Which celebrity would you bang?

Random question. Mine usually changes but here are a few

Chris Hemsworth Which celebrity would you bang?
John Barrowman (sadly he's gay :( )Which celebrity would you bang?
Mike Colter Which celebrity would you bang?

What about yours?
  • All of them
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  • None of them
    Vote B
  • Just a specific one
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  • All the attractive ones
    Vote D
  • All the unattractive ones
    Vote E
  • Why would you want the unattractive ones?
    Vote F
  • What was the point of this poll?
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Just to clarify, the "All of them" poll option doesn't refer to all the ones that I mentioned but literally all celebrities. The poll wasn't supposed to make sense anyway 😝
For the second time, I wasn't asking to pick one of these. Just any that you would sleep with


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