Is it safe to download ps3 games from the Internet?

My ps3 was jailbreaked but I formated it coz once, I pop up came out and it had only "ok" it said I had to format it coz the system curropted or something. .. so I formated and the jailbreak was Gone... was that coz of downloading games? I download bunch of games from the laptop and Transfer it and nothing happened. .. . so why did that popup come out? I jailbreak mine today and I'm scared it'll do it again..


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  • It should be fine, just take caution when you download things. Read the comments and see what other people say.

    • Yes, but I don't do torrents, so on some games, there are no comments... but it says the number of downloads and it is high...

    • Then it might be worthwhile to do torrents, and read forums and such.

  • Not a suggested option, it's a risk. There could be some corrupted file, some Trojan in the game, you never know.

  • To be 100 percent safe make sure the source or website you are downloading from is known to have a good reputation and is reliable.

    Other than that, try renting, or borrow from or trade with other people or friends or buy preowned originals for cheaper costs and make 100 clean and accurate game backups instead since it's pretty much guaranteed.

    Shared and torrented copies can get corrupted and don't work properly or comes with additional risks if you download from a source that is not trusted and is not known to have a good reputation.

    • I just stick to 1 or 2 sites to download from... there's not much sites to download other then torrents...

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