Is 'Arrow' worth watching if I watch 'The Flash'?

I don't watch the three other DC shows on The CW. I heard Arrow was good at the beginning but then it got to be more about Felicity than about him? Whenever I see a crossover episode it kind of makes me want to know more about the characters, but I dunno. Now there's a lot of episodes too.


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  • Personally? No. Arrow is trying too hard to be a shitty edgy Batman. Oliver Queen is the epitome of first world problems.

    The Flash is pretty loose w/ comic canon but at least it's tolerable

    • Loose how? and follow me back?

    • I mean they just play around and don't follow the canon too strictly

    • Examples? and you didn't follow back?

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  • Season 4 is pretty shit. Season 5 is when it starts to pick up back to the good times like season 1/2. I like 3 because of Oliver

    • 3 is bad when it doesn't involve him? and so 4 is the only season that's more about her?

    • 3 is awesome in my opinion because I love his evil transformation.

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  • Arrow is really neat and their villains are done pretty well. I got into Arrow because of The Flash


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