What are your favorite Disney Movies and/or TV shows?


Do you have any favorites?

I like a wide variety of movies and I find Disney movies interesting. Some of the shows aren't bad either. Disney movies always have interesting plots. Being a writer, interesting plots in stories inspire me!

My list is on Disney movies are:

Inside out

Beauty and the Beast

The little Mermaid

Return to OZ (1985 Version)


Teen Beach movie (Maia Mitchelle, what a fox!)

TV shows:

Dog with a blog (I love shows with talking dogs!)

Wizards of Waverly Place (I would marry Selena Gomez and write her sonnets til the cows come home!)

and I loved Disney's "Once Upon a time". That was the most interesting and beautiful show I've ever seen. All the Disney Heroes and Villines coming together, some working as a team and others fighting against each other. That last season though, wow, trippy! Still good though. I wish they would bring the show back, though it ran 7 seasons I think, but still. Can't get enough!

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Everyone has a great list of movies :) I have friends that have children and they used to watch some of the shows, but I think the movies are a lot better than the shows. I haven't seen too many shows, but it looks like there is more effort put into the movies.

Some of the movies you listed I've never seen. When I was little, my grandmother enrolled me in this Disney movie club and I would get one movie a month, and these magazines. Good memories!
What are your favorite Disney Movies and/or TV shows?
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