Would women find Darth Vader attractive if he was real?

Even though he is a fictional character, would women find Darth Vader from Star Wars to be attractive? For one thing, he is a cyborg encased in obsidian-based armor and he's all burnt up on the inside.

But the way he acts, it would seem attractive to women in some sense. For one, he's calm, level-headed, and patient, as he rarely loses his temper and has good control over his emotions. He is confident, but in a different that most women aren't used to; instead of being cocky and conceited, he exudes his confidence quietly but terrifyingly effieciently.

For women who want a man who can protect them, Vader's a skilled lightsaber dualist and he's connected to the ways of the Force, so that should be enough protection. And he's also got a lot of physical strength augmented by his cybernetics.

Lastly, for those who like rich men, Vader's got vast wealth and resources. As the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet, he had to have brought home gigantic paychecks. It was said that if you were to take Vader's wealth and turn it all into one credit pieces, you could spend your time digging and never reach the bottom, that's how rich he is.

So, even though he's a burnt up cyborg, he's got a lot of traits that women typically find attractive, so would Vader be considered a blessing to the ladies?
Would women find Darth Vader attractive if he was real?
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