Carrie Bradshaw is a real person!

Carrie Bradshaw is a real person!

I have a love hate relationship with Carrie Bradshaw, but to know that she was a based off of a real person Candace Bushnell well things get complicated.

The first thing that I want to talk about is that the real Mr.Big aka Rob Galotti, who in real life she dated for a year or two. They never got married in real life. Maybe there was an affair she didn’t really get specific. I’m sorry but if I was this dudes wife (he had two) and I saw some woman that he dated for 24 months at most writing some fictional story about my husband I would be creeped out.

Aiden was never a real dude. Nope not based on anyone, just what she felt she deserved and never got. Hmmm… But she would have cheated on him anyone so it’s a blessing that did not happen.

She actually in real life married the Russian, which is really sad, and it did not last.

Her friends; Miranda Samantha, and Charlotte: not real. Probably what she aspired her friendships to look like, an utter fantasy.

Her column, which was a real column: actually not that good. She used the name Carrie Bradshaw so her mother would not know it was about her 30 year old daughters hook ups.

She also WASPed up the cast for some reason, John Preston= Ron Galotti. In real like this dude was Italian-American and actually Jewish, sounds more like NYC than these Anglo-saxonized people. I literally don’t know anyone, other than my room mate who is a WASP. Yes, Charlotte’s husband was Jewish but there are a lot of Jews in NYC(even in Pittsburgh, I dated one for 3 weeks). Why was she trying to de-ethnitize these people? And why didn’t she have non white friends? My first friend was from India and Hindu when I moved to Pittsburgh. Some guy I went on a date with was Muslim. I know America is much more diverse than it was almost 30 years ago, but what is with all the white people

Carrie Bradshaw is a real person!
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