Victor Han: Unfair Treatment Of An Ex Kpop Idol!

Victor Han: Unfair Treatment Of An Ex Kpop Idol!

So this guy is Victor Han. He's an ex kpop idol, a drummer from About U, a band under Corona X Entertainment.

He's been training for 8 years, made a debut and got expelled because he broke a drumstick in the end of his debut live stage performance.

After he's expelled from the group he made a YouTube account and got insanely popular in South Korea.

Victor Han: Unfair Treatment Of An Ex Kpop Idol!

From there the company keeps on bothering him and picking fight on him.

They want him to pay a huge amount of money because according to them Victor is the reason why the band flopped. They said it's because he left the band.

The company also accused him of doing violence and threatening a female staff with a knife. Of course there is no evidence of this, the police also said that there is no evidence.

Eventually Victor managed to win this case in October. But then things goes down from there.

Four days ago he posted a video for his Brazilian fans. He said that the company forbid him to do activity as an artist.

Victor Han: Unfair Treatment Of An Ex Kpop Idol!

He can't do any artistic work, appear on TV, releasing music, basically the company just ban him from doing anything. He can't even use his social media accounts too.

The company said that he's still in the company and couldn't do any artistic work without permission of the company.

This is done without him knowing anything. The judge just changed their decision suddenly.

Since the video has been posted, Victor's fanbase is doing their best to help him.

Two days ago all of his fans are tweeting with #FreeVictor hastag to support him.

Victor Han: Unfair Treatment Of An Ex Kpop Idol!

We need this hastag to be trending so people would know about this unfair treatment of him.

It's not just about Victor. It's also for preventing any future idols to be treated the same way.

If enough people are against this hopefully this banning an artist activity thingy would cease to exist.

Victor Han: Unfair Treatment Of An Ex Kpop Idol!

His fans also started a petition to help him furthermore.ça-para-victor-han?recruiter=false&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&utm_term=psf_combo_share_initial&recruited_by_id=847d58e0-3228-11eb-a5fe-018dc4ce6867

Please help us sign the petition and make #SaveVictor hastag trending in Brazil.

If any of you are going to join the hastag Twitter trending please contact me @wonjisong because you need to change your country to Brazil to be able to trend this hastag.

Also here is the full article of what's happened to Victor. Unfortunately there isn't any English article but you could use google auto translate for this.

Victor Han: Unfair Treatment Of An Ex Kpop Idol!

As his fan I would speak for him. I will try my best to help him go through this💕💕

Victor Han: Unfair Treatment Of An Ex Kpop Idol!
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  • Liam_Hayden
    He needs a really good attorney, or maybe he just needs to leave South Korea. A company here in the U. S. that tried to ban a musician from performing after firing him for something trivial like that had better at a minimum be honoring the financial payments promised to him. If not, that contract is void and the artist could probably get damages. Look up Tom Scholz, founder and genius behind rock band Boston. He won lawsuit after lawsuit from record labels that tried to pull this type of garbage with him. even when he was partially at fault.
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  • Bananaman177
    Do you even realize how ALL those KPOP idols are selected and trained from early childhood to be nothing but pop stars, just like the Disney Mouseketeers in the 80's became the members of all the boy and girl bands of the 90's and 2000's?

    They're literally brainwashed slaves and living sex dolls for Elite pedophiles that control the entertainment industry. Just like over here!
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  • LowSelfSteem03
    Nice My take
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  • Lynx122
    Never heard of him bu sounds bad.

    I'm just stanning NCT :P
  • Trooper205
    He looks like a psychopath who went through gender Reassignment.
  • In_Trance
    Gong show
  • Anonymous
    And we care about all of this why?