Difference between Ps4 Pal and Ps4 NTSC?

which one should I buy?


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  • Pal is 50Hz, NTSC is 60Hz. It's the frequency per second of waves of alternating current. This translates to refresh rate, which then translates to framerate.

    60Hz, has a 30fps (actually 29.7 on TV broadcasts) framerate. 30x2=60.
    50Hz has a 25fps framerate. 25x2=50.

    The 2 is the full two waves of alternation in alternating current (AC), so every 2 waves = 1 frame.

    To know which one you should buy, I need to know where you live to determine how it would affect it.

    • egypt

    • You need to go for PAL. Egypt uses Pal 50Hz 220v AC power supply to households, and is in the PAL region. That means that games for purchase in local shops are going to be PAL region too most likely.

      If you bought an NTSC Ps4, you might get away with buying all your games online, but you would probably need an adapter for the 2-forked plug to work in your plug socket, which might be a 3-forked socket.

  • There is no difference. Are you in a PAL or NTSC country? Do a quick Google search and figure it out and buy accordingly.

    • what if I bought the other? I'm a NTSC country but what If I bought the other one? would it be a problem?

    • It's possible it could cause a problem. If anything all it would do is restrict TV programming.

  • They're different video formats.
    These days, in developed countries, I find that either standard doesn't matter too much anymore. Everyone is using HD (720p, 1080p or 4K) at a minimum 60Hz on multi system displays. But before the digital age of TVs, it mattered a fair bit.
    I think that the original reason for these different formats were mains electricity supplies. In the "PAL regions" (a majority of Asia, Europe and Australia), they use AC 50Hz 220V power, where in North America and other NTSC regions it is 60Hz 100-120V power. Back in the day, watching NTSC stuff on PAL equipment (and vice versa, I think) caused weird signal interference, such as a black and white screen, bad picture quality, etc.
    So, to be safe, if I were you, I'd check your country's standard and get the one that corresponds to your region.


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