31 Days of Christmas Faves


🎶 Introduction PoemThe month of December is on its way and so is Santa’s slay. So here's a few of my Christmas faves for all of Santa’s babes. Yes I left out many common films because I’m just choosing to name the ones I love. But if you’ve seen the ones listed below, feel free to let me know more above. Now on to the movies we shall go, and please read but dont be rude. Cause although Santa loves you little ho ho hoes, #DirtyDesii won’t tolerate your bad attitudes 🎶

31 Days of Christmas Faves

1. Better Watch Out (2016)

In this thriller, the “hot babysitter” will have to deal with Santa’s killer naughty list.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

2. Black Nativity

This African American musical retelling of the Nativity Story features Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett and a number of R&B singers— Jacob Latimore, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Tyrese, Rotimi, and Luke James.

3. Borrowed Hearts

In this rom-drama, Will from Will & Grace pairs with Monica from Touched By An Angel. He hires an employee and her child to play his wife and kid in order to winover a business deal... but unexpectedly falls in love with having this new family.

4. Daddys Home 2

In this comedy, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell continue their rivalry as hilarious dad and stepdad trying to make Christmas unforgettable for the little ones.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

5. Deck The Halls

In this comedy, Danny Devito and Mathew Brodgerick are here to put on a lightshow as they compete to see who decorates their house the best for Christmas.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

6. Die Hard

In this comedy, Bruce Willis plays a cop looking to save Christmas and his wife from a group of terrorists led by Professor Snape himself.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

7. Diva’s Christmas Carol

In this comedy, Vanessa Williams plays a former singer and current Ebony Scrooge. In this retelling of a Christmas Carol, She gets a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past (comedian Kathy Griffin), present (Rockstar John Taylor of Duran Duran), and future (Chilli of R&B Group TLC).

31 Days of Christmas Faves

8. Eloise at Christmastime

In this rom-com, The New York Plaza’s youngest and most annoying guest partners up with her granny Julie Andrews to bring together everyone for Christmas. This includes her room service waiter and his ex, the hotel owner’s daughter who’s about to marry a gold digger.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

9. Friday After Next

In this comedy sequel, Santa Claus is coming to the ghetto (their words not mine lol). Craig and Day Day are hired as rent-a-cops in need of rent money and must deal with a pimp named Slickback... I mean a new pimp named Money Mike as well as a recently released prisoner (played by Terry Crews) whos in search of new booty.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

10. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

In this comedy, Jim Carrey plays the lead in terrorizing Whoville during Christmas but starts to cave when he meets Cindy Lou Who.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

11. Holiday in Handcuffs

In this rom-com, Sabrina the Teenage Witch has been dumped right before the family’s Christmas dinner. So she decides to kidnap a customer from her restaurant to take home as her boyfriend. Will Slater be Saved by the Bell and escape her grasp or will the two end up falling in love?

31 Days of Christmas Faves

12. Home Alone 2

In this comedy sequel, Kevin has been left behind again but is back to terrorize the burglars from last Christmas.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

13. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

In this comedy, the Suite Life of Zack and Cody is anything but sweet when mom is caught kissing Santa. Not realizing its the father in costume, the twins (taking turn playing the same character) decide to sabotage Christmas.

14. Jack Frost (1998)

In this comedy, Batman has died and been revived as Frosty the Snowman... I mean “Jack Frost” as he finds a new form of connecting with his son.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

15. Jack Frost

In this Rankin/Bass animation, the winter Sprite named Jack Frost falls for a human and agrees to become one himself in order to pursue her. However, he must first overcome a few obstacles that jeopardize their love.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

16. Jingle All the Way

In this comedy, Schwarzenegger and Sinbad battle it out over the last toy, one that both their sons want for Christmas.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

17. Krampus

In this horror comedy, the demon Krampus has come to punish all on Santa’s Naughty List.

18. Little Drummer Boy

In this Rankin/Bass animation, an orphan who loves playing the drums is accompanied by a donkey, camel, and lamb as they follow the north star and journey to Bethlehem.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

19. Mickey’s Christmas Carol

In this short Disney animation, Scrooge McDuck has overworked Mickey Mouse aka Bob Cratchitt and is visited by 3 ghosts who teach him how to better himself... well 4 ghosts when you include the clumsy Goofy as Jacob Marli.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

20. Must Be Santa

In this comedy, Black Santa is back in business!! Floyd is accidentally chosen to replace Kris Kringle who has passed on, but he refuses to take on the job. After realizing this may be the only way to see his daughter since he doesn't have custody, he decides to give the job a go.

21. Nestor the Long-eared Donkey

If you thought Rudolph had it bad, then you haven't met Nestor. In this Rankin/Bass production, he learns to cope with the flaws of his long ears as he helps guide Joseph & the virgin Mary through a sandstorm.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

22. Perfect Holiday

In this rom-com, the sexy Morris Chestnut is a department store Santa who uses a little girls Christmas wishes to his advantage when pursuing her mom, the beautiful Gabrielle Union. Other cast-mates include Queen Latifah, Terrence Howard, Katt Williams, and Charlie Murphy (rip).

23. Polar Express

All aboard as Tom Hanks guides a group of kids on their journey to the north pole.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

24. Preachers Wife

In this rom-drama and Christian retelling of the Bishops wife, Denzel Washington plays an angel looking to restore the love between a preacher and the wife he’s been neglecting (played by the legendary Whitney Houston, rip).

25. Santa Claus is Comin To Town

In this Rankin/Bass animation, you get to see the comeup of Kris Kringle as well as how he met Mrs Claus and overcame the Burgermeister who outlawed toys.

26. Santas Slay

In this horror comedy, WWE’s Bill Goldberg plays Satan Claus and yes you read that correctly. He sees Christmas as the “Day of Slaying” and has returned to wreak havoc during the holidays.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

27. Snow Globe

In this rom-com, Christina Milian is transported to the inside of a snowglobe where eveyday is the perfect Christmas. Its all fun at first but while trapped inside, she starts to miss the dysfunctional family she left behind in the real world.

28. This Christmas

In this rom-com family drama, a dysfunctional family comes together for the holidays. That includes eldest son Idris Elba whos in debt and in trouble with some dangerously local collectors, the baby brother Chris Brown who just wants his mother’s emotional support for his future singing career, sister Regina King whos husband is steady cheating, and other brother Columbus Short who's gone AWOL and is nervous about introducing his family to the makings of an interracial relationship.

29. Three Days

In this rom-drama, time is turned back as an angel grants a neglectful husband 3 days to get his marriage together before his wife dies “again”.

30. To Grandmothers House We Go

Mary Kate & Ashley are en route to Grandmothers House but a couple of kidnappers decide to tag along for the ride.

31 Days of Christmas Faves

31. Unaccompanied Minors

In this comedy, flights are delayed and the kids who are flying alone are unable to get home. They escape their sitter (Fez from That 70s Show) and then group up to run wild around the airport.

BONUS FILM: As if 31 films wasn't enough, I have one more film but ran out of calendar days. So lastly there's “Christmas Caper” starring Shannon Doherty as the holiday thief who returns to her hometown to Scrooge things up. I haven’t seen this in forever and just thought of it last minute.But thanks for reading.

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31 Days of Christmas Faves
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  • Jake1415
    I don't really watch a lot of different Christmas movies so I only know of a few that I enjoy ( one of which you mentioned) and ill also list some that you listed that I saw but, didn't care for for whatever reason... and these are in no particular order, by the way.

    1-christmas with the kranks
    2-the "Santa causes" movies
    3-The polar express
    4-Puppy Christmas movies ( I don't know the names other than "Santa paws" and yes, I know its kiddy and itt isn't one of mg favs butthe dogs are TOO CUTE😍🐶🐕)

    Movies that you listed that I don't really care for:
    Eloise at Christmas time, Jack frost (not the 1998 version) Christmas is coming to town, home alone 2, and how the grinch stole Christmas.

    As you probably noticed, I put "the polar express" in my list but, not when mentioned the ones I saw in her list and that's because I kinda like the polar express. Also to be fair, home alone 2 is better ( in my opinion ) But I didn't but it on my list of4 because I don't care for it as much as ones on my list... I hope no-one judges me for my tiny list and the movies I chose but, I guess if you do get, I can say that I didn't see it comments...
    Is this still revelant?
    • DizzyDesii

      I've only seen The Santa Clause 3 and i enjoyed it. But haven't seen the first 2. I can't remember if i finished the Kranks. I know i didn't watch the dog film.

    • Jake1415

      While you don't HAVE to watch the dog film because I probably o my enjoy it because its kiddy, I would recommend you finish the kranks movies, especially if you only saw the first part because the middle and ending is kinda funny and it has a good ending😀 I enjoy its. FOr the Santa clause movies, I would recommend you watch the first two because they set it up for the last two and plus, I like the guy who plays Santa so that might be why I enjoy the movie to begin with...

    • DizzyDesii

      I have nothing against the dog film. Just haven't seen it. If im gonna watch animal films its usually oversized killer ones like King Kong or Jurassic Park

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  • AlexanderAnttila
    I have only seen three of these. Daddy's home 2, Mickey's charol and the Grinch. The Grinch was ages ago, as was Mickey's charol but it is my favorite version.

    But daddy's home is hilarious. My favorite part is when they try to teach that wimpy kid to pursue a girl and Wahlberg's dad's all, smack her butt and tell her she's lucky xD
    Is this still revelant?
    • DizzyDesii

      Lol when they brought in John Cena i was like oh lord now there's 3 of them haha

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  • Nice! Great picks! I'm planning on attempting one myself :) we will see if can throw it together :) probably in December though 🤔

    But this sure was fun to read your picks!
    • DizzyDesii

      Have you seen any

    • Jjpayne

      I've seen 16 of them, home alone 2, the Grinch, drummer boy, Mickey's Christmas Carol, jingle all the way, both jack frosts, krampus, santa Claus is coming to town, preachers wife, and polar express to name a handful

  • Lliam
    Great suggestions, Des. I've seen a couple of those but there are quite a few that I haven't. My wife and I watch Christmas movies all through December, so I'll be taking some of your suggestions. :-)
    • DizzyDesii

      You should def watch Three Days, Santas Slay, Krampus and Deck the Halls

    • Lliam

      Will do. Thanks.

  • Those claymation ones, jack frost and Santa Claus is Comin To Town, are so nostalgic for me, I love them. I also love how the Grinch stole Christmas, Eloise, and Die Hard.
    • DizzyDesii

      Yea i showed my sis the claymation for the first time and she was freaked out yet fascinated 😂 omg youve seen Eloise!!

    • Hell yeah I have! The original animated ones too, it used to be my fave. Eloise thaaaat's meee

    • DizzyDesii

      I haven't seen the animated ones but i liked the two live actions. Bill was fine af in the Christmas one

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  • FlutteringFeelings
    Hands down, The Polar Express. The moral of the movie and the singing is just right. It’s crazy how that movie came out so long ago and still till this day it’s relevant. The conductor said something that stuck with me.. “If only you believe.” The little boy believed and he rung the bell and finally heard it. Everyone else who got ahold of the bell to shake it didn’t heart anything because they did not BELIEVE it would ring. The movie is a life long lessons for individuals of all ages. If you believe you can do anything and achieve all the goals you may feel are too high or too good for you to reach.

    Others may not see the accomplishment becoming reality, hear it, or believe it. As we walk into 2021 allow belief to be the light that you follow through the good and bad times. Belief that things will get better and the good only it’s better.
  • pizzalovershouse
    My favorites are screwged an the 1 with Danny devito and the neighbor at odds over who can do best Christmas decorations
  • Liam_Hayden
    I have to watch March of the Wooden Soldiers (Babes in Toyland) with Laurel and Hardy every year. I used to watch it every year with my paternal grandmother till she passed, and have continued the tradition for the past 8 years since.
  • AlexDeLarge
    Wind Chill with Emily Blunt is a good holiday horror. So is P2
    • DizzyDesii

      Yes im aware, but Like i said in the first bold paragraph, i only listed my faves

    • Oh sorry I thought you were asking for other suggestions

    • In that case, Krampus i watch every year along with all the animated classics

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  • R3DthatDude
    this list is a Christmas dream. I love watching Christmas story everything especially to get away from this year troubles. But you missed one that should be on everyone’s list.. the polar express
  • Chikky
    I don't like seeing movies that suggest the celebration we are in, gets me so emotional
  • Anpu23
    And it isn't even Thanksgiving yet... Shame in you... No, there's quite a few good films in there... Yippy Ki Yay...
  • I've seen a few on this list but not all of them...
  • nawtee_me
    I don't have Thanksgiving leftovers yet and you talk Christmas? Please let me have the holidays one at a time... lol ;)
  • tjbyrd39
    Christmas vacation with Chevy Chase should be on there somewhere unless I missed it because I am driving. And the Christmas story. And foutur Christmases
    • tjbyrd39

      Four Christmases

    • DizzyDesii

      Read the first bold paragraph and you will see why i didn't mention them

    • tjbyrd39

      Okay. I was driving sorry

  • Daddy's home is great. Fun fact, my movie ticket I got when I saw it had "DADDY'S HO"
    • DizzyDesii

      Lmao his ho ho hoe 😂 but no i meant part 2 in this case

    • WhiteGlaze

      Why not both?

    • DizzyDesii

      Are both Christmas movies

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  • Syrian_survivor
    I don't watch movies or celebrate Christmas exactly but I wish y'all nice holidays and stuff :3
    31 Days of Christmas FavesDon't forget this series..
  • Mehzmeh
    I have not seen any of these. Lol. I don't do ex-mas. Lol
    • Mehzmeh

      I just don't celebrate holidays. Except my birthday and new year's. I cook for the last Thursday of November. Because I, get crazy paid to cook for doing private dinners. Lol

  • cyanpile65
    Home alone 2
  • msc545
    Interesting and amusing - thanks!
  • KingDio
    Missed nightmare before Christmas 😅
    • DizzyDesii

      Its not a fave at all

    • DizzyDesii

      *of mine

    • KingDio

      But it's a classic can't deny that... all hail the pumkin king 😅😅

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  • ColHathi
    Santa's sleigh* 😂
    • DizzyDesii

      No its called Slay cause its “Satan” claus and kills people

    • ColHathi

      Oh, I only just noticed that movie now. I meant your poem, but I get it if you included that movie. Haven't seen that one. Now Die Hard we can agree on. Hans Gruber is such a Grinch.

    • DizzyDesii

      Lmao didn't realize i did that in the poem 🤣

  • RHK36
    Die hard a comedy? 🤣
  • Xoirwinkan
    Jingle All the Way is by far my favourite.
  • legalboxers
    Die Hard... lol
  • Only looked at the pictures
  • Yellovv
    What do you want from Santa to bring to you?
    • DizzyDesii

      I’d like for him to have you comment on the movies above

    • Yellovv

      That is all?

    • DizzyDesii

      RBI 20 on xbox one, two Skateboards, a new iphone, a skateboard stand, and a bill withers CD

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