument that a lifetime of gaming has not made you into a violent person but if gamily only made 1% of all gamers into violent criminals, that would be an extreme number of potential killers.
    • Correct. The epidemic gave people more time to think about anything so many people chose attacking games yet again, but no one wants to attack alcohol, drugs, sports and definitely not being a bad parent. But like you said! 1% is extreme and believe it or not, The companies that develope games are tired of being sued and that games they are making are not as good as it used to be. But if you tell people about gun control!!! You might get shot.

  • lookingforsomereal
    actual studies have shown that when people (typically males) play violent videogames, it actually makes them less violent. It's like letting off steam. Like how metal-heads are generally cool, calm people. It's just a vent. No legitimate study has ever shown that violent videogames make people idealize violence.
    • Still!!! Every single masa shooting is blaimed on video games

  • Nice take... I don't play video games... But I can see how for people that have trouble comprehending the difference of reality of video games and movies from real life shouldn't play those violent games... But for younger people I could see how it might make them think violence is acceptable
  • John_Doesnt
    Violent crime has gone down in America. Before video games were even invented people were killing each other on a massive scale. If you think school shootings are bad now you should learn how bad things were during the great depression or during the 50's.
  • R3DthatDude
    Video games in Japan makes violent games in the US look like childs play, yet they dont have mass shootings🤷🏾儭
    • Precisely! So why the blame on video games?
      Specially parents whom buys violent games for there and then ignore them, then they complain

  • DamnSam
    If that analogy would work... it would be the same with movies, newspapers and internet
    • It makes a perfect sens. I parent once told that violence in movies can be easy explained by showing the actor/actress who got slaughtered or killed they still alive and is just "unreal" in a fun way and they have a script to follow, in a game you are the one who is making your decisions to kill people 不不不

  • OddBeMe
    If you believe in science and value researchers, then no, youd believe violent games doesnt have an effect on players. People will be as violent as their upbringing created them with or without these games.
  • Heavenly_
    Violence may has lots of reasons and one of them is probably from shooter-fighting-3rd person open world (like gta).
    I think family , friends are most common reasons for violence though.
  • jestergent
    They debunked that in studies. Video games reduce violence. They keep people home.
  • Unit1
    Only imbeciles blame video games for school shootings and violence. This is what the German politicians and the German media did. Of course not many people listen to these imbeciles anyway. I abandoned the TV right after 2009.

    I've been gaming since I was like 6 years old or so. I saw (on the screen only) blood, shooting, killing, mutants, slicing, dismembering body parts, sieges, building, destruction, you name it. I heard slurs, foul language, screams, racism, the N bombs and B bombs, dirty rap, slang and so on and so forth.
    I grew up being mobbed and bullied in school and the girls screaming and running away from me.

    Today I work as a web developer and make my living (I live alone). I have no contact to any former classmates back from school. I am part of an entirely different social subclass.
  • msc545
    NO. There have been many studies about this, and the consensus is that violent video games have no effect at all on real violence.
  • Juxtapose
    lol it's nonsense. I played games for 26 years and never seriously hurt anyone nor do I care to.
  • grega239
    Violence and video games is a debate only americans have.
    • Incorrect! The Scandinavian country do suffer from these debates too, so does Germany, England because they have a big companies that develop games , Poland for example! The Witcher games has been accused for being violent and racist (all characters are white) and there is no brown or black characters in the game until they made the third one. Australia has the same problem although they have ban on guns but still

    • grega239

      Ummm... everyone in the witcher is white because it draws it's inspiration from slavic folklore. And slavs have white skin. All of them. There's not a single non white slav in existence. It would make 0 sense to have blacks or browns in the game about slavic folklore, in the same way it would make no sense to have white people in a game about Egyptian folklore.
      So no the witcher is not racist

      Unless you'd want to culturally appropriate slavic culture.
      And if anyone has a problem with that, they can suck my slavic dick.

      Ok fine it happens in scandinavia, german , etc.

      But considering that video games are generally sold globally, wouldn't it be a problem everywhere and not just a couple of countries?

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Not in the majority of people but there might be some people it has that impact on?
    • Are you asking me or telling me?

    • I am suggesting it because I dont have any examples or facts. Most people aren't negatively impacted but there are a lot of different mental illnesses out there and maybe there is one that the person would be negatively affected

  • Sabretooth
    it can be a contributing factor-but only a factor.