Have you heard of or read Balzac's work?

Balzac wrote a monumental and magnificent work called The Human Comedy. "The Human Comedy" is the general title under which Honoré de Balzac grouped all of his literary works from their reissue which, begun in 1842, continued until 1848. That is a set of more than 90 works - novels , short stories, tales and essays - of realistic, romantic, or philosophical genres, and whose writing spans from 1829 to 1850.

For Balzac, the system of Society is comparable to that of Nature and can be analyzed just as well. This is the objective of "The Human Comedy", which the writer proposes to achieve thanks to a construction in three parts: "The Studies of manners", the most important, "The Philosophical Studies" and The Analytical Studies " .

“Society had to carry with it the reason for its movement. »
“Les Études de meurs” is divided into six sets of novels, qualified as “scenes”: scenes from private life, from the provinces, Paris, politics, the military and the countryside. "Philosophical Studies" seek, for their part, to identify the causes of the vagaries of social life, and in particular the universal energy which was expressed in man through thought. According to Balzac, the exercise of thought exhausts the vital reserves of each man and to live one's passions inevitably leads to death: this is the fate of Raphaël in "La Peau de chagrin", that of Father Grandet, a type of provincial miser, like that of Frenhofer, the painter of the "Unknown Masterpiece". Finally, “Analytical Studies” develops the theoretical principles that govern social life.

I advise you to start by reading Lost Illusions, Le Père Goriot, and Colonel Chabert.
Have you heard of or read Balzacs work?
Have you heard of or read Balzac's work?
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