Are You Squatting Correctly? (A Guide For Fat Amerikanski Spijuns)?

Biln, are you Slav and not doing squat properly?
Are you fat Amerkanski spijun?
Does your uncle Boris and Fyodor laugh at your pathetic attempts to be true Slav man?

Well, no worries we at Eastern European Men's School are back again to help you overcome this and become the Slav man that babuschka always said you could be.

With our foolproof method that is only found in Eastern Bloc squatting positions, you will find that you have more balance so that when you drink rakia and smoke cigarettes you will never fall over like stupid Western men.

In just days you will notice you are getting more attention from the local Gopnitsas for your proper squatting techniques. (Svetlana and her second cousin Natalya will be so impressed they won't be able to turn down sexual intercourses anytime soon, am I right?)

Everyone knows that proper squat can only be done by true Slav, but not anymore, you too could be squatting like the greats (Stalin, Tsar Nicholas, Dostoyevsky, even Putin)
Are You Squatting Correctly? (A Guide For Fat Amerikanski Spijuns)?

So join now make strong impression with proper squat during big business and stop being Western nancy boy, cyka blyat.

*No refunds, Slavs laugh in face of failure.
Acceptable currency: USD, Euro, Half Empty Bottles of Rakia and Vodka.


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