What if Hermione was the main character in the HP series?


When it comes to Harry Potter fanfic I’m a big sucker for Hermione centric ones and was curious how different the story would have gone if Hermione was the main character.

1. Biggest issue of course is the prophecy. You’d have the change it to refer to Hermione obviously and the events would play out as normal with Hermione losing her parents and becoming the girl who lived.

2. The story would still follow Hermione not understanding why weird things happen to her until she is visited by Minerva and learns about the wizarding world. (Basically the same thing with Hagrid but swapped out with Minerva)

3. The Golden trio would still come together but Harry would be fairly different since his parents are alive.

4. Snape would treat her even worse for being an attention seeker in his eyes.

5. The story would have more personal stakes for Hermione being a muggleborn. Especially her confrontations with Voldemort.

6. Less Quidditch frontal focus obviously lol. Hermione would just watch Harry play from the sidelines.

7. Overall I think there wouldn’t be too much difference except Hermione having even great stress and burden put upon her and the personal nature of Voldemorts racism would be showcased even more.

What do you think?

What if Hermione was the main character in the HP series?
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