Kid90: A Real life retrospect on Soleil Moon Frye and her friends' teenage years.

Kid90: A Real life retrospect on Soleil Moon Frye and her friends teenage years.

What do you remember most about growing up in the '90s? Is it the nostalgia of the cartoons like Rugrats and Animaniacs? Is it the music of Salt-N-Pepa or TLC? If you were a child Star living in Hollywood like Soleil Moon Frye then your teenagers were pretty much one hell of a ride.

In the documentary kid 90, Soleil Moon Frye carries a video camera around and documented a bunch of happenings from approximately 1988 to 1995. Being surrounded by a plethora of child stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Mark-Paul Gossler, Mario Lopez, Jonathan Brandis, Charlie Sheen, among many others Soleil opens up on her teen years.

One of the big topics is her breast reduction surgery at age 15 due to having rapid growth over a short period of time. She talks about being bullied by being called Punky Boobster.

Another big topic is their drinking and drug use. Ironically while showing Soleil's just say no to drugs Vignettes it's showing her and her Hollywood child star friends drinking and partying it up with drugs and even a scene where they go out in the desert and use mushrooms.

But one of the saddest parts of it all talks about Jonathan Brandis and several of her other child star peers committing suicide. They would continually open up to her, but she claims to have never seen the warning signs of depression.

She then talks about her experiences being sexually assaulted. One occasion the guy just thrust into her and that was it. Another occasion she was drinking ginger ale and a guy roofied her. But she talks about her first consensual experience being with Charlie Sheen who has been accused of assaulting other Hollywood child stars like Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

She then later documents her move to New York where she runs into two skateboarders who were later in the 1995 movie Kids.

In my opinion, I think it is a good look back at nostalgia and teen actors that some of us grew up watching. However I do feel like Soleil focuses more on herself rather than focusing on the other stars that she hung out with in her closed circle of friends. I'm going to give this film a B minus. Like I said it's really good footage and really good legitimate emotion, however I feel like it's a vanity project on Soleil Moon Fryes part. It was very emotional and very captivating. And in a way I do feel like she was forced to grow up before she was ready.

Kid90: A Real life retrospect on Soleil Moon Frye and her friends' teenage years.
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  • zagor

    Read about Drew Barrymore; she was doing coke and doing guys at 12.

  • Jjpayne

    It sounds great! I so want to watch it now!

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